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102. The passive Participle is, for the most part, the same with the preter or past Tense of the Verb; but in both these there are many Irregularities ; the chief of which may be gathered from the following Catalogue.

Present. Preter.

Bake baked

baked, baken

begun Bear bore

børne bare

born Beat beat

Behold beheld beheld

Bend bended, bent bent [reft
Bereave Bereft bereaved, be-
Beseech besought besought
Bid bid

Bind bound bound
Bite bit

Bleed bled

bled, blooded
Blow blowed blowed


broke, brake broken Breed bred

bred Bring brought brought Build built

builded, built


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Buy bought bought
Catch caught catched,catcht
Chide chid

chid, chidden Choose chose

chosen Cleave clove, clave cloven, cleft Clothe clad

clothed, clad Creep creeped, crept creeped, crept Dig digged, dug dug Do did Draw drew

drawn Dream dreamed dreamed

dreamt dreamt Drink drank drunk Drive drove

driven Eat ate

eaten Feed fed

fed Feel felt

felt Find found

found Fling fung flung Forsake forfook forsaken Freight, freighted fraught Freeze froze

frozen Get

got, gat gotten Geld gelt gelded Gild

gilt gilt Gird girded, girt girded, girt Give gave


Present. Preter. Parti. Grave graved graved, graven Grind

ground ground Hang hanged, hung hanged Have had

had Heave heaved, hove heaved, hoven Help helped helped,holpen Hew hewed hewn Hide hid

hidden Hold held

holden, held Keep kept kept Know knew

known Lade laded

laden Lay laid

laid Lead led

led Leap leaped, leapt leaped, leapt Leave left

left "Lend lent

lent Load loaded loaded, loaden Lose loft

lost Make made

made Meet met

met Mow

mowed mowed,mown Pay paid paid Rend rent

rent Ride rid, rode ridden Ring rang

rung Rive rived riven



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Present. Preter.

Parti. Rot rotted

rotten Run ran

run Say said

said Saw

sawed fawn See saw

seen Seek sought fought Seeth sod

fodden Sell fold

fold Send sent

sent Shake shook Thaken Shave thaved shaved, shaven Shear Thore fhorn Shew shewed shewn Shoe Thod

Thod Shoot shot

Thot Shrive Throve shriven Sing sang sung Sink fank

sunk Sit fate

fat, fitten Slay New

slain Sling Nung, slang slung Smite fmote smitten Sow fowed sown Speak spoke spoken Speed fped

sped Spell Spelt

fpelt Spend fpent {pent


Preter. Parti. Spill spilled, spilt spilled, spilt Spin spun, span {pun Spring sprang 1prung Sting ftung, ftang ftung Steal stole

stolen Stick stuck stuck Stride ftrode ftridden Strike ftruck struck String strang ftrung Sweep swept swept Swear swore sworn Sweat sweated sweated Swell fwelled swoln Swim swum, swami swum Take took

taken Teach · taught taught Tear tore

torn Tell told

told Throw threw thrown Think thought thought Tread . trod

trodden Wear wore

worn Weave

woven Win won

won Wind wound

wound Work wrought wrought Wring 'wrung · Wrung Write wrote written


103. The


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