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o to the Ant, thou Sluggards;

confidereth her Ways, and be wise.


Wisdom are betterer than Rubies; and all the Thing that mayest be desired is not to be compared unto it.

Treasure of Wisdom profit Nothing; but Righteousness deliverefi from Death.

The merciful Man do good to his own Soul ; but he, that are cruel, trouble his own Flesh.

Children Children is the Crown of old Men ; and the Glory of Children is their Fathers.


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HE Lord know the Way of the

righteous; and the Way of the ungodly sbalt perisheth.

Let we break their Bonds asunder, and casts away their Cords from us.

My Soul are fore troubled; but, Lord, how long will thou funisbeth I ?

The wicked shalt be turn into Hell, and all the People that forgets God.

Consider and heareth me, O Lord, my God; lightenef mine Eye, that I Reeps not in Death,

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OD art our Hope and Strength; a very present Helps in Trouble.

No Man mayest deliver his Brother ; nor makes Agreement unto God fos them.

Verily there are a Reward for the righteous; doubtless there is a God that judge the Earth.

Thou crowneth the Year with thy Goodness; and thy Clouds drops Fainefs.

I knows, O Lord, that thy Judgments is right; and that thou of very Faithfulness have caufe me to be troubled.


IRTUE both

Life, and takes away the TerTor of Death.

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There are Nothing so easy, but it becomes hard when thou does it with an unwilling Minds.

Nothing delight me so much as the Work of God.

To be always happy are to be ig. Dorant of one Parts of the Thing of Nature.

They art free from Fear, whom has done Nothing amifs: but they, who baft committed Sin, always thinks Punishment bover before his Eyes.

Pleasure and Amusement, pursued with Moderation, is as requisite for



the Preservations of Health, as Heat, Air, and Moisture. is for the Growth of Plants and Flowers,


NOWLEDGE, which are fe

parated from Justice, are to be call Craft rather than Wisdom.


The Ignorance of Youth oughtest to be directed by the Experience of old Man.

Whatever thou shall undertake, always imagines that God stand a Witnefles of the Actions.

Let we despise earthly Thing, and thinkest upon that who are heavenly and divine,

Without Chastity, however fair the Bodies mayest be, it cannot is amiable.


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