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By Letters from Mr. Philip, of later Donovan,' said he, not to go; yet they dates, viz. July 29th, and August 9th, we went, and have never since been heard are informed that Mr. Campbell has of.' He added, “You are going to the returned in safety to Lattakoo, after an Marootzees ; you will pass near him; absence of two months employed in a he will send for you, but do not go.? journey of discovery, North East of that I design to set out on Monday next to city; and that he was expected shortly visit a people who live about 250 miles on the borders of the Colony, in his re- higher mp, towards the North-East.turn to Bethelsdorp, and from thence to From every thing I hear, it seems to me . Cape Town.

likely to be an important missionary sta. Mr. Campbell, in a letter to Mr. Philip, tion. From thence come all the iron and dated Lattakoo, April 8th, 1820, says, copper used here. The king of Mashow, “They have been very industrious here in who lives on this side of them, was here cultivating fields and gardens, without when I arrived. I design to visit his which they could not have existed. They place also. I am still more confirmed in have led out water from the Krooman my opinion that Lattakoo is only the river, for three miles ; which is a great commencement of peopled Africa. work in so warm a climate. They have

The other night the Bushmen stole also built comfortable houses on the 19 cattle belonging to the missiou, llof South side of the town, behind which are which belonged to the Interpreter; this their gardens.

will be a most serious loss to him. We Sumae favourable changes have taken have heard that another party of Bushplace among the Matchappees, the in- men robbed the Griquas about the same habitants of Lattakoo, &c. Expeditions time, taking