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SERMON XVIII. - The Character of false Prophets. .

Matt. vi. 15, 16. Beware of false Prophets, which come to

you in Sheeps-Cloathing, but inwardly

they are ravening Wolves. re mall know them by their Fruits :

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Of Trust in GOD.

ISAIAH 1..10.
Who is among you that feareth the Lord,

that obeyeth the Voice of his Ser-
Vant, that walketh in Darkness, and
hath no Light? Let him trust in the
Name of the Lord, and stay upon

his God. IN these words there are these three SERM, 1 Things observable,

I. Here is the Character of a good Man,

he is one who feareth the Lord, and obey

eth the Voice of his Servant.
II. HERE is his Duty, To trust in the

Name of the Lord, and to stay upon bis





SERM. III. The Time when he is more parI. ticularly to exercise this Duty of trust

i ng in God, in a Time of Amiction, or when he lies under any Calamity or Distress; it is when he walketh in Darkness, and bath no Light.

1. Here is the Character of a good Man; he is described to be one who feareth the Lord, and obeyeth the Voice of bis Servant. .

1. First. He is one who fears God. that is to say, one who has such an awful Regard of God, such a due Sense of his Divine Attributes, his Goodness, his Juftice, his Knowledge, his Power, as keeps

him from offending him ; this, the wise Prov.xvi. Man tells us, By the Fear of the Lord, Men

depart from Evil. And, none can be be truly said to fear God, that are not hereby restrained from sinful Practices;

and, therefore, wicked Men are described, Job xv. 4. by casting of this Fear : He casteth off Fear,

and restraineth Prayer before God. Now
.this Fear arises, either from the Confidera-
tion of God's Mercy or his Justice. First,

From the Confideration of his Mercy :
Psa. cxxx. There is Mercy with thee, that thou

mayest be feared, i. e. That Man who is truly sensible, how good and merciful a

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