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General SCHEME




HE Principal Parts that this Instruction resolves into, are the several Explications of

1. The Christian Covenant; In the

Four Preliminary Questions.
II. The Christian Faith ; In the

Creed and the Breviat of it.

III. The Christian Obedience; In

the Moral Law expounded. IV. The Christian Prayer ;. In the

Lard's Prayer ,explained, and the Premonition before it.

V. The Christian Sacraments; In the

Conclufion of this Treatise.
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To go on with this Division; The First Branch thereof is concerning the Christian Covenant ;

see Chap. 1. in the following Exposition. And this expatiates and spreads itself to the Shewing of Five Particulars, viz. 1. The Baptismal Name. 1. N. or M. See Seet.1.

To be a Member of 2. The Baptismal Bes Christ; a Child of God; nefits.

and an Inheritor of the
Kingdom of Heaven.


Sect. 2.

To renounce the Devil

and all his Works; to 3. The Baptismal Dutie's believe all the Articles of or Conditions of those Be- the Chriftian Faith ; and nefits.

to keep God's Holy Will
and Commandments, &c.

Seet. 3.

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Sect. 4.

Thou art verily bound 4. Our Obligations to to believe and do, as they perform those Duties.

(thy Sureties) have pro-
mis'd for thee (in thy

And I heartily thank
our Heavenly Father, for

that he hath called me in5: Some Means and to this State of Salvation, Helps whereby you may per- through Jesus Christ our form them; especially these Saviour. And I pray unimo, viz. Thankfulness and to God to give me bis Prayer.

Grace, that I may conti-
nue in the same unto my
Life's End

II. The

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Sect. s.

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II. The Second Branch of our Division is concern. ing the Christian Faith; see Chap. 2. And the Particulars herein contained are the 12 Articles of the Creed. Hereof, 1. The First is concerning

I believe in God the God, particularly the Fa


Father Almighty, Maker rber, and the Work of Crea- 1 of Heaven and Earth. tion.

Sect. 1. 2. The Second concern.

And in Jesus Christ his ing Cbrift, his Person, Na. only Son our Lord. tures and Offices.

2 3. The Third conterning Who was conceived by his Incarnation and Nari: the Holy Ghost, born of vity.

the Virgin Mary.

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Sect. 2

Sect. 3.

4. The Fourth concerning

Suffered under Pontius bis Sufferings , Death and | Pilat, was crucified, dead, Burial, as also his departure and buried; he 'descena into the invisible World, orded into Hell. Ades.

Sect. 4.

Sect. 5.

5. The Fifth concerning The third Day He the Resurrection of his Bo- rose again from the dy.


He ascended into 6. The Sixth concerning Heaven,and fitieth at the bis Ascension and Exalta- Right Hand of God the tion.

į Father Almighty, S. 6. 3. The Seventh concern- From thence he shall ing his Coming to judge the come to judge the Quick Worlda

and the Dead.

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'S. 7.

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Sect. 9.

8. The Eighth is concern. ing God the Holy Ghost, bis I believe in the Holy Divinity and Office. Ghost.

Sect. 8. 9. The Ninth is concerning the People or Church of The Holy Catholick God, and one special Privi- , Church, the Communion lege of the sound Members of Saints. of it. 10. The Tenth of ano

1 ther Privilege.

The Forgiveness of Sins.

Seat. 10. 11. The Eleventh of an- The Resurrection of other.

the Body

Sect.11. 12. The Twelfth of another, even their future and The Life Everlasting. final Happiness.

Sect. 12. All these Articles have respect to the Three Persons in the Undivided Deity. And so they are all reduced to these Three Heads in general, viz.

1. Of God ihe Father, and the Work of Creation.
2. Of God the Son, and the Work of Redemption.

3. Of God the Holy Ghost , and the Work of Sanctification.

III. The Third Branch of our Division is concerning Obedience, Chap. 3. And this contains in it the Ten Commandments of the Lam. Hereof,

1. The First is concerning Thou shalt have no the right Object of our Wor- other Gods but me. ship, viz. the only True God.

Sect. I.

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Thou shalt not make 2. The Second concerning to thyself any Graven the Means or Matter of

Image, nor the Likeness of any thing that is in

Heaven above, odc. S. 2. 3. The Third concerning

Thou shalt not take the the right Manner of his Name of the Lord thy God Worship

in vain; for the Lord, &c.

God's Worship

Seet. 3.

his Worship.

Remember that thou 4. The Fourth concerns keep Holy the Sabbath ing the Special Time of Day; Six Days shalt thou

labour and do all that

thou hast to do, Oc. S. 4. These first Four Commandments, which are called the first Table, are a Holy Institution of our Duty towards God. And the Sum thereof is what is meant in the First Commandment, viz. To love him with all our Heart, with all our Soul, with all our Strength, and with all our Mind. This, as our Saviour tells us, is the First and great Commandment. And so as a Captain it leads on the Van. But to proceed:

5. The Fifth is concern- Honour thy Father and ing the Duties of Relations. thy Mother, that thy

Days, c. 6. The Sixth is of Hu- ! ; Thou shalt do no Murmanity.

Sect. 6. 7: The Seventh of Chaos Thou shalt not comStiry.

mit Adultery.

Sect. 7. 8. The Eighth of Juftice. I Thou shalc got steal.

Sect. 5.

i der.

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Sect. 8, A 4

9. The

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