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The first Classes is that of the Superior, Select, or Celestial God, and were twenty in Numbers; twelve whereof was stile Consentes, because, in Matter of great Moments, Jupiter admittidst him into their Council; the fecond Class contains fuch, as were deify on Account of his Merit ; the third, those whose Virtue rendered him somewhat superior to Mortal, though not equal to the others God.

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Of the English Language, &c.


SH's Grammatical Institutes, or an

Easy Introduction to Dr. Lowth's
X Dr. Lowth's English Grammars-

Fell's EfTay toward an English Grammar.
Entick's Child's best Instructor in Spel-

ling and Reading
Entick's New Spelling Di&ionary.


* This Library is intended to direct some tender and valuable Parents wlio may possibly be at a Loís what Books to buy for their

Children ;

Entick’s New Latin and English Diction

ary. Knox on a Liberal Education. Dr. Watts's-Art of Reading Dr. Nugent's New Pocket Dictionary,

French and English.

Of Amusements, Lives, &c.

Mr. Newberry's Books, viz. Mofaic Crea

tion-New History of England, 12mo.

Children; and likewise to gratify fome young People of an inquisitive and ingenious Difpofition, who have a keen Tafte for Books, but for Want of Experience often purchase Trash, which not only occasions a Loss of Tire and Money, but is a fad Interruption to real Knowledge, and a wretched Perversion of the Understanding and the Heart; and lays a Foundation for shameful Extravagance and Folly in Future Life.

This little Collection, printed in order to shorten -the Path to Knowledge, will doubtless be found defective in many Articles. But the Editor was willing to recommend only those of which he has certain Knowledge. Every Person of good Sense has it in his power to add to the Number, with Respect to his own Children.

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Philosophy for Children-Circle of the
Sciences, 7 vols.--Atlas Minimus.-
Philosophy of Tops and Balls---Robin-

son Crusoe. Beauties of History, or PiElures of Vir

tue and Vice, drawn from real Life, 2

vols. Dodder's Fables, izmo. Gay's Fables, 12mo. Spectator- Tatler-and Guardian. Rambler, 4 vols--Idler, 2 vols. Adventurer, 4 vols.-Connoiffeur, 4

vois. Tour through Great Britain, 4 vols. Plutarch's Lives, translated from the

Greek, by the Langhornes, 6 vols. Knox's Elays, Maral and Literary,

vols. British Plutarch, containing the Lives of

Illuftrious Persons, from Henry VIII.

to Geo. II. in 8 vols. 12mo. The Moral Miscellany. The Poetical Miscellany. Moral and Entertaining Dialogues in Eng.

lish and French, 2 vols. by Mrs. Vau. cluse.

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Guthrie's Geographical Grammer.
Turner's View of the Earth and Hea.


Dr. Watts's and Dr. Jennings's Use of the


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-Lockman's History of England, by Quer

tion and Answey. Lockman's Roman History, by Question

and Answer.
Dodfley's History and Geography of Eng.

Newbury's History of the World, 4 vols.
Boffuet's Universal History, 2 vols.
Rollin's Ancient History, 12 vols.
History of England in a Series of Letters,

2 vols.
Balfour's New History of Scotland.


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