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eyes open to discern the wide differ- so far as it regards the religion of ence between the religion of the Bible heaven. It is the very age predicted and their powerless forms invented by by Isaiah, the Prophet, when "darkthe devil and his servan's — they fear ness should cover the earth and gross that their popularity will wane, and darkness the people ;" it is a day of their salaries be decreased or entirely thick darkness-darkness that has fail them. To travel without purse been accumulating for centuries, or scrip, as the Latter-day and Form- through the abominations practiced er-day Saints have done, they cannot by the apostate nations of Christenafford to do. And then if they should dom. Not even one ray of light from do so, they would receive no reward, heaven has forced its passage through but condemnation for preaching false the dark, gloomy, dismal night with doctrines among the people.

which they have been for centuries If they preach false doctrines they enshrowded, until an angel penetrated think that they must be well paid : the depths and brought to light that for it is the only reward that they sacred, heavenly, and most precious can get, and bye-and-bye the end treasure-the Book of Mormon—and comes and they are hewn down and raised up inspired men by which light cast into the fire: their motto, then from heaven again shines on is, to live grand while they have the earth. But so great are the mists of chance, and so long as they can de- darkness, that this generation do not lude the nations with their apostate perceive the light. “The light shineth forms of religion, under the sacred in darkness but the darkness compregarb of Christianity, they have the hendeth it not." prospect of waxing fat on the hard “ An age of light !" Oh tell it not earnings of their deluded victims. in the face of high heaven! Where No wonder then that ancient Chris- are your holy apostles inspired from tianity, taught by the humble servant heaven to speak the word of the Lord of God, as the Holy Ghost gives him in the ears of fallen man? Where utterance, is like an arrow to the are your prophets to lift up their hearts of such hypocritical imposters. voices by the word of the Lord, and Oh ! how abhorrent and disgusting to warn

the nations of approaching a humble servant of Christ, and to danger? Where are your Seers, enGod, and to all His holy angels, to rapped in the visions of the Alsee Catholic and Protestant ministers mighty, bringing to light things both enter their richly adorned churches new and old, opening the grand and chapels, and there pretend to events of futurity, and unlocking the worship God, when they are as des- hidden mysteries of the heavenly titute of almost every feature of an- world? Where now is the voice of cient Christianity as the devil and his inspiration, and the voice of angels, angels. The days are not far distant to salute the ears of mortal man with when such base hypocrites, and all glad tidings of great joy? Where that will suffer themselves to be de- now are the gifts of healing—the ceived by them, will be cast down by opening of the eyes of the blind—the devouring fire, that their impositions, unstopping of the ears of the deafand their hypocrisies, and their cor- the speaking with other tongues, and ruptions, and all their filthiness and all the miraculous gifts and powers of abominations, may cease to come up the Iloly Ghost? They are not to be before the Lord of Ilosts.

found in apostate Christendom, only Tremble and fear! for if there ever as enjoyed by the Latter-day Saints. were a generation that had need to Will Christendom have the unblushtremble and fear, it is the present.-ing impudence to call themselves the Tell about this being an enlightened people of God, when they are destiage--an age of gospel light! Never iute of all these most precious gifts was there an age of greater darkness promised in the gospel ? since man was created upon the earth of light !” Oh shame! Oh impu

16 An age

If you

dence ! when will you cease to call evil, is it, that you can be so hard in your good? How long will the heavens suf- hearts and blind in your minds that fer such wickedness to go unpunished! you cannot perceive the hand of the

