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ries without beginning. But this event tion towards foreign bodies, they was sudden, not the effects of slow would, at the time of their contact and imperceptible changes, operating with the central nucleus, strike the for an indefinide number of ages.- surface of the same obliquely, which Jehovah spake—the elements came would give rise to a rotatory moverushing together, not by their own ment: and this rotation would change power, but under the action of the the form of the nucleus from that of a self-moving forces of His Spirit, asso- sphere to a spheroid; and the oblateciated with the particles to be moved.ness or eccentricity of the spheroid That this all-powerful spirit perform- would depend upon the final resultant ed its operations in a definite and fixed velocity of the rotation at the time manner, according to certain prescrib- that the particles were all collected. ed laws, there is no doubt. And if In the morning of our creation the any of our modern Philosophers had gathering together of the particles been present on that grand occasion, was accomplished under such reguthey undoubtedly would have beheld lar, harmonious and systematic laws, every particle moving toward the great that there were no elevations of the common centre with a resultant force, land above the water. All the sucvarying inversely as the square of its cessive strata seemed to have ardistance from every other particle.-ranged themselves in a perfect spherThey would have called it the law of oidal form, comforming to the laws of gravitation : while those better ac- gravity and rotation, as if they had quainted with the origin of the force been a fluid substance. So perlect was would have called it the law by which this arrangement, that the land was the Spirit of God moves together the completely enveloped in a flood of particles of matter.

water: no portion thereof was seen. We are not to suppose that these But soon the commandment caine elements, before they were collected, for the waters to be gathered together were formed into solid masses of into one place, and for the dry or solid rocks and other hard substances : and lan:/ to appear. This great event was that these came rushing together- unquestionably brought about under a rocks being piled on rocks, breaking, system of fixed laws, no less definite crashing, and rending into millions of than that of gravitation; but perhaps fragments. But no doubt through the not so well comprehended by man. operation of antecedent forces, there The Spirit of God in association with had been a complete disorganization the elements, not only produces all or dissolution of the bodies, composed the phenomena of gravitation, but of these elements in that prior state of also causes the elements to act upon existence anterior to the foundation of each other, cohesively and chemicalthe present globe : this being the ly, when the particles are brought incase, the elements being separate, and sensibly near io each other. It could apart

, and widely diffused, were in a hardly be expected, therefore, that condition to come together in a state such a great mass of elements could of particles, instead of aggregate inass- be brought together from the surroundes. These particles, under the law of ing spaces, without producing chemforce ordained, would collect in the ical operations of such force and form of a sphere, arranging themselves power as to disturb the whole globe. according to their specific gravities in Such forces would cause the upheaval strata at different distances from the of the dry land in some places, and a centre.

corresponding depression in others, to If these particles, while collecting which thwa ters would rush; or the from the surrounding spaces, were un- dry landmight be made to appear, der the influence of no foreign forces, and the waters be gathered together, they would form a perfect sphere, by a very different process, namely, having no tendency to rotate; but if by a variation of the period of the they were disturbed by their gravita- earth's rotation.

The original position of the land Bridegroom; go ye, go ye out to meet and water in regard to the surface of Him, for behold, He shall stand upon the earth, as it existed immediately the Mount of Olivet, and upon the after their separation, we have no inighty ocean, even the great deep, means of determining only by revela and upon the islands of the sea, and tion. It is certain, however, that it upon the land of Zion; and He shall was entirely different from the present utter His voice out of Zion, and He arrangement; and that it reinained so shall speak from Jerusalem, and His sufliciently long for extensive marine voice shall be heard among all people, deposits to be forined, which, by the and it shall be a voice as the voice of great eruptions and changes that have many waters, and as the voice of a since taken place, exhibit themselves great thunder which shall break down in the interior of continents, and in the mountains, and the valleys shall locations highly elevated above the not be found; He shall command the sea level.

great deep, and it shall be driven back From the revelations which God into the north countries, and the ishas given, there is no doubt but there lands shall become one land, and the has been a most wonderful change. land of Jerusalem and the land of Zion By them we learn that the Eastern shall be turned back into their own and Western Continents were one; place, and the earth shall be like as it whilst the waters occupied the polar was in the days before it was divided. regions of our globe. America, Eu- And the Lord, even the Saviour, shall rope, Asia, Africa, and many Islands stand in the midst of His people, and of the sea, were all one land. The shall reign over all flesh.” (Doc. dividing of the earth into continents and Cov., 108:5.) and islands, was mostly accomplished The great deep is to be driven into in the days of Peleg, who was born the north countries—the islands are 101 years after the flood, and died to become one land- the land of Jeru339 years after that memorable de- salem and the land of Zion (meaning struction. Many changes were made the Eastern and Western Continents) upon the earth in the days of Enoch : are to be turned back into their own and no doubt the food occasioned place, and the earth to be restored still greater; but we must look to the io its ancient geographical position. days of Peleg for the division of the John the revelator prophesies of the earth into continents and islands, and same convulsions, and says that "evthe letting in of the waters upon the ery mountain and island were moved equatorial regions. Since the grand out of their places." He saw that division of the earth, many great when the seventh angel poured out changes have happened to the various his vial of the wrath of God that divisions of land by volcanic action “ There were voices, and thunders, and earthquakes; the greatest of which and lightnings; and there was a great transpired at the crucifixion of Christ, earthquake, such as was not since when all the face of this land was men were upon the earth, so mighty broken up and changed; many moun- an earthquake and so great. And the tains becoming valleys, and many val- great city was divided into three parts, leys becoming mountains.

