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own self with the glory which I had | One : for which cause He is not with thee before the world was.” ashamed to call them brethren.” (John 17: 5.) From these sayings, (Heb. 2: 11.) That the brethren, we perceive that the spiritual body of here spoken of, are the sons of God, Jesus existed - before the world was. begotten by the same Father that

8. Having proved that the pre.ex. Jesus was, is evident from another tence of man is reasonable and scrip saying of the Apostle, " We have had tural, we shall next prove that this fathers of our fesh which corrected pre-existence can be traced back to us, and we gave them reverence: à period before the foundation of shall we not much rather be in sub. the world. The Lord asked a jection unto the FATHER OF question of Job in relation to SPIRITS, and live ?" (Heb. 12 : 9.) this matter: He inquires, Where Our earthly fathers are called, the wast thou when I laid the foundations “ fathers of our flesh,” while God is of the earth ? declare, if thou hast called, “ The Father of Spirits.understanding. Who laid the cor. Earthly fathers have no power to be. ner stone thereof, when the morning get spirits ; they beget only the bodies stars sang together, and all the Sons of flesh, or the tabernacles; while our of God shouted for joy?" (Job 38: Ileavenly Father begets the spirits, 4, 6, 7.) If Job had no prior exis. or the living beings which come from tence, he could have easily answered Him to inhabit the tabernacles. the Lord's first question. He could 10. ^ The First Born” of all this have replied, thai, when “the found. great family of Spirits, holds, by vir. ations of the earth" were laid, 1, Jub, tue of His birthright, a pre-eminence did not exist. The very question im in all things; hence it is written, plies that Job was in existence at “ When he bringeth in the First the time of the organization of the Begotten into the world, He saith, globe, but that he had not sufficient And let all the angels of God worship understanding, as to the place where Him.” (Heb. 1: 6.) The oldest he existed, to correcily answer the spirits or the First Begotten hold the question put to him. Neither could keys of Salvation towards all the rest he remember, “Who laid the cor of the family of spirits. “The First ner stone thereof;" neither could be Born” Spirit is called “ The Morning recollect, the song of the morning Star," because He was born in the stars; neither could he call to mind, morning of Creation, or in other the shout of joy which was uttered words, because He was “The Be. by the vast assembly of " ALL THE ginning of the Creation of God.” His SONS OF GOD."

younger brethren were called "morn. 9. Jesus calls himself, The ing stars,” because they were also bright and morning star.(Rev. born in the morning of creation, be. 22 : 15.) Ind in another place, Heing the next in succession in the represents Himself, “ The Beginning order of the spiritual creation. of the Creation of God.(Rev. 3: 11. “The Father of Spirits,” hav. 14.) Paul says, that Jesus is the ing filled one of the celestial kingdoms image of the invisible God—the with his own Sons and DaughtersFIRST BORN of every creature.” the fruit of his own loins, gave com(Col. 1: 15.) As Jesus is the First mandment unto His “ First Born ” to Born Son of God, it is evident, that organize, out of the eternal elements, all the other Sons of God would be another world. In obedience to this His younger brethren, begotten by great commandment, “ The First Be. the same Father. Therefore, Paul gotten,” accompanied by all His represents him as

the First Born younger brethren who had kept their among many brethren."

(Romans "First Estate," proceeded to lay 8: 29.) And in another place, he " the foundations of the earth," and says,

« Both He that sanctifieth and " the corner stones thereof.” And they who are sanctified, are all of upon this grand occasion, “The


