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urn to the Creed, as it lies in the Com- : LITERARY NOTICES.
mon-prayer book, and judge for them-

MR. J. BOLMER is about to publish by Subscription, The Vicar of Llandovery,

or Light from the Welskman's Candle, Proceedings of the Prayer Book and

an improved ed. iu I vol. foolscap.

Mr. Humberstone's Sermons are also Homily Society,' during its 7th year : about to be published by Subscription.containing the annual Sermon, by the See cover, p. 6. Rev. D. Wilson, the Report of the Committee, Appendix,, &c. &vo. 28 6d. lished : True and False Religion, prac

In the Press, and shortly will be pube Of the annual Meeting of this Society tically considered by Rev. G. G. Scraggs, we gave an account in our No. for June 1 vol. 12mo.-The Young Convert's Apo(p. 253) with a brief outline of the Re, logy, by G. Betts.—A Memorial of the port. Mr. Wilson's discourse is founded Experience of the late Mrs. Parsons, of on 1 Tim. iii. 14-16,· These things Leeds. A small selection of Village write I unto thee,' &c. From which Mr. Hymns, by Mr. Cobbio. A new edition W. considers, I. The commendation bec of Freeman's Art of Teaching Adult stowed on the Church as the house of Persons.-A Narrative of the Persecution God,' &c. II. The Magnitude of the of Protestants in the South of France, Truth which is entrusted to the custody (with a Chart, by Rev.

Mark Wilks:of the Church.“ Without controversy, Memoirs of the late Rev. Mark Wilks, great is the mystery of godliness, &c. of Norwich, by his Daughter. Ill. “ The Inferences which may be drawn from both Topics, as to our conduct, in

SELECT LIST. dividually, in the present period of the Church. Under the first head, Mr. W.

THEOLOGIA Cbristiana Benedicti Picvery properly explains the term church, fati. New edition revised, with a portrait, in the language of bis Articles, as a con- 1 s. 6d. gregation of faithful men,' &c. which he The History of Religious Liberty, to considers as equally applicable to the the death of George 111. by. Rev. Po universal body of Christ, and to each Brook, 2 vol. evo. to Subscribers, 11. sub-division of it;' hereby judiciously

Memoirs of the Life, Writings, &c. avoiding the absurdity of so identifying of Dr. John Owen, by Rev. W. Orme, the Church of Christ and the Church of 8vo. with a portrait, 12s. England (one of these sub-divisions) as

The Outlaw of Taurus: a Poem, by to make the terms wholly, and in all T. Dale, 8vo. cases, convertible. Under the 2d head, Lectures on the Temper and Spirit of Mr. W. gives a brief exposition of Scrip. the Christian Religion, by Mat.(not Wm.) tural Theology, or the great mystery Allen, E. M. R. M. S. E. &c. Bvo. 9s. of godliness :' and under the last he has The Insufficiency of Reason, and Nethe following remarks : "1. The sincere cessity of Revelation, by An. Horn, 12mo. Christian will form a just estimate of the Sketches of Sermons, vol. 1. 12mo. 4s. design of the Christian Church. 2. The A Defence of Baptism, as a term of text furnishes the test of a true Church.' Communion, by Jos. Kinghorn, 8vo. 6s. 3. " Where the foundations are firmly Evidence of the Divine Origin of Chris laid, the circumstantials of Religion will tianity, from the reception it met with: allow of a considerable latitude. 4. It an Essay, 8vo. 4s. will follow that the innumcrable defects A Sermon occasioned by the Execution arising from the infirmities of our com

of R. lis, by Rev. W. Farmer, ls. mon nature, are not to be charged on

Funeral Sermon for Mr. and Mrs. the constitution and ordinances of any Jocelyne, of Harlow, by T. Finch, 8vo. particular church, or alleged as a cause

Is. 6d. of separation from it.' From this last Brief Memorials of Ministers at Har proposition we apprehend many of our low, by ditto, 8vo. 2s. readers will be Dissenters; and, with de- Remarks on the 87 Questions proposed ference to Mr. W., we apprehend it is by Bishop Marsh; by Rev. Jos. Wilson, very possible to dissent from a church M. A. 8vo. containing 'innumerable defects' with- Episcopal Innovation : in 87 Questions out incurring the charge of schism, or of the Bishop of Peterboro', 12mo. 2s.6ch

disturbing the church from which he Scripture and Antiquity united in the peaceably withdraws. We are not dis- . Christian Testimony against the Publicaposed, however, to withhold from Mr. tions of Mr. Belsham and Dr. Carpenter. W. the praise of christian candour and By the Bishop of St. David's. considerable liberality-and certainly not Occasional Poems, by J. Bulmer, Is. to dispute his claim to the character of

