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of the spirits of the whole animal Blessing, and honor, and glory, and creation are disorganized by the death power, be unto him that sitteth upon of the body, but are capable of feel. The throne, and unto the Lamb forever ing, thinking, moving, enjoying, suf- and ever.” (Rev. 5: 13.) From fering, out of the body as well as in these passages we learn that every it. They are eternal, and will exist fowl and fish, beast and creeping forever, capable of joy and happiness. thing, will be in the possession of

The spirits of both vegetables great wisdom and knowledge ; they and animals are invisible to the nat. will know about God and His throne, ural eye ; we, therefore, do not know and about the Lamb, and they will or comprehend their nature as per talk, in an intelligent manner, about fectly as we do many other substances His “honor, and glory, and power." which are more directly tangible to Now they could not possess wisdom, our senses; for this reason Solomon knowledge, language, and underinquires, "Who knoweth the spirit of standing, concerning the attributes of man that goeth upward, and the spirit God and of His Son, unless they have of the beast that goeth downward." an intelligent mind or spirit as las (Eccles. 3: 31.) By this passage man. Solomon shows plainly that the beast Having proved that each indi. has a spirit as well as man.

vidual of the vegetable and animal That vegetables as well as ani- kingdom contains a living spirit, pos. animals have spirits, is clearly shown sessed of intelligent capacities, let us from the fact ihat :hey have capaci. next inquire concerning the shape or lies for joy and rejoicing. The form of these spirits, as represented Psalmist says,

“Let the field be joy. in various parts of the Scriptures. ful and all that is therein : then shall The immaterialist considers all spir. all the trees of the wood rejoice be. Situal substance to have neither form, fore the Lord : for He cometh, for He nor magnitude, nor any relation to cometh to judge the earth.” (Psalm space or duration. We shall not at. 96 : 12, 13.) As “all that is in the tempt in this article to refute these field,” and “all the trees of the wood absurd notions, but shall assume that rejoice,” we are compelled to believe all spiritual substance is material, that every vegetable, whether great having form, and magnitude, and all or small, has a living intelligent spirit the essential properties of other mat. capable of feeling, knowing, and re- ter; and that in addition to these, it joicing in its sphere. One of the in. possesses the capacities of intelli. spired writers informs us that the an. gence and self motion. imal creation are endowed with great That the form of the spirit is in wisdom. He says, “ There be four the likeness of the tabernacle, is things which are little upon the earth, evident from the description of the but they are exceeding wise : the ants spirit of Samuel, which appeared to are a people not strong, yet they pre. Saul and conversed with him. The pare their meat in the summer; the spirit of Samuel was first seen by the conies are but a feeble folk, yet make woman with whom Saul was conver. they their houses in the rocks ; the sing. 6. And when the woman saw locusts have no king, yet go they forth Samuel, she cried with a loud voice : all of them by bands ; the spider and the woman spake to Saul, saying, taketh hold with her hands, and is in Why bast thou deceived me ? for thou kings' palaces." (Prov. 30 : 24-28.) art Saul.

(Prov. 30 : 24-28.) art Saul. And the king said unto her, John heard the whole animal creation Be not afraid : for what sawest thou ? praising God, and making use of in. And the woman said unto Saul, I saw ielligent language. He declares that gods ascending out of the earth. And “ every creature wbich is in Heaven he said unto her, What FORM is he and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all

* See my treatise on the Absurdities of that are in them, beard I saying, 'Immaterialism.

Jf a

of ? And she said, An old man spirits must have had form, or John cometh up, and he is covered with a could not have seen them: they were mantle. And Saul perceived that it capable of speaking with a loud voice was Samuel, and he stooped with his and of wearing while rubes. face to the ground and bowed him. spirit have no form, it could neither self.” (1 Sam. 28: 12-14.) It will speak nor wear clothing. We have be perceived that the form of Sam. already seen that the spirit of Samuel uel's spirit was that of an old man, was clothed with a mantle, while “covered with a mantle.” Now this those that John saw, had white robes could not have been Samuel's body, given to them.

