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in some future meeting, some one will summated! May what took place rehave to move the reception of a Report cently at a village near Amboyna be which shall inform the Society that hun- soon repeated all over the heathen world! dreds and thousands are turned to God, At the advice of a Christian in high and are adorning the doctrine of God station, they sailed from the shores with their Saviour, by a life becoming his their idols in the box where they had Gospel

usually been committed during the night The motion was seconded by Rev. J. for repose, and attaching an immense Leifchild, who expressed himself to the weight to it, they sunk it like lead in following effect :

the mighty waters! And as it sunk, Sir,—But for the most urgent intreaty, they sung, 0 give thanks to the Lord, I should not have stood here. This for his mercy endureth for ever.' So place ought to be resigned to our country perish all the gods of the heathen! brethren; and it was consigned to one of

Rev. James Hayward, who has been them, who, I am sorry to state, is detained from the meeting by indisposition. heite, was then requested to give a brief

many years à faithful labourer in OtaBut I am ready to plead the Missionary

account of the state of religion in that cause, if not in the metropolis, in any

and other Islands. other part of the country, and I was

Mr. Hayward then read an account going to say, in any part of the world. šir, when I consider the labours and of the missionaries, and the happy effects

drawn up by himself, of the proceedings sacrifices of Christian Missionaries, I

of their labours. feel that the utmost I can do for the

The Rev. Mr. Smith, uf Rotherham, cause amounts to fothing. When Henry Martyn left his native shores, and broke

next moved the following Resolution :

• That the cordial Thanks of this Meetthrough all the ties of interest and af- ing be given to the Ministers and Memfection that bound him to this land,

bers of all congregations :-to the Treato preach Christ among the heathen,

surers, Secretaries and Subscribers of all with what propriety could be repeat these lines, when stepping into the vessel

Societies and Associations, who have

contributed to the Funds of this Society lines which have so often been sung during the past year; and that the conunder this roof

tinuance of their attachment and exer• I all on earth forsake,

tions be respectfully and earnestly soIts wisdom, fame, and power;

licited,' And Hiin my only portion make,

Mr. Smith then said, It is pleasing to My shield and tower.'

perceive that the prominent feature of the

gospel dispensation is a missionary spirit. When we compare our conduct with Instruction existed from the beginning, his, and with that of some of your own and every good man taught his family the Missionaries, what is it we do or can do knowledge and the fear of God, and thus for the Missionary cause ? As far as a race was perpetuated that feared the my observation extends, and certainly Lord, and thought upon his name. as far as my experience goes in my own Enoch prophesied of the last day, and neighbourhood, I must express the con. Noah preached righteousness for 120 viction I feel that your causę is much years. The Scriptures were read in the indebted to the Zealous efforts and Jewish Synagogues every sabbath-day, unwearied assiduities of Christian Fe- and priests and prophets instructed Israel males. The lower classes sometimes to fear the Lord and keep his comstimulate the higher. At a village in the mandinents. Jonah, and other procounty, where it fell to my lot to advocate phets made occasional excursions to the cause, a female servant was so much preach the preaching that God had affected with what she had heard of the bidden them ; but the genius of Judaism condition of the heathen, that she could was seclusion. And well and wisely was not sleep all night; and in the morning it so appointed; for the light of the gosdeposited her savings on the breakfast pel was too feeble to bear expansion, table, with cries and entreaties that I and it would have been extinguished by would accept of it. Her mistress assured extension; the Jewish people never came me she should be no loser, and was into contact with idolatry without being stimulated by the conduct of her servant contaminated by it; and thus the salt of to double her own contribution. Sir, if the world lost iis savour, and the light there be a heart here unaffected by your of the world quenched in darkness. report, assuredly mine is not that heart. But when the predictions of the Old O what glorious days has it made us to Testament were fulfilled in the coming feel that we live in! The destruction of of the Messiah, and the gift of the Holy heathenism and idolatry in the earth is Spirit, the ministry of mercy was not actually begun. Speedily may it be con confined to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, but God made his name glo- which he made many judicious remarks, rious to the ends of the earth. The and it grieves us to be obliged, by the harbinger of it came preaching the Gus- narrowness of our limits, to omit them. pel of the kingilom, and the character and work of our Lord is expressed in one