and the cities of the nations fell: and Without further revelation it is im- great Babylon came in remembrance possible for us to give any thing like before God to give unto her the cup à correct idea of the geographical of the wine of the fierceness of His condition of the earth before the days wrath. And every island fled away of Peleg.

Sone of its general features and the mountains were not found.” may be very correctly delerinined Rev. 16: 17-20. from the following revelation, con- The same tremendous convulsion cerning the second coming of Christ, is predicted by Isaiah (24: 17-20) in which reads thus :

the following language: “ Prepare ye for the coming of the “Fear, and the pit, and the snare are upon thee, o inhabitant of the glory.” (Ps. 97: 3-6.) From this pasearth. Ani! it shall come to pass, that sage we learn that this intense fire will he who fleeth from the noise of the attend the presence of the Lord at His fear shall fall into the pit; and he coming, and appears to be of the nature that cometh up out of the midst of of " lightning,” which is to 5 enlighten the pit shall be taken in the snare : the whole world." We can form soine for the windows from on high are idea of its intensity from the fact of its open, and the foundations of the earth" melting hills like wax," and " disdo shake. The earth is utterly bro- solving the earth.” ken down, the earth is clean dissolved, If we had an antediluvian map, wo the earth is moved exceedingly; the should be able to point out the future earth shall reel to and fro, like a geographical positions of the land and drunkard, and shall be removed like a water as it will exist during the Millencottage; and the transgression thereof nium; or in other words, an antedilu. shall be heavy upon it; and it shall vian inap would answer very well the fall, and not rise again.

purpose of a Millennial map. For the The convulsion of the earth at the earth is to be restored to its former time of its restoration to its antedilu condition. vian condition, will exceed all former In order to maintain the present convulsions, not excepting the great ellipticity of the earth, and its present one which took place at the time of diurnal period of rotation, and at the its division into continents and islande; same time retain the seas in the polar hence, John describes it as the great- regions, it will be necessary that the est earthquake that had ever happened solid portions, now submerged be since men were upon the earth, not neath the equatorial sea, should be only affecting the surface by casting upheaved or lifted up. This conld down mountains, and exalting valleys, not be done without producing a corbut causing the very continents and responding depression around the islands themselves to flee away; they poles, and the waters would thus, are not annihilated, but as John says, under the present laws of gravitation, s moved out of their places.It will be obliged to rush from the equatorial not be merely the exterior strata of to the polar regions. Although it is the earth that will be broken up, but done by the direct command of God, the very "foundations," as Isaiah says, yet He generally accomplishes His shall shake. This latter-day earth-purposes through the medium of laws quake will be attended with intense | which are in operation. For aught heat, melting and separating the very we know the raising up of the equaelements, or as Isaiah says, “ The torial bed of the oceau may be ac. earth is clean dissolved;” and as the complished by the internal forces of Psalmist predicts : “ A fire goeth be. the earth, with which we are entirely fore Him, and burneth up His enemies unacquainted, only as we now and round about. His lightnings enlight- then behold their effects in the earth. ened the world : the earth saw and quake and volcano. But whatever be trembled. The hills melted like wax those internal forces, it is certain that at the presence of the Lord, at the they will be controlled intelligently presence of the Lord of the whole so as to arrange the continents and earth. The heavens declare His right islands in their ancient position. eousness, and all the people see His



(Concluded.) Many other evils might be mcn- their crimes have been exposed, or tioned of which it is needful for you that they have been prevented from to repent; but as you have much of a realization of the happiness which the word of God pointing them out they anticipated