The Christian's Annual Pocket Jouran able, pious, and enlightened preacher. ual for 1821. 25, 3d. bd.



cient Jewish Christian Church, as does

also their present language, being very PERSIAN CHRISTIANS.

like the Hebrew. They have no conTwo persons professing to be Chris

nexion whatever with either Greek or tians, and natives of Persia, bave been

Roman Churches. dately travelling in India to collect cha- They hold the doctrine of the Trinity ritable contributions. The Rev. Messrs.

in Unity; and declare Jesus Christ to be Kolholf and Sperschneider, the mission

the way, the truth, and the lite;' and aries at Tanjore, from the Society for

that through him alone they are delivered promoting Christian Knowledge, were so

from the wrath to come, and are made well satisfied, after examination of the

heirs of eternal life. They acknowledge truth of their representations, that they only the two Sacraments, but both in gave them a testimonial to'that effect. the full sense and import of the ProtesLucas John is about 40 years of age ;

tant Church. and states, that by the blessing and grace

They have at Chosrabad a large Church, of God, he has for the last 10 years ata

nearly of the size and appearance of the tended to the concerns of his soul. Jó.

Scotch Kirk at Madras, which is a fine seph John, about 23 years old, has,

building. Through fear of the Mohamsince the age of 15, known the things medans, who insult and oppress them, belonging to his peace. Their native

they assemble for divine worship between town is Chosrabad, in the province of

the hours of five and seven on Sunday Hedesbegan, in Mesopotamia. It con

mornings; and in the evenings between tains about 700 inhabitants, who are

six and eight. There are also daily serall of the same community.

vices at the same hours. The women They are the offspring of ancient Jew. and men sit on opposite sides of the ash Christians, and are now suffering

Church. greatly under the government of Persia.

Within the last ten years a School has Formerly, when under a Turkish Pasha, been established, in which the average they enjoyed in some degree public jus- attendance of boys is about thirty. There tice and peace; but since they have been, is also a separate School for girls, consubjected to the power of Abbas Mirza, sisting of very few in number. In these a son of the King of Persia, who resides

Schools are taught the four Gospels, the at Tebriz, these poor Christians have Psalms, and other books. been treated in a most intulerant and

These two men seem honest and simcruel manner; and have had to pay ple, and well acquainted with the truths heavy taxes beyond their ability. Two of Christianity, though quite deficient in sons of Lucas John have been seized (as reading and writing. On being asked hostages), and threatened to be made occasionally what success they had met mussulmans; but Mr. Armstrong, resi. with, they invariably reply, in the most ding at Tebriz, has become security for artless and unaffected manner-God the payment of 1000 rupees; 500 of has given us so much more'-mentioning PROVINCIAL.

the amount. which are already collected, the rest are still wanting. Since their acquaintance with Mr. Armstrong, they seem to have suffered less from their Mohammedan It is calculated that there are at preoppressors. They collected about 700 sent in France 2849 curates, 22,244 rupees at Bombay, Çochin, Tanjore, temporary curates, 5301 vicars, 1462 reand the intermediate places, and about gular priests, 873 almoners of colleges and as much more at Madras : but the rupee hospitals. The number of priests regularly of India is of much less value than that officiating, including those who do not af Persia.

receive pay from the treasury, amounts to The number of these Christians amount 36,185.-1361 French priests died in the 40 about 10,000. They have an arch-' year 1819; and in the same year there were bishop and 3 bishops. The former re- 1401 ordinations. There are 106 female sides at Mosul; one of the bishops at congregations, possessing altogether 1721 Chosrabad ; another at Meredeen, and establishments, which contain 11,752 the third at Diarbekir. By the Moham. sisters. It is estimated that these chamedans they are called Nazarenes, and ritable women constantly administer reSyrians hy the Arabs; but among them- lief to nearly 69,000 sick persons, and selves, Ebrians, or Beni Israel, which grat sitously instrict 63,000 poor chilo pame denotes their relation to the au



students should not be diminished, and

the resolution passed a second time, ACADEMY AT IDLE.