Joseph Butterworth, Esq. M.P. for important sentence-he went about doing by congratulating himself and the Wes

Dover, seconded the motion. He began he preached the gospel

. He did indeed leyan congregation usually assembling confiue his ministry principally to the there, on their meeting the London Mislost sheep of the house of Israel, but he sionary Society in that Chapel, observing rejoiced in spirit when men came from

with pleasure, that the prejudices on

both sides, which would once have preafar to hear him ; and considered it as a pledge that his Heavenly Father would

vented such meeting, had subsided. He

remarked that the great power and influgive him the ends of the earth for his possession--that he should see the travail ought to be employed for the promotion

ence now possessed by this country of his soul and be satisfied. The last orders he issued to his dis- ciety, then assembled, had in view ; and

of some great object-such as the sociples as he was about to be taken up, were, Go into all the world and preach country, which had been sadly neglected,

that the colonies belonging to this the gospel to every creature; and all who would avoid his power or share his ought now to be considered. He ad

verted particularly to the East Indies, mercy, ought to pay much attention to his last command.

and the cruel superstitions which still Yet the first display of a mission- prevail there, and which had lately

increased rather than diminished, 900 ary spirit was occasioned by an enemy. For when the disciples, happy in the

women having been burnt in the last love of God, and in the society of each preceding years. It was however con

year, which exceeds the number of other, shewed but little disposition to soling to learn that some of the prejudices obey their Lord's command ;- a perse cution was raised upon the death of that there were various symptoms of

of the natives were giving way, and Stephen, and carried on particularly by

improvement. means of a young man, whose name was Saul. He entered every house, he

Mr. B. then recommended liberality dragged men and women to prison, and in the support of the Society, and, nocompelled them to blaspheme:and as they ticing a hint which had been put into would not go out voluntarily to preach

his hands advising persons to remember the Gospel, they were burnt out by the the institution in their wills, he exhorted fire of persecution, and were scattered them rather to be their own executors, abroad into many lands, preaching the and to do as much good during their Gospel.

lives as they possibly could; but if not Whatever we know, indeed, about able to do this as they wished, then to the first planting of the gospel is chiefly do some good at their death. Mr. B. derived from the itineracy of St. Paul, warmly recommended, that publicity who was the most zealous missionary of should be given to the account read by primitive times, and who from Jerusalem Mr. Hayward; and having adverted to and round about to Illysium, fully the exemplary observation of the Lord's preached the Gospel.

Day in Otaheite, took occasion to reproMr. Smith proceeded to give an his- bate the publication of Sunday Newstorical sketch of the effects of a mission- papers, commending the efforts now ary spirit in succeeding ages, and referring making by some serious people to put a to the reformation, called it a Second stop to that mischief; and observed that Pentecost ; and expressed a hope that a

if any appeal should be shortly made to Third Pentecost was now dawning on

the legislature on that subject, he hoped the world, introductory of the glories of it would have the vigorous support of the latter day. He then took a general all classes of religious persons. He review of the efforts of the Moravian--the concluded by noticing what a wide field Baptist-the Church, and the Wesleyan and the necessity of the aid of the Holy

for exertion was opened by the Society, Missionary Societies, expressing great thankfulness to God for their success, Spirit to render their efforts effectual. while on certain accounts, he avowed the The Rev. Richard Watson, (a minister preference he gave to this Society. We of the Wesleyan connexion), then moved do not, said he, blame those who go by the third Resolutoin :-viz. tribes, to take possession of the land, but " That as the most important benefits we prefer going all in a body to seize on have resulted to this and other Instituthe inheritance. Mr. Smith then took a tions from the formation of Auxiliary glance at our d fferent missions abroad, on Societies :-of Associations in congrega