“ An age of light!"_"a Christian Lord in bringing to light the sacred nation !" Go to all your large cities Records of the ancient Israelites who throughout the land-find one, if you dwelt upon this continent? Why do can, where there are not whoredoms you condemn that most excellent and other abominations enough, com- work upon popular rumour, without mitted every day, to sink the whole even reading one page of its contents? nation to the lowest hell. Look at Why will you be proud in your hearts, the swarms of public prostitutes, per- and exalt yourselves above all other mitted to roam at large and corrupt nations, and boast in your own society with their accursed filthiness, strength as a nation, and imagine and then lift your eyes to heaven and that no evil will come upon you, hypocritically thank God that you though you continue in your wickedlive in such a christian nation. Oh, ness? Why not discern and underfear and tremble, ye hypocrites, ye stand that it is God that has made whited sepulchres, lest God shall you a strong and powerful nation, and smite you, for thus provokingly tell- not yourselves ? It is God that seting him that you are a christian na- teth up and pulleth down. tion! But God suffers you thus to would repent, as He requires you in corrupt yourselves, because you love the Book of Mormon, you would darkness, and priestcrafts, and whore- continue to be blessed upon the land; doms, and false doctrines and every but if you obey not, and reject His evil work. He will suffer you until word, He will certainly visit you as it your golden cup is full and running is written. Oh, then, why will you over, that he may visit you with a not repent? it will certainly do you more speedy and awful judgment, and no harm to repent, and forsake false blot out your name from under heav- doctrines, and every species of wicken! Then shall the holy apostles, edness. If you repent and call upon and prophets, and all the heavens re- the Lord even as our pilgrim fathers joice over your downfall; for you did, when they first came to this land, shafall to rise no more.

God will be merciful unto you and At the present time, so great is your prolong your blessings in the land.wickedness, that silence reigns in Even though you, in your darkness, heaven, and all eternity is pained, and may suppose the Book of Mormon an the angels are waiting with longing imposition, you certainly will be on anxiety for the great command to the safe side if you repent and do as reap down the harvest of the earth, that book requires. and bind the tares in bundles, and give If this new revelation required you them to the burning flame! And if to do something that was evil, you you will not listen to the warning would have some reason for distrustvoice, and repent, the servants of God ing it and paying no attention to it; will not cease their cries to the heav- but when it requires you to repent, and ens, until God shall come out of his forsake every evil practice, and sets hiding place, and make a full end, forth your evils and abominations that the earth may be cleansed and plainly before your eyes, of which rest for a season.

you yourselves know that you are How is it, that you will not awake guilty, where is your excuse for not to a sense of the awful condition that obeying, even though you may think you are in? How is it, that you will that it is the work of man? If it be close your eyes to the signs of the the work of man, can you be excused, times, and not perceive the day of and will God overlook all the sins your visitation? How is it, that you which you know you are guilty of will not pay any attention to that and which that book accuses you of, which belongs to your peace? How and which it requires you to repent of? No: you have no excuse; you well would be beneficial, because you are know that you ought to repent of ev- afraid of giving sanction to the ery evil of which that book accuses Book of Mormon. you; and that God will in no wise Another thing should cause you to acquit the guilty. And if you already fear and tremble exceedingly.' You know this, how much more ought should remember that, that very book you to fear when a professed revela- is substantiated to this generation with tion makes its appearance threatening far greater evidence than they have you with awful and speedy judgment, for any other revelation. (See "Divine if you do not repent.

Authenticity of the Book of MorOh my nation! the inhabitants of mon," by O. Pratt.) To reject so great this beautiful and lovely country ! open evidence, and still remain in your sins your ears to the voice of your Re- will be presumptuous on your part. deemer, whose bowels of compassion Again, every man in the nation has yearn over you—whose voice is to all the privilege on condition of repentthe inhabitants of the land calling up-ance and obedience of receiving the on them to repent, and turn away from Holy Ghost, which will most assuredall their iniquities, and be baptized in ly guide them into all truth, and bear His name for the remission of their record unto them of the truth of this sins, that they may be filled with the New Revelation, so that they may Holy Ghost. Then shall ye know have the same knowledge of the di. His voice, and the voice of his ser- vine Authenticity of the Record as vants, and the voice of his spirit: for they have of any other truth. To the spirit is light, and maketh mani- know a thing to be true certainly fest the truth, and if it be in you, you would impart more happiness and shall be the children of light and not joy, than to remain in uncertainty and walk in darkness.