with a full determination to carry it into On Tues. June 2011, the ministers

effect. 10. whom the office of examining the

To fill up the vacancies occasioned by students had beeu entrusted, met at the the settlement of 3 of the students, the Academy House. Many passages from Committee admitted, on probation, three the Roman and Greek Historians, Ora- young men who had made application to tors, and Poets, were read and translated them, and it is a pleasing consideration by the different classes ; and on their that they have passed the first stages of examination, the progress they had made education, and have made so much was ascertained to the complete satis. progress that they can join the classes faction of the examiners. Next day, previously formed : indeed in every point the friends and supporters of the insti- of view, excepting the finances, the tution assembled in considerable num Academy never was in such flourishing bers. After Me. Jackson, of Greenham circumstances as at present. merton, had prayed, the senior students delivered essays in the following order :

Ar the Meeting of the Association of Mr. Holroyd on the consequences of sin; the Independent ministers of Essex, held Mr, Blackburn on the Atonement; Mr.

at Dunnow, July 10th, the bill lately Aspinall on Sanctification ; Mr. Rheeder introduced into Parliament by H. Broughon Christian Contentment; Mr. C. Hol am, Esq; for securing a general educagate on the Perseverance of Saints ; and tion of the poor, became a subject of Mr. Colefax on Reason as subordinate

conversation. The ministers present to Revelation. Mr. Cockin, of Halicould not fail to consider the measure fax, then addressed the students, and in its present state, as inimical

, not only gave them appropriate admonitions and

to the rigbts of dissenters, but also to the directions calculated to prepare them progress and general diffusion of know for usefulness in the Church of God. In ledge among the poor. They therefore the evening, Mr. Parsons, of Leeds, discussed the various weighty consideclosed the day with an interesting dis rations which induced them to form such course from The harvest truly is plen an opinion of a bill, which they presumed teous,' &c.

· was never intended by its author to have circumstances. The Tutor had for many who were instructed to invite the cooperaThis Anniversary was held in critical any such operation. "But, influenced by

this feeling, they formed a Committee of7, years undertaken to furnish supplies, tion of lay gentlemen to draw up a stateon every application, for the congregations in the neighbourhood, to make

ment calculated farther to excite the provision for the West Riding Itineran- attention of the public, already drawu cies when other means were deficieut, the different Societies in London for the

to that subject, and to correspond with and to send preachers to some newly raised interests which could not possibly defence of religious liberty. afford to procure more distant aid ; to

JULY 12th, the Rev. J. White, late do all this, as the number of students stu:lent of Idle, was ordained pastor

of was inadequate, he availed himself of the Independent Church at Northowran, whatever preaching talent was within Yorkshire. Mr. Pool, of Kippio, read his reach ; but some pecuniary resources and prayed ; Mr. Cockin, of Halifax, having failed, it was evident that if the stated the nature of ordination, proposed scale of the Institution was in conse- the customary questions, and received quence narrowed, he must abandon this Mr. White's confession; Mr. Baines, of mode of proceeding. It became there- Wilsden, offered the ordination-prayer; fore a question for the consideration of Mr. Vint, of Idle, delivered the charge ; the Committee, previously to the General Mr. Scott, of Cleckheaton, preached to meeting, whether 14 students could as the people; and Mr. Pollard, of Booth, formerly be maintained? or, as the Tutor concluded the important services with was desirous of tendering his resignation, prayer ; Mr. Hamilton, of Leeds, preachwhether the Academy would probably ed in the evening. succeed better under other auspices, or JULY 20th, the Rev. H. Welsford, late if not, whether it should be suffered to student of Hoxton Academy, was ordwindle into insignificance? But at the dained to the pastoral office at TewkesGeneral Meeting, the liberal spirit of the bury, Gloucestershire

Mr. Vaugkan, of subscribers scattered the

fears and anxious Worcester, commenced the service with forebodings which had gathered around prayer and reading; Mr. Jobo Burder, the Ivstitution. It had been resolved of 'Stroud, delivered the introductory the preceding year, that the number of discourse, and proposed the usual ques.