I re

to say,

tions : and of Associations among ladies though early success may not attend their and young persons; the further forma- labours. tion of such Societies and Associations, In the course of this address, Mr. Wat-' wherever practicable, be most earnestly son noticed the objections which some perrecommended to the friends of this So. sons urge-one of which is that of novelty. ciety in every part of the united Empire, In answer to which, he observed, that aland in other countries.'

though there may be some novelty in the Mr. Watson commenced by observing, mode of our proceedings, yet that the very that he laboured under the disadvantage

same principle which has produced these of a cold, but said, “ On such an occasion exertions in our day operated in the minds as this, I should think there is criminality of our predecessors; but they had other in silence, and while a man has a voice employments—they were called to settle to speak, however harsh' or dissonant the churches, and to establish them in that voice may be, he ought to lift it up

their faith : but who that reads the spirit in praise to God, and in exhortation to

of the fathers of the Christian Church his people, to prosecute this glorious does not see that that same spirit would work. It has been said, There is no

have carried them as wide and as far as rivalship among the Missionary Societies, the various Institutions among us. I think what we have seen to-day is a

member Baxter says that he should not proof that there is at least no rivalship have regretted that so many godly miat head quarters; nor is there any at the

nisters had been turned out of their different statious to which the Mission- Churehes, if they could have found acaries have been sent, but they all exhibit

cess to the heathen world; and with rea most edifying example of Christian love spect to the sweet singer of our modern and unity ; thus constraining the heathen Israel, Dr. Watts, I will appeal to you

See how these Christians love who are best acquainted with him, wheone another, and I do think that the ther he ever strikes his lyre with so vispirit now displayed by the Missionary gorous a hand as when he pours out, in Societies, is the most encouraging proof the full tide of his verse, the sublimity of the coming of the kingdom of our

of his hopes on this subject. Poets God and Saviour. If that kingdom have

were once called Prophets, and there are

two lines of Watts which occur to my originated from the God of love, and is carried into effect by Jesus Christ, who mind that seem to be almost prophetic so loved us that he gave himself for us,

« The islands of the southern sea then its most prominent feature will be the love of the brethren.'

Shall stretch their grateful hands to

thee.' Afterwards adverting to the South Sea Mission, he said, 'I never turn to it but The Rev. Dr. Collyer, who seconded this I think it of infinite importance, as dis- motion, observed, that the last speaker playing various interesting points of in- had made the best apology for him. “I struction to all engaged in Missionary should be sorry,' said he, 'to dimienterprizes.'-—'The early circumstances nish, by any thing of mine, the effect of that mission, and its ultimate suc- which has already been produced on this cess, have impressed on all our minds meeting. But there is one part of this the absolute necessity of divine influ- resolution which comes more immeence; and, in the account of the exer- diately home to my own heart, and tions of the present year, I have been which I would earnestly recommend to pleased to hear how generally this truth those alluded to in it-I mean young perhas been acknowledged-Weare to plant, It has been among the happiest and we are to water; but it is our duty feelings of my heart this day, that, out to pray that what we plant, and what we of 38 years of my life, I have been conwater, may be made to increase by the nected with the Missionary Society more Spirit of God.'

or less 24 years.But this mission is important in an- • A flower when offer'd in the bud, other point of view. We find, in every Is no vain sacrifice.' connexion, persons ardent to carry on this great work; and ardent minds are And if I should live to the extent of the too frequently impatient minds. There longest life allotted to man, that satisfacare persons who suppose that we have tion must be increased from year to year. only to go into the land to possess our- Dr. Collyer proceeded to notice various selves of it; but there are many circum- objections forinerly made to this fustistances to try the patience and faith of tution, and how futile they have proved the saints. The ultimate success of this to be, and he particularly referred mission may therefore encourage future to the East and West Indies, chalmissionaries patiently to persevere, lenging opposers to say, what evil ef


feets, once so seriously produced, have that could degrade the mind. There followed our missionary labours.