doubt. A knowledge of the truth Now what man is there in all this will give stability to the mind, so that nation that will not acknowledge that it will not fluctuate to and fro with repentance would not only be benefi- every wind of doctrine, invented by cial to individuals, but to the whole the cunning craftiness of uninspired nation? Why then condemn the men. Is there any excuse therefore, Book of Mormon, for calling upon for any man in the nation ? when it you to do that which you know is within the power of all to obtain would be beneficial ? But, you may the most perfect knowledge that the reply, the Book of Mormon professes Book of Mormon is a revelation from to be a New Revelation and to call God? And especially when this upon us by authority to repent, and knowledge is to be obtained by doing we do not believe in new revelation, that which every man will acknowland therefore we will not repent.-- edge ought to be done, and which all A poor excuse, indeed! that you will see would be beneficial both to indinot do that which you acknowledge viduals and to the nation to do?



What is the meaning of the word righteousness; and there was no poor Ziv. 'The Prophet Enochans wers among them.” The Lord by the this question in the following lan- mouth of Joseph the Prophet gave guage 166 And the Lord called His the following definition :-“Let Zion people Zion, because they were of rejoice, for this is Zion, The pure one heart and one mind, and dwelt in lin Heart.” Enoch was called of God,


when but a young man, and was sent tyred Prophet Joseph, this valley is in forth unto the antediluvian nations to the state of Missouri, only about 50 preach Faith, Repentance, and Bap- or 60 miles north of Jackson Co., tism for the remission of sins, and to where the city of Zion is to be built Prophesy and warn the people of ap- up in the last days. From the fact proaching judgment. Many among that Adam "calleilhis descendants the nations hearkened to his voice, into that valley, we have reason to beand received the gospel, and became lieve that it was his place of residence the sons of God; for the Holy Ghost -his old homestead, perhaps, where fell upon them, and they were born he may have dwelt for many centuof God. These by the commandment ries. of God, were gathered out from the Enoch built a city, called Zion, and nations by themselves, and they were the people who received the gospel established upon the high places of through his ministry dwelt therein.the earth and upon the mountains; and It is very probable that Jared the fathbecame sanctified before the Lord; er of Enoch and all his Ancestors, even "and the Lord came and dwelt with to Adam, were not located very far His people, and they dwelt in right from the city of Enoch. Whether

The fear of the Lord was Adam and all those of his descendants upon all nations, so great was the who were righteous in Enoch's day glory of the Lord which was upon still dwelt near their native country ; His people."

or whether they had emigrated from It was under these circumstances some distant part of the earth in order that the Lord called his people Zion to detach themselves from the wickedAnd from what God has revealed, ness of surrounding nations, we canconcerning this great continent, we not positively determine without furhave reason to believe that this is the ther revelation. As the earth was not very land where the righteous were divided into continents and islands begathered in the days of Enoch. And fore Enoch's day, it would not have there are indications in the revelations been difficult for Adam, and the rightwhich God has given us through the eous of those days, to have emigrated mouth of Joseph Smith, that this is by land from the opposite side of the the very land, where once flourished globe to this country. But if the the garden of Eden. One thing is Ancestors of Enoch came with him certain, that three years previous to from some distant part of the globe, Adam's death “ be called Seth, Enos, it would be reasonable to suppose Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, and that they would have located them. Mathuselah, who were all high priests, selves in the same city with him, and with the residue of his posterity who have been translated and caught up were righteous, into the valley of Ad into heaven with him and his people. am--Ondi-Ahman, and there bestowed But from the fact that all his Ancesupon them his last blessing. And the tors, except Adam, were alive at Lord appeared unto them, and they the time that Zion was caught up, and rose up and blessed Adam, and called that they were all left behind and him Michael, the Prince, the Archan- lived on the earth many years after gel. And the Lord administered com- that event, it seems almost certain that fort unto Adam, and said unto him, I they did not live in Zion; but probahave set thee to be at the head--a multi- bly were located on their old inhertude of nations shall come of thee, and itances where they lived when the thou art a prince over them for ever,” foundations of Zion were laid. (Doc. and Cov. Sec. 2: 28.)