ions ; Mr. Bishop, of Gloucester, of- menced in the neighbourhood ; and the fered up the ordination-prayer; Mr. sum of £26. 138. was collected towards Thorp, of Bristol, delivered the charge; defraying the expenses of the building, and Mr. Page, of Worcester, closed the beside £3. on the following Sabbath, morning service with prayer. In the even- when Mr.G. Atkin of Morpeth preached. ing, Mr. Edkins, of Nailsworth, com- Two years have not yet elapsed since menced with prayer; Mr. Lowel, of the surrounding ministers preached here Bristol, preached to the people; and for the first time, and such has been the Mr. Miller, of Westmanest, concluded. countenance given by Divine Providence The services were very numerously at- to their exertions, that the object has tended, and we are happy to learn that been carried 'forward with a rapidity this interest, which had nearly become exceeding the most sanguine expectations. extinct, bas, during the short labours of The expense somewhat exceeds £500. Mr. Welsford, already experienced a but it is hoped the debt will in a short great revival, and that there are now time be liquidated by the renewed exerencouraging prospects of its soon be- tions of the congregation, and an applicoming a prosperous cause.

tion to sources that have not been tried. August 1lth, a neat place of worship; in the Spring, where he collected £100,

Mr. Hoy, the minister, was in London capable of accommodating about 300 persons, was opened at Deddington, in

and takes this opportunity of ackuowOxfordshire. The Rev. Rowland Hill, ledging his obligations. of London, preached in the forenoon, from 1 Thess. i. 5; and the Rev. D. W.

Sept. 12th, Mr. J. Jones was ordained Aston, of the New Meeting, Buckingham, pastor of the small congregatioral Church in the evening, from Acts xiii. 26.

at Nebo, the remotest part in CarnarA dissenting interest had existed in vonshire. The Rev. C. Jones of Dol y this town from time immemorial, till, Gellau, commenced the service with falling into the hands of an unsound Machynllaeth, delivered an introductory

prayer, &c.; the Rev. 'D. Morgans, of minister, it gradually, sunk into decay: discourse from Titus i. 5. The Rev. W. The present chapel has been fitted up Williams of Wern asked the usual queschiefly by the zealous exertions of an individual in the town, and under the

tions; the Rev. D. Roberts of Bangor patronage of the North Bucks Inde.

offered up the ordination prayer; the pendent Association.

Rev. B. Jones of Pwllheli delivered the

charge from 2 Tim. 2. 15; and the Rev. Aug. 20th, the Independent Chapel at J. Roberts of Llanbrynmair addressed Cane Abbas, Dorset, was re-opened after the Church and congregation, from Rom. a considerable enlargement. Rev. Jas. xv. 30, aud concluded with prayer. The Troubridge, (the minister) began the services in the afternoon and evening service with a solemn dedicatory prayer; were conducted by the Rev. Messrs. D. Mr. Prankard, of Sheerness, preached Griffiths of Tal y sarn, J. Davies of Lanfrom Is. liv. 2 ; Mr. Small, of Axminster, vair in Powys, J. Ridge of Pen y grøes, in the afternoon, from Col. i. 6; and and W. Jones of Carnarvon. Dr. Cracknell, of Weymouth, in the evening, from Ps. Ixxxiv. 16. Mr. Deve- Sept. 14th, The Rev. John Griffin, jun. nish, of Sydling, engaged in the devo- late student at Hoxtou. Academy, was tional services. The congregations were ordained over the church and congregalarge and attentive. The friends of this tion at Castle-street meeting, Exeter. cause have enlarged the place at their Mr. Bounsall, of St. Mary, Ottery, comown expense, and the prospects of fu- menced the service with prayer and readture usefulness are very encouraging ing. Mr. W. Rooker, of Tavistock, de. under their present minister.

livered the introductory discourse, and Aug. 29th, at Felton, Northumber- proposed the usual questions. Mr. Small, land, a neat and commodious chapel, of 'Axminster, offered the ordination capable of seating about 400 people, (notice prayer, accompanied with imposition of ed in our No. for Oct. 1819) was opened hands. Mr. Griffin, of Portsea, (father for divine worship, when three sermous of the minister,) delivered an impressive were preachel, by the Rev. H. Murray, charge, from 2 Timothy ii. 1, Thou, of Gateshead, and the Rev. W. H.Stowell, therefore, my son, be strong,' &c. Dr. of North Shields. Messrs. Rate of Bogue, of Gosport, delivered an instrucAlnwick, HunterofWiddrington, Hutche. tive sermon, to the church and congregason of Warenford, and Atkin of Morpeth, tion, from Heb. xiii. 17. Obey them engaged in the devotional exercises. that have the rule over you,' &c. Mr.