they sacrificed the animals which they Referring to the future prospects of the had brought, and then returned to their Society, he said, “Whilst some who have families, who had kindled about a thoubeen ardent in the missionary cause have sand fires on this large plain. There fallen, how pleasing is the hope that they took their victims, that they might others are rising up to fill their places ! • eat and drink, and rise up to play: and whilst we perceive on the faces of I felt for them-I prayed for them-and some around us the rapid advances made I vowed to the Lord that if health and by time, and every year seems to go for strength were afforded to me, I would more than one with them, we cannot see, labour with ten-fold diligence to make without regret, the chariots descending known to this people the riches of the which shall bear away our fathers; but grace of Christ. Oh, my friends, we this is the strongest argument, if ihere must go to some idolatrous country to be one argument stronger than another, see the value of the gospel and its efthat those who may survive should prove fects upon the character of man. I know themselves worthy to tread in their steps, not that there was one Christian within and to follow their example.'

200 miles of this place. A pause was here made for the pur- Mr. Koill then mentioned his removal pose of making the collection, which, to Travancore, where Mr. Mead was according to the custom in this Chapel, labouring very usefully. Mr. M. said and generally in the North of England, as he, had visited many of the people on their well as in foreign countries, is done from dying beds, who expressed their hope of pew to pew. A hymn was also sung. salvation by Jesus Christ. When he

commenced his labours there, about a Rev Mr. Knill, a Missionary who laboured year before, there were about 900 persons in India, but who was obliged to return

professing Christianity: since which, on account of his health,

about 1000 were added : there are now My dear Christian friends, I would wish ten congregations and schools. to transport you, in the feelings of your Mr. Knill mentioned his going to a mind, from this sacred place, to that place where about 700 people were land of idolatry whence I came. In assembled ; 300 of whom could not get Madras there are 300,000 precious souls into the chapel. A short discourse was all given to idolatry: but I was forced delivered from that charming passage, to quit that interesting field of labour for ‘God so loved the world,' &c. they listone which was considered more salubri- ened with great attention: and sometimes ous. As I was travelling, about 200 miles you would see the tears trickling down from Madras, I halted one evening at a their black faces, and you would have place where I intended to remain that been delighted to observe the pleasure night. All around me was favourable to with which they heard of the love of God meditation, and my heart was drawn out to a guilty world. Those who were to the Father of Spirits. I took a walk without, requested me to visit them. along a path which led to a temple; the I did so; and as I advanced, they all rose , officiating priest was performing the du- up, not to worship the black bull, but ties of his office-lighting the lamps, to praise the Lord who had sent a misand decorating the image, to receive the sionary among them. I am persuaded no adorations of the people; the image which missionary there ever wished himself hack was stone, was the figure of a bull; again; they all count it their honour and it was painted black, and adorned their happiness to be thus employed in with flowers. I stood amazed to think the work of the Lord. There are many of the awful state of apostate man; and young men here whose hearts beat high while I was thus meditating, I heard a in this cause : and I can say that the great noise ; and turning my eyes towards visits of the Son of God are not less frethe place whence it came, I perceived quent in Travancore than they are in the element as it were all in a blaze! 1 England, and it is his smile which makes soon saw that it proceeded from a mul- this desert to blossom as the rose.' titude of persons who were approaching Mr. Knill proceeded to give an interthat place. There was a great number of esting account of the schools, of the remen, women and children, ten or twelve flections of some elder people, who said thousand, I think,--some leading sheep,' there were none of these good things some goats, and some lambs. I imme. when they were young, and of the happy diately discovered that they were going death of a converted Hindoo. And to sacrifice in another, a larger temple, then added, "O I have seen enough to which exhibited at once every thing fill my soul with rapture till the day I shall grand in its formation, and every thing close my eyes on all terrestrial scenes.