Mathuselah, the son of Enoch, was Here then were eight generations, also left hehind, and lived for some including all the righteous of Adam's six centuries until the flood. His posterity, all assembled in the valley grand-son, Noah, most probably built of "Adam-Ondi-Ahman.” Accord the Ark in this land : if so, he must ing to other revelations of the mar- 'have been wafied by winds and currents for many months until he landed (and from that time forth there were upon the mountains of Ararat. wars and bloodsheds among thein.” Without direct revelation it would Here flourished the city of Zion, have been difficult for Noah to have built by Enoch and his people, and determined the geographical position God chose it for his dwelling place of his landing place; he and his sons for ever, and He came and dwelt in located themselves in Asia, and it is the midst of it; and His glory oververy doubtful whether they had any shadowed it for upwards of three cenidea of the great distance that inter- turies, when it was taken up with all vened between them and their native the inhabitants thereof into heaven. country.

Here was built an ark of safety, whereAmerica, then, may be considered in seed of all flesh was preserved to the Old world—ihe cradle of the hu- repeople a world cleansed from wickman race—the theatre of events per- edness by baptism in the mighty taining to the antediluvian age. From flood. American soil was formed the first What portion of the land was taken tabernacles of man and beast, fowl and up with the Zion of Enoch is not recreeping things. Here was the gar- vealed. It seems very probable that den of the Lord, where flourished the a sufficient quantity of the earth would tree of life whose fruit was calculated be translated with the city to form into impart immortality and eternal life heritances for the people. In what to those who should partake thereof. part of space this city is located is un: Here God conversed freely with man known. During the interval between and gave him dominion over the the translation of Zion and the flood, earth. Here Satan introduced sin, and angels came down out of heaven and misery, and death. Here holy mes- appeared unto many, "and the Bloly sengers guarded with a flaming sword Spirit fell on many and they were the tree of life from the hands of fallen caught up by the powers of heaven

Here Cain imbrued his hands into Zion." The descendants of Noah in the blood of righteous Abel. Here not having faith sufficient to be caught nations multiplied on nations and up into Zion, concluded to build a waxed strong in wickedness before tower sufficiently high to get there God. Here Enoch preached repent- without being under the necessity of ance and baptism for the remission of receiving a translation. From this it sins, and led the people of God, who appears that the early descendants of overcame their enemies that came to Noah had an idea that Zion was locabatile against them. Here Enoch ted somewhere near the earth. Abra"spake the word of the Lord, and the ham sought to become an inhabitant earth trembled, and the mountains of the same city; for, as Paul declares, fled, even according to his command;" he looked for a city which hath and the rivers of water were turned foundations, whose builder and maker out of their course ; and the roar of the is God." Abraham understood that lions was heard out of the wilderness; in the translation of the city there was and all nations seared greatly, so pow- something more

than the houses erful was the word of Enoch, and so caught up: he was aware that the great was the power of language city had " foundationsas well as which God had given him. There buildings; and he knew that God also came up a land out of the slepth was the “ builder and maker” of it; of the sea ; and so great was the fear or, in other words, that God gave of the enemies of the people of God Enoch the pattern and instructed him at they fled and stood afar off, and how to build it, went upon the land which came up There have been many conjectures out of the depths of the sea. And the among the saints in regard to the congiants of the land, also, stood afar off; dition of the inhabitants of Enoch's and there went forth a curse upon all city : some have supposed them still the people which fought against God: to be mortal—that they die-ard that


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