Morning Stars sang together.” The contemplate this grand event without Lord does not reveal to Joh the sen- being almost overpowered with the timents contained in this song. It ideas of greatness and magnificence was probably a song, composed by which force themselves upon the one of the wisest poets in the vast mind? All the generations of men kingdom of spirits, there assembled. that have ever lived, or that ever It, no doubt, contained sentiments will live upon the earth, were as. suitable to the majesty, greatness, and sembled upon that occasion. They magnificence of the work which were the sons of God: they were they had commenced. The founda. the ones who shouted for joy. Their tions of a mighty world were being united voices must have been, as the laid—the corner stones were placed voice of many waters, driven by fierce in their appropriate position. Upon tempests whose mountain waves, these, or around these, as a central rolling, plunging, dashing, break with nucleus, was to be erected a mag. awful majesty upon the rocky bound nificent globe, arrayed in all the gor. coast. A shout of joy, breaking forth geous splendor of celestial workman. simultaneously from a vast world of ship. Above, below, and around spirits, must have been as the rolling these eternal elements, hovered thou. of ten thousand thunders, reverberasands of millions of the sons of God ting from mountain to mountain, till which were the spirits of men. By the whole earth trembles under the the spirit of prophecy, they looked power thereof. upon the vast field of unorganized 13. There is something grand and materials which lay stretched out al. sublime in the contemplation of our most to infinity in the boundless ocean pre-existence. How wonderful and

space which surrounded them. interesting it is for us to know, that They saw that these materials were the beings whom we call ourselves, to be formed and fashioned into a that now dwell in these earthly tab. ponderous globe, prepared and adorn- ernacles—existed thousands of years ed for their future residence ; where ago—that we were present, when they should exist, and live, and move the foundations of the earth were in earthly tabernacles ; where they laid—that we then sang and shouted should sway the sceptre of dominion for joy-that we were engaged with over all the lower orders of creation; our oldest brother, the First Born, in where they should become fathers of organizing this world—that we dwelt fleshly bodies, in like manner, as God for ages in our Father's presence in was the Father of their spirits. They a celestial or glorified world-chat saw the fall, redemption, and eternal we there beheld His face, and reexaltation of the sons of God, and joiced in His glory—that we there the glorification of the earth which were instructed in the wisdom and they were forming, which should be knowledge of God, till the intelligence come their abiding place forever. In which radiated from our persons, the contemplation of the magnificent shone like the morning light. sceneries which rolled in awful gran. 14. Ohjections have been raised deur before them, their bosoms against the pre-existence of man swelled with indescribable joy; they upon the ground that we do not regave utterance to their feelings in member such existence, or any event rapturous strains of melodious music connected therewith. It is true, we which reverberated from world to do not remember any thing prior to world, filling all the heavens with the our present state, but this does not praises of God, while eternity itself prove that we had no prior existence. trembled with joy.

We do not remember our existence 12. They not only had singing to or anything else, during the first six celebrate the beginning of the organi. months of our infancy, does this prove zation of this earth, but “all the sons that we did not exist during that time? of God shouted for joy.” Who can No. If, then, we could exist six


months, during our present state with (of intelligence to another. Thus he out remembering it, we might, for regains his former kuowledge; and the same reason, have existed during by showing himself approved through six thousand years prior to our pres. every degree of intelligence, he is ent state, and not remember it. Ex. counted worthy to receive more and istence is in no way dependant on more, until he is perfected and glori. memory; therefore, memory has fied in truth, and made like his elder nothing to do with the question of brother, possessing all things. our past state.

16. If the spiritual body of Jesus, 15. When Jesus was born into our and the spiritual bodies of all men, world, his previous knowledge was existed before the foundation of the taken from Him: this was occa. world, as we have clearly shown, is sioned by His spiritual body being there any thing unreasonable in the compressed into a smaller volume idea of the pre-existence of the than it originally occupied. In His spiritual bodies of all the animal previous existence, His spirit, as the creation ? There is not. One class Scriptures testify, was of the size and of spirits may exist before they enter form of man ; when this spirit was their natural bodies, as well compressed, so as to be wholly en- another. Did not the same God closed in an infant tabernacle, it had who made the spirits of men, make a tendency to suspend the memory; the spirits of beasts also ? Job says, and the wisdom and knowledge, for." Ask now the beasts, and they shall merly enjoyed, were forgotten. "In teach thee; and the fowls of the air, His humiliation, His judgment was and they shall tell thee; or speak to taken away.” (Acts 8, 33.) To come the earth, and it shall teach thee : down from Heaven, from His Father's and the fishes of the sea shall declare presence, where He had formerly unto thee. Who knoweth not in all possessed judgment and understanding these, that the hand of the Lord hath sufficient to frame worlds, and to en. wrought this? IN WHOSE HAND ter into a mortal tabernacle, was IS THE SOUL OF EVERY LIV. truly humiliating. It was, indeed, ING THING.” (Job 12, 7–10.) In humiliating in the highest degree, to this quotation, we perceive that the be deprived of so great a knowledge. soul of every living thing” is in the Yet he humbled Himself, and con. hand of the Lord : He is the Maker decended to descend below all things, and Preserver of the souls of beasts, and to commence anew at the very birds, and fishes, as well as of the elements of knowledge : hence, one souls of men : hence, Moses, when of the evangelists says, " Jesus in praying to the Lord, says:

66 Let the creased in wisdom and stature.' Lord, THE GOD OF THE (Luke 2, 52.) Now if Jesus had re. SPIRITS OF ALL FLESH, set a tained His wisdom when He was man over the congregation.” (Num. born into this world, it would not 27; 16.) Thus we

see that the have been said of Him ihat He “in. Lord is, not only the God of the creased in wisdom.” If the knowl. spirits of men, hut He is "the God of edge which Jesus possessed in His the spirits of all flesh.” previous state, were taken from Him, 17. That the spirits of all the when He entered an infant tabernacle, vegetables and animals were made He could never regain that know. before their bodies is evident from ledge only by revelation. So it is the history of creation as related in with man. When he enters a body the first and second chapters of Gen. of flesh, his spirit is so compressed esis. In the first chapter, we have and contracted in infancy that be for the history of the creation of vegetagets his former existence, and has to bles, fish, fowls, beasts, and man. In commence, as Jesus did, at the low. the second chapter, we are told that est principles of knowledge, and as on the seventh day " there was not cend by degrees from one principlela man to till the ground;" and then a description is given of the forma- different descriptions vanish away, tion of his natural body "out of the and a food of light bursts upon the ground." In the first chapter, and mind. during the third day, the vegetables

18. Joseph Smith, the great pro• and trees are formed; in the second phet of the last dispensation, being chapter, and on the seventh day, we commanded of God to translate the are told that the Lord “made every Bible by the inspiration of the Holy plant of the field before it was in the Ghost,-commenced the great work earth, and every herb of the field in the month of June, 1830. In this before it grew;" and then we are inspired translation, the distinction informed that on the seventh day the between the spiritual and temporal Lord planted a garden, that is, set creation, is clearly manifest. After out the trees and herbs which he had describing the six days of labor, God made on the third day, and caused informs us, that he ended His work them to "grow out of the ground.” on the seventh day, and rested there. In the first chapter, it is said, that the in, and sanctified it. He then teaches fish, fowls, and beasts, were created us, "that these are the generations of on the fifth and sixth days; in the the Heaven and of the Earth, when second chapter, these various animals they were created, in the day that I, are formed “out of the ground” on the Lord God, made the Heaven and the seventh day, and "brought unto the Earth, and every plant of the field Adam to see what he would call before it was in the earth, and every them.” From this we learn, that the herb of the field before it grew. For natural bodies of animals were made I, the Lord God, created all things, after the natural body of man. In of which I have spoken, spiritually the work of the temporal creation before they were naturally upon the inan seems to have been the first face of the earth. And I, the Lord flesh

upon the earth, bis natural body God, had created all the children of being made even before the herbs men; and not yet a man to till the and trees were planted and grew out ground, for in Heaven created I them; of the ground. He was placed in and there was not yet flesh