These passages for that was mouldering in the grave; prove that the spirits of men are in therefore it must have been his spirit. ihe shape or image of the fleshly taber. From the form which this spirit had, nacle, and that the spirit of the Son Saul was enabled to “perceive that of God, before he took upon himself it was Samuel.Saul, after howing flesh, did resemble man, and was in down to the ground with reverence the likeness or shape of his fleshly before Samuel, entered into conver. body, into, which he asterwards en. sation with him ; and Samuel


lered. phesied unto him, and told him what The shape or form of the spirits should hefal Israel, and that he and of beasts is in the image of their his sons should be slain the next day natural bodies. When Elijah was and come into the spiritual world with escorted to heaven, he had the honor him.

of riding in a chariot drawn by horses. When the three Hebrews were (2 Kings 2: 11, 12.) When the cast into the fiery furnace, Nebuchad. king of Syria sent horses and char. nezzar wus astonished, “and said, iots, and a great host, to take Elisha, lo! I see four men loose, walking in the prophet, and carry him a prisoner the midst of the fire, and they have into the Syrian army, the servant of no hurt; and the FORM of the fourth the prophet, seeing his master sur. is like unto the Son of God.” (Dan. rounded by such a formidable host, 3: 25.) This fourth personage walk. was very much alarmed for his safety, ing in the fire must have been the and cried out, “Alas, my master! how spiritual body of the Son of God, or shall we do? And he answered, some other spiritual body resembling Fear not: for they that be with us him in form. The form of this spir. are more than they that be with them. itual body resembles also the form of And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I hence he exclaimed, “I see four pray thee



eyes men loose.”

And the Lord opened the eyes The revelator, John, saw the of the young man, and he saw; and, spirits of the martyrs, wbich he de. behold, the mountain was full of scribes as follows : “ And when he HORSES and chariots of fire round' had opened the fifth seal, I saw under about Elisha.” (2 Kings 6 : 15-17.) the altar the souls of them that were These horses shone with the bril. slain for the word of God and for the liancy of fire. They were spiritual testimony which they held; and they horses, under the management and cried with a loud voice saying, How control of an army of spirits riding in long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou chariots. These spirits of horses not judge and avenge our blood on must have been in the same shape as them that dwell on the earth ? And the natural bodies of horses, or else white robes were given unto every they would not have been recognised: one of them; and it was said unto as belonging to that species of ani. them that they should rest yet for a mals. They were exceedingly nulittle season until their fellow ser. merous, so that “the mountain was vants and their brethren, that should full” of them. be killed as they were, should he ful. John

" I saw Heaven open. filled.” (Rev. 6: 9-11.) These led, and behold a WHITE HORSE;



that he may


and He that sat upon him was to the original magnitude of their was called Faithful and True, and in respective spirits, afier which the righteousness He doeth judge and growth ceases. When the spirit make war.” “ And the armies which first takes possession of the vegeta. were in Heaven followed Him upon ble or animal seed or embryo, it conWHITE HORSES, clothed in fine tracts itself into a bulk of the same linen, white and clean.”-Rev. 19 : dimension as the seed or tabernacle 11, 14. Thus, we perceive, that the into which it enters : this is proved Son of God, himself, and all the armies from the fact, that the spiritual body of Heaven, occasionally ride on horse. of the Son of God, seen by Nebuchad. back; and, therefore, there must be nezzar, was of the size of man, and thousands of millions of horses in yet this same spiritual body was Heaven ; and as no horses, pertain. afterwards sufficiently contracted to ing to this earth, had then received a enter into, and to be wholly contained resurrection, these, doubtless, were within an infant tabernacle. In like the spiritual bodies of horses whose manner, every other spirit, whether natural bodies had returned to the vegetable or animal, is of the full size dust.