This is the sorto you, it is not necessary, for me in row of the world; and it is of the this article to describe every particu- same nature as the sorrowing of the lar evil. Many of you are guilty of evil spirits in hell: they are sorry blaspheming that Holy Being who gave when they fail to accomplish their you existence, and of continually using malicious designs against God and his name in vain. Many of you are His people. This kind of sorrow, guilty of defrauding and taking the worketh death. advantage of your neighbor; of bear- Others have a species of sorrow', ing false witness ; of slandering, re- arising through fear. They are conviling, and speaking evil of one anoth-vinced that ihey have, in numerous er ; of oppressing the poor ; and of instances, violated the law of God, being lifted up in great pride'; and of and they greatly fear the consequences withholding your riches and your in the great judgment day ; but ye: substance from the widow and the they feel no disposition to reform.fatherless, and from the poor and They are sorry that there is a law of needy, while you and your false teach- God, or a punishment in the world! ers revel in the luxuries of the earth, to come. They love wickedness, and and adorn your chapels, and your are sorry that they must one day give synagogues, and your churches with an account before God for all their all manner of costly ornaments : and evil deeds. They are sorry that they you clothe yourselves in silks and sal- cannot continue to cheat and defraud ins, and in fine twined linen, and re- their neiglıbor, and heap up riches, member not that God has given these without being harassed with the idea things to yon, that you might not on- of future punishment. Many are conly be blessed yourselves, but that you vinced in their hearts that ihe Book might bless the sick and afflicted. of Mormon is a divine revelation : Of all these things, and of many oth- and they are sorry that God should er evils, you must repent, or you can again speak to man; they are sorry in no wise inherit the king tom of God; that there is not some more popular for the cries of the poor and needy way of being saved ; they are sorry will ascend up before God against you. that they must subject themselves to

Having set forth the evils or which the scorn and ridicule of the world you are guilly, we now come to the in order to receive the message

which second part of our subject, namely, God has now sent into the world.The nalure of the sorrow conneclcd Finally, there are many things which with true repentance. There are dif- create sorrow in the world. erent kinds of sorrow. Thieves, rob- But the sorrow that is acceptable bers, murderers, adulterers, &c., are in the sight of God is that which leads frequently sorrowful because they lo true repentance, or reformation of have been detected in the crimes which conduct : it is that sorrow which arises, they have committed. They are not not only through fear of punishment, sorrowful, because they have sinned but through a proper sense of the evil against God, or because they have in- consequences of sin; it is t'at sorrow jured others; but they are sorry that I which arises from a knowledge of our own unworthiness, and from a con. na particular benefit, unless we were irast of our own degraded and fallen determined to forsake them Without a condition with the mercy, goodness, covenant or promise before God that and holiness of God. We are sorry we will forsake sin with an unshakin that we should ever have condescen determination, that we will henceforth ded to do evil. We are sorry that we yield to no evil, our confession and reshould ever have rendered ourselves pentance will be vain, and we must so unworthy before God; we are sor- not expect to be pardoned ; for the ry at the weakness of our own fallen Holy One of Israel cannot be deceivnature. This kind of sorrow will lead | ed, and will not pardon those who us to obey every commandment of merely conless their sins, and still God; it will make us humble and make no resolution to forsake them; childlike in our di-positions ; it will a confession of sins, unaccompanied impart unto us meekness and lowli with the resolution to forsake, is a ness of mind; it will cause our hearts solemn mockery before Him and will to be broken and our spirits to be con- add in our guilt, and increase ihe distrite; it will cause us to watch, with pleasure of heaven against us. There great carefulness, every word, thought, are many who are afraid to niake a and deed; it will call up our past promise that they will sin no more, dealings with mankind, and we will lest they should break it. Now such feel most anxious to make restitution thoughts are not right; for without to all whom we may have, in any way, entering into such a covenant. how injured. It will lead us to synpathize can such ones expect to be forgiven with the poor and needy, and, if we and obtain salvation? If you were in have riches, to administer to their a house, enveloped with names, and wants; it will cause us to visit the had the privilege of escape, would sick and afflicted, and to do all that you siill remain for fear that some suthe gospel requires to alleviate their ture evil might happen to you? No: sufferings: these, and many other you would yladly accept the only posgood things, are the results of a God-sible means of safety. Oh, then, why ly sorrow for sin. This is repent- suffer the devil 10 cheat you out of ance not in word but in deed; this is the only possible means of salvation the sorrow with which the heavens through fear of some imaginary evil are well pleased.

which you have the power, through Third, The confession necessary for the grace of God, to ward off? If the penitent, in order to render him you linger behind, and enter into no still more acceptable in the sight of covenant with God for fear you may God, is something that should not be break it, you are sure to perish in overlooked by those who are desirous, your sins. Whereas, if you exercise not only to reform, but to obtain for- your agency and repent, entering into giveness of past sins. Though we may a solemu covenant to sin no more, the break off from our sins, and reform grace of God will be sufficient for you our conduct, yet we cannot expect a to sustain you in the hour of temptaforgiveness of our past sins w thout tion and trial. a humble confession of the same. We have now pointed out all the we have trespassed against any of our prominent principles, connected with neighbors, it is our duty, not only 10 true repentance. And it can easily be make restitution but to make a suita- seen by every honest heart, that God ble confession a" d seek their forgive- requires mankind, first to seek dili

We should also confess our gently to discern good from evil and sins to God with a Godly sorrow and to ascertain what sins and evils they contrition of spiri'.

are guilty of; secondly, to be exercised And Fourth, this confession should' with a Godly sorrow that they have be accompanied with a promise and i ever sinned against so great and good determination to sin no more. To con., a Being as God: thirdly, to make sess our sins before God would be of suitable confession before God for all


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