The attendance was very respectable Ward, of Sidmouth, concluded with for the season, the harvest being com- prayer. Iu the evening, Mr. Bristow, of



Wilton, preached from 1 Cor. ii. 8. and prayer meeting was held; and at 10 in the devotional services were conducted the forenoon, the ministers and deby Mr. Kelly, of Ashburton, and Mr. legates from the several churches, beld Davison, of Chudleigh. A sermon was their usual meeting for business. In the preached the preceding evening by evening, Mr. Ashton, of Stockport

, Mr. Bidlake, of Teignmouth.

preached, from Rom. i. 14; and after the On the 21st of Sept. was ordained, at from the pulpit a statement of its nature

sermon, the secretary to the Union gave Malden, the Rev. R. Burls, (late of Wy- and objects, and related to the congremondley academy.) Mr Saville, of Col- gation several pleasing instances of its chester, delivered the introductory disMr. Newton, of Witham, of- services was very respectable, and the ui

Attendance upon the several fered the ordination prayer, Mr. Chap- must harmony and christian affection prelin, of Bishop Stortford, delivered the

vailed. charge, from 2 Tim. iv. 5. Make full proof of thy ministry. And Mr. Craig, of Oct. 5th, the Independent Chapel

, Bocking, addressed the people, from Grove-street, Boston, was re-opened, asJer. iii. 15. Messrs. Morrell, Frost, and ter the erection of galleries. Three serJennings, engaged in prayers. Mr. Berry, mons were preached ; in the morning, by of Hatfield-heath, preached in the even- Mr. Arrow, of Lyon, from John xii. 21; ing; and Mr. Crathern, of Dedham, in the afternoon, by Mr. Wright

, of the evening preceding. The perfect Stamford, from Eph. i. 8, 9; in the evenunanimity and prosperous state of this ing, by Mr. Scott, of Rowell, from Pške congregation, render the present settle- cxxii. 7. The devotional parts of the seiment highly promising and gratifying vices were conducted by Mr. Jeula, of both to the minister and people in this Spalding, and Mr. Haynes, minister of important station.

the place.

Very liberal' collections

were made, by which, together with the Sept. 28. was laid the foundation of a Dew chapel at Louth in Lincolnshire, largement will, it is hoped, be defrayed


subscriptions, the expense of the enby Mr. Soper, who delivered an address without any addition to the original on the occasion to a numerous auditory. debt. The chapel will now seat 1000

The gospel (we are informed) was first persons, and a sunday school is attached introduced into this town by Mr. Haynes, to it for 160 children. of Boston, in June last, when a temporary place of worship was obtained. In

Oswestry Races-During the late July, Mr. Soper, from Hoxton academy, horse-races at Oswestry, the friends of commenced his labours here, and the morality and religion" enjoyed public -congregation has so increased as

to religious services, in order to bear an render necessary a new place, which will honourable testimony against such u the 60 feet by 40, and is calculated to seat christian practices, and to counteract

, in

some measure, their unhappy and bareOn Sept. 19th, Mr. C. Lowndes, (brother united; sermons were preached at each

fulinfluence. The several congregations to the missionary to Zante) was ordained other's chapel, by the several ministers over the Independent church at Parting of the town ; Mr. W. Davies, (Methodist

) ton, Cheshire. Mr. Silvester, of Sand- at the Old chapel, from Psa. i. 1.3. bach, introduced the service by prayer Mr. T. Cooke, (Baptist) at the Metro delivered tňe introductory discourse, and Whitridge, Jun. (Indep.) at the Baptista

" proposed the questions. Mr. Adamson, chapel, from Jer. 1. 2. of Patricroft, offered the ordination prayer. Mr. Turner, of Knutsford, (Mr. L's pastor,) gave the charge, from 2 Tim. ii. 3. 'Endure hardiness ;' and Mr. Wil

SAILORS. son, of Northwich, preached to the people, from Deut. x. 38. •Encourage him.'

EBINBURGH AND LEITH SEAMAN'S FRIEND On Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 27th and 28th, the Half-yearly Meeting We have much pleasure in announof the Cheshire Union, for the spread of cing that this Society, which was insti. the Gospel in that county, was held tuted a few months ago exclusively for at Queen-street chapel, Chester. Mr. the benefit of the Seamen at Leitb, bas Robinson, of Middlewich, preached on already been able to carry into effect an the Wednesday evening, from Jam.iv. 3. important part of its proposed plans. At seven in the morning of Thursday, a

Ou Sabbath, the 13th of September, set

600 persons.


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