of the prospective tabernacle, when As we have proved, that the spir- it shall have attained its full growth; its of men, and of horses, and of all and, iherefore, when it first enters manner of beasts, and of creep. the same, it must, like the spiritual ing things, and of birds, are in the body of the Son of God, be greatly shape of their mortal tabernacles, it diminished from its original dimen. is reasonable to infer, analogically, sions. Spirits, therefore, must be that the spirits of grass, of herbs, composed of substances, highly elas. and of trees, are in the form of the tic in their nature, that is, they have natural bodies of the respective vege. the power to resume their former tables which they once inhabited ; dimensions, as additional matter is and that those vegetables which are secreted for the enlargement of their now living, are inhabited by living tabernacles. It is this expanding spirits in the form of themselves. force, exerted by the spirit, which

All spirits have magnitude, as gradually developes the tabernacle well as form, which can be clearly as the necessary materials are supshown from the Scriptures. Those plied. passages, that have been already When the limb of a tree or of quoted, proving that spirits have form, an animal is severed from the main also prove that they have magnitude. body, the spirit, occupying that The Spirit of Samuel, as seen by limb, is not severed from the other Saul, and the spirit of the Son of parts of the spirit, but immediately God, walking in the fiery furnace, contracts itself into the living porwere, both, of the size of men. The tions of the body, leaving the limb spirits of horses, beasts, birds, and to decay. The contraction of spirit. creeping things, were, not only of ual bodies is still further proved, from the shape of their respective natural the fact, that a legion of wicked bodies, but were evidently of the spirits actually huddled themselves same size as those bodies when full together in the tabernacle of one grown; otherwise they would have man. These wicked spirits, being been represented, as infants instead fallen angels, were actually in the of men, as colts instead of horses, &c. shape and size of the spirits of men;

The tabernacles of both animals therefore, they must have been ex. and vegetables continue to grow ceedingly contracted to have all en. or increase in size, until they attaintered one human body.



(Continued.) 23. The celestial beings who dwell 25. In the Heaven where in the Heaven from which we came, spirits were born, there are many having been raised from the grave, in Gods, each one of whom has his own a former world, and having been filled wife or wives which were given to with all the fulness of these eternal at. him previous to his redemption, while tributes, are called Gods, because the yet ir his mortal state. Each God, fulness of God dwells in each. Both through his wife or wives, raises up the males and the females enjoy this a numerous family of sous and daugh. fulness. The celestial vegetables and ters; indeed, there will be no end to fruits which grow out of the soil of the increase of his own children : for this redeemed Heaven, constitute the each father and mother will be in a food of the Gods. This food differs condition to multiply forever and ever. from the food derived from the vege. As soon as each God has begotten tables of a fallen world: the latter are many millions of male and female converted into blood, which, circulat. spirits, and his Heavenly inheritance ing in the veins and arteries, pro. becomes too small, to comfortably acduces Aesh and bones of a mortal commodate his great family, he, in nature, having a constant tendency connection with his sons, organizes a to decay: while the former, or celes. new world, after a similar order to the tial vegetables, are, when digested in one which we now inhabit, where he the stomach, converted into a fuid, sends both the male and female which, in its nature, is spiritual, and spirits to inhabit tabernacles of flesh which, circulating in the veins and and bones. Thus each God forms a arteries of the celestial male and fe. world for the accommodation of his own male, preserves their tabernacles from sons and daughters who are sent decay and death. Earthly vege.forth in their times and seasons, and tables form blood, and blood forms generations to be born into the same. flesh and bones; celestial vegetables, The inhabiiants of each world are when digested, form a spiritual fluid required to reverence, adore, and which gives immortality and eternal worship their own personal father life to the organization in which it flows. who dwells in the Heaven which they