2 B


Col. Munro has been a great friend to pressive to me, than to any of you who Mr. Mead and the mission, and I rejoice have been regularly favoured with these in it. We mentioned to him that we were anniversaries. My soul has often redesirous of increasing the schools, but we joiced in the labours of this venerable could not do it without assistance. A piece society and its success; but never before of ground was pointed out as being desira- had I the privilege of meeting with you ble, and he kindly obtained it for us. on these occasions. The only argument This will be sufficient, when drained and that could have induced me to rise is, cultivated, to support a great number of that I am the sole representative of Mischildren. And were it in my power Isionary Societies in a distant part of the would gladly lay down £100. to carry world, with whom I have been privileged this design into execution, and think it to act for 23 years. With so many feelthe happiest moment of my life; but ings pressing upon my mind, you will not for my part, I must say, silver and be surprised that I am unable to express gold I have none,' but if I had 1000 lives what I nuw experience. When I consider I would consecrate them all to this how many souls, born in ignorance, have work. Perhaps, my friends, I shall been enlightened in the knowledge of never see you again. Oh pray that God the truth by means of this society, and may keep me humble, make me useful, are now received into glory, how delightand fill me with love to precious souls. ful and overwhelming is the thought!

Rev. Mr. Collison then read a letter I have come over a world of waters, from a gentleman, who having perused three thousand miles, under the proan article in the Missionary Quarterly tection of my heavenly Father, and how Chronicle referring to the above donation delightful is it to find my Redeemer worof land, and the need of money to cul- shipped in the old world as he is in the tivate it, had most generously sent to

new-to behold Christians united to the Society that very sum which Mr. spread the salvation of Jesus Christ, and Knill had mentioned. A bank note for

to hear the songs of praise raised to the 1001. was then presented by Mr. Collison, throne of God and the Lamb. I desire from his friend, to the Treasurer. This

to thank God that I did not arrive a day information being totally unexpected, later than I have done, or I should have produced a very delighful effect on the lost this feast of love. I delight to meet meeting, and a vote of thanks was given the Missionary Society-I delight to meet with heartfelt gratitude to the unknown them in London; but it gives me infinite benefactor.

delight to meet them in a Methodist chapel.

I delight to see the fruits of the Spirit of The Rev. Mr. Berry next addressed the God in this country as I have seen them meeting, and said,

in that which I have left. With MethoIf the list of the Resolutions had been dist brethren I have gone arm in arm placed before me, I know not any onel in their labours of love, and I have emwould rather have selected for myself than braced them to my heart in the exercise that which I have now in my hand ; but of Christian affection. This unity is one as the time is so far advanced, and our of the fruits of the Spirit, and without highly-respected friend from America, that spirit, men are at least uncertain (Mr. Bethune) is about to address us, in their professions of allegiance to Him I shall only read the motion,

who said, “By this shall all men know • That the cordial Thanks of this Meet- that ye are my disciples, if ye love one ing be given to the Treasurer, the Secre


Mr. Bethune next adverted to the late tary, the Directors, and to all who by their gratuitous services have assisted in daring efforts of Infidelity, and rejoiced

in the noble efforts of British Christians the management of the Society's affairs during the past year.'

in resisting them ; he then referred to

the blessed effects produced by the Bible Divie Bethune, Esq., of New York, in America. What, said he, was the spoke to the following effect:

state of that country whence I came? Sir, Friends, and Brethren.-Having Who went to that country, and for the arrived here from a far distant country, first time raised the standard of the Cross and unexpectedly called upon to address in the Western world, but the puritans you, I hope I shall find you to be, as of Ergland ? They went and found it a you have been in more important con- waste howling wilderness: they landed cerns, the stranger's friend, and that you on the rocks, entered the country, thə will bear with me in the utterance of my

trees of the forest bowed before them, and heart; for though I cannot express what the Temple of God was reared, and now, I have felt this day, I would just remark

over a wide space of 10,000 square miles, that the scene must be much more im- prayers and praises to God are offered

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