the the garden of Eden, before the Lord earth; neither in the water, neither made the beasts and fowls, that is, in the air ; but I, the Lord God, spake, their natural bodies, and brought and there went up a mist from the them to him in order that he might earth, and watered the whole face of name them. The first chapter gives the ground. And I, the Lord God, a history of the creation of all things formed man from the dust of the spiritual; the second chapter gives the ground, and breathed into his the history of the creation of all nostrils the breath of life ; and man things temporal. In the order of became a living soul, the first flesh time, and in the succession of events, upon the earth, the first man also ; the spiritual creation of the Heavens, nevertheless, all things were before and earth, and all things contained created; but spiritually, were they therein,-differs from the temporal created and made according to my creation of the same. To suppose word. And I, the Lord God, planted that these two chapters only give the a garden eastward in Eden, and there history of the natural creation, would I put the man whom I had formed. involve us in numerous difficulties, And out of the ground I, the Lord when we endeavor to reconcile the God, made to grow naturally, every description given in the second chap tree that is pleasant to the sight of ter with that given in the first. But man; and man could behold it. And to receive them as the descriptious they became also a living soul. It of two successive creations, the first was spiritual in the day that I creatbeing spiritual, (as it truly was,) and ed it; for it remaineth in the sphere the second being temporal, all diffi. which I, God, created it in, yea, even culties and discrepancies in the twol all things which I prepared for the


evil.” *


use of man; and man saw that it is thus changed from a temporal to was good for food. And I, the Lord an eternal state. In its temporal God, placed the tree of life also in condition, it is terrestrial; in its the midst of the garden, and also eternal condition, it is celestial. Un• the tree of knowledge of good and cer the former, death usurps domin

“ And out of ion, and spreads devastation and ruin the ground I, the Lord God, formed throughout the whole organization : every beast of the field, and every under the latter, eternal life reigns fowl of the air; and commanded that triumphant forevermore.

In the one they should be brought unto Adam, condition, it is a fallen world; in the to see what he would call them: and other, it is a redeemed world. In they were also living souls, and it the first state, it is a non-luminous was breathed into them the breath of body, borrowing its light from those life.” (Gen. 2nd chap. Inspired of a higher order; in the second, it Translation, by JOSEPH SMITH, the is a luminous body, radiating light prophet.) Here we learn, that every upon the surrounding worlds. When vegetable and animal, as well as a fallen world, it is inhabited by fallen man, was first created spiritually, in beings; when a redeemed world, it Heaven, and afterwards made natu. is inhabited by celestial beings, re. rally upon the earth. The succession deemed from the grave, and glorified, of events in the spiritual creation and made like unto the God who was different from that in the natural created and redeemed them, whose creation; hence, arises the two dit: sons they are, and henceforth they ferent descriptions.

are Gods, ordained to do the works 19. Heaven is the world where all appertaining to Gods ; and as their the spirits, destined for this creation, Father God has done before them, had their origin: It is a world, con. so will they do. Heaven, then, is a sisting of a great variety of materials redeemed glorified world, inhabited of a similar nature to those which by the Gods, and by their sons and enter into the constitucion of our daughters, wbo are the fruits of their world. The difference between nur own loins. world and a Heavenly one, consists,

20. The Gods who dwell in the not in the diversity of the elements, Heaven from which our spirits came, for they are the same, but in the dif. are beings who have been redeemed ference of the organization of these from the grave in a world which er. elements. In our world, the ele. isted before the fourdations of this ments, at the present time, are so or earth were laid. They and the ganized, that continual changes are Heavenly body which they now in: taking place of such a nature as to babit were once in a fallen state. produce death and the dissolution of all their terrestrial world was redeemed, organized substances. In a Heaven and glorified, and made a Heaven : ly world, the same elements are so their terrestrial bodies, after suffering combined that eternal duration is death, were redeemed, and glorified, stamped upon every organization. and made Gods. And thus, as their 'The spiritual substances, connected world was exalted from a temporal with our world, are not permanently to an eternal state, they were exalted combined with the other elements; also, from fallen men to Celestial while in a Heavenly world, so far as Gods to inhabit their Heaven forever these two classes of elements are and ever. combined, their union is immortal or 21. These Gods, being redeemed eternal. A Heavenly world has from the grave with their wives, once been in the same condition as are immortal and eternal, and will our world, but its temporal organiza. die no more. But they and their tion has been dissolved, and the same wives will be supremely happy. All elements have been reorganized after the endearing ties of conjugal love the pattern of the Heavenly order: it which existed in their boboms, when

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