24. Fallen beings beget child- formerly inhabited. ren whose bodies are constituted of 26. When a world is redeemed flesh and bones, being formed out of from its fallen state, and made into a the blood circulating in the veins of Heaven, all the animal creation are the parents. Celestial beings beget raised from the dead, and become ce. children, composed of the fluid which lestial and immortal. The food of circulates in their veins, which is these animals is derived from the spiritual, therefore, their children vegetables, growing on a celestial must be spirits, and not flesh and soil ; consequently, it is not converted bones. This is the origin of our into blood, but into spirit which cir. spiritual organization in Heaven. culates in the veins of these animals ; The spirits of all mankind, destined therefore, their offspring will be for this earth, were begotten by a spiritual bodies, instead of flesh and father, and born of a mother in Hea. bones. Thus the spirits of beasts, of ven, long anterior to the formacion of fowls, and of all living creatures, are this world. The personages of the the offspring of the beasts, fowls, and father and mother of our spirits, had creatures which have been redeemed a beginning to their organization, or raised from the dead, and which but the fulness of truth (which is will multiply spirits, according to their God) that dwells in them, had no be. respective species, forever and ever. ginning; being "from everlasting to 27. As these spiritual bodies, in everlasting.(Psalm 90 : 2.) all their varieties and species, become


numerous in Heaven, each God will sand years of its temporal existence, send those under his jurisdiction to take it will amount to seventy thousand bodies of flesh and bones on the same millions. During the early age of world to which he sends his own sons the world, there were many centuries and daughters. As each God is “ The in which the amount of population God of The spirits of all flesh," per would fall short of this average; but taining to the world which he forms ; during the Millennium, or the last and as he holds supreme dominion over age of the world, the population them in Heaven, when he sends them will

, probably, far exceed ihis aver. into a temporal or terrestrial world, age. Seventy thousand million, he commits this dominion into the therefore, is a rough approxiination hands of his sons and daughters, to the number of inhabitants which which inhabit the same.

the Lord destined to dwell in the 28. When the world is redeemed, Alesh on this earth. It will be seen, the vegetable creation is redeemed from this estimation, that about and made new, as well as the ani. seventy thousand million sons and mal; and when planted in a celestial daughters were born in Heaven, and soil, each vegetable derives its nour. kept their first estate, and ishment therefrom; and the fluid, counted worthy to have a new world thus derived, circulates in the pores made for them, wherein they were and cells of the vegetable tabernacle, permitted to receive bodies of flesh and preserves it from decay and and bones, and thus enter upon

their death; this same fluid, thus circu. second estate. lating, forms a spiritual seed, which 30. It must be remembered, that planted, grows into a spiritual vege. seventy thousand million, however table; this differs from the parent great the number may appear to us, vegetable, in that it has no taber. are but two-thirds of the vast family nacle. This is the origin of spiritual of spirits who were begotten before vegetables in Heaven. These spiri. the foundation of the world : the tual vegetables are sent from Hea. other third part of the family did not ven to the terrestrial worlds, where, keep the first estate. Add to seventy like animals, they take natural taber. thousand million, the third part which nacles, which become food for the fell, namely, thirty-five thousand mil. sustenance of the natural tabernacles lion, and the sum amounts to one hun. of the animal creation. Thus the dred and five thousand million which spirits of both vegetables and ani. was the approximate number of the mals are the offspring of male and sons and daughters of God in Heaven female parents which have been before the rebellion which broke out raised from the dead, or redeemed among them. from a fallen condition, with the

31. If we admit that one person. world upon which they dwelt. age was the Father of all this great

29. The number of the sons and family, and that they were all born of daughters of God, born in Heaven the same Mother, the period of time before this earth was formed, is not intervening between the birth of the known by us. They must have been oldest and the youngest spirit must exceedingly numerous, as may be have been immense. If we suppose, perceived, by taking into considera. as an average, that only one year in. tion the vast numbers which have tervened between each birth, then it already come from Heaven, and would have required, over one hundred peopled our planet, during the past thousand million of years for the same six ihousand years. The amount of Mother to have given birth to this population now on the globe, is es vast family. The law, regulating iimated in round nutabers at one the formation of the embryo spirit, thousand million. If we take this may, as it regards time, differ con. estimation for the average number siderably from the period required for per century, during the seven thou 'the formation of the infant tabernacle

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