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ticiples: as, fup, fupped, fufping ; wor. ship, worshipped, worshipping.

94. There are also many Verbs, irregular in their paft Tense and passive Participle, which yet double their final Confonant in the active Participle : as, begin, beginning ; run, running.

95. All regular Verbs, which double their final Consonant in the past Tense and paljive Participle, double it also in the active Participle; and the contrary: as, blot, blotted, blotting. And all Verbs without Exception, which double the final Consonant in the active Participle, double that Consonant also in the second and third Perfons of the present Tense; as, worfhip, worshipping, thou worshippefi, he worshippeth, or worships ; begin, beginning, thou beginneft, he beginneth, or begins.

96. Here follows a catalogue of the simple Verbs which double their final Consonant in the past Tense and both Participles, together with such irregu


lar Verbs as double their final Confonant in the active Participle.

Abet, abetted

Bid, bidding Abhor, abhorred Blab, blabbed Abut, abutted Blot, blotted Acquit, acquitted Blur, blurred Admit, admitted Bob, bobbed Allot, allotted Bowel, bowelled Amrit, amitted Brag, bragged Annul, annulled Brim, brimmed Appal, appalled Bud,

Bud, budded Apparel,apparelledCabal, caballed Avet, avelled Cancel, cancelled Aver, averred Cap, capped Bag, tagged Capot, capotted Barr, bammed Carol, carolled Beste banned Cavil, cavilled Bar, barred Channel, channelBarrel, barrelled led Bed, bedded Chap, chapped Befal, befalling Char, charred Beg, begged Chat, chatted Begin, beginning Chip, chipped Bet, betted Chisel, chiselled Pathral, bethralled Chit, chitted Bias, biaffed Chop, chopped Dib, boltbed Clap, clapped


Clip, clipped Debel, debelled Clod, clodded Defer, deferred Clog, clogged Demit, demitted Clot, clotted Demur, demurred Club, clubbed Deter, deterred Cod, codded

Dig, digging Cog, cogged Dim, dimmed Commit, commit- Din, dinned ted

Dip, dipped Compel,compelled Disheyel, dishevelCon, conned

led Concur,concurred Difpel, dispelled Confer, conferred Distil, distilled Control controlled Dog, dogged Coquet, coquetted Don, donned Counsel,counselled Dot, dotted Cram, crammed Drag, dragged Crib, cribbed Dram, drammed Crop, cropped

Drib, dribbed Crum, crummed Drip, dripped Cub, cubbed Drivel, drivelled Cudgel, cudgelled Drop, dropped Cup, cupped Drub, drubbed Cut, cutting

Drug, drugged Dab, dabbed Drum, drummed Dag, dagged Dub, dubbed Dain, dammed

Duel, duelled Dap, dapped Dun, dunned.

Emit, emitted Fulfil, fulfilled
Enamel, enamelled Fur, furred
Enrol, enrolled Gab, gabbed
Equal, equalled Gail, gadded
Escot, escotted Gag, gagged
Excel, excelled Gambol,gambolled
Expel, expelled Gem, gemmed
Extil, extilled Get, getting
Extol, extolled Gip, gipped
Fag, fagged Glad, gladded
Fan, fanned

Glib, glibbed
Fat, fatted

Glut, glutted Fib, fibbed

Gnar, gnarred Fig, figged God, godded Fin, finned Gospel, gospeller Fit, fitted

Gravel, gravelled Flag, flagged Grin, grinned Flam, flammed

Grovel, grovelled Flap, flapped Grub, grubbed Flat, flatted

Gum, gummed Flit, flitted Gut, gutted Flog, flogged Hag, hagged Flop, flopped Handfel, handfelFob, fobbed

led Forestal, forestalled Hap, happed Foretel, foretelling Hatchel, hatchelFret, fretted

led Fub, fubbed

Hem, hemmed


Hip, hipped Jug, jugged
Hit, hitting Jut, jutted
Hitchel, hitchelled Ken, kenned
Hop, hopped Kennel, kennelled
Hovel, hovelled Kernel, kernelled
Housel, houfelled Kid, kidded
Hug, hugged Kidnap, kidnapped
Hum, hummed Knab, knabbed
Hyp, hypped Knap, knapped
Jam, jammed Knit, knitting
Japan, japanned Knot, knotted
Jar, jarred Knub, knubbed
Jet, jetted Lag, lagged
Jig, jigged Lap, lapped
Immit; immitted Let, letting
Impel, impelled Level, levelled
Incur, incurred Libel, libelled
Infer, inferred Lig, ligged
Instal, installed Lip, lipped
Instil, instilled Lob, lobbed
Inter, interred Lop, lopped
Intermit, intermit- Lug, lugged

Mad, madded Inthral, inthralled Man, manned Intromit, intro Manumit, manumitted

mitted Job, jobbed Map, mapped Jog, jogged Mar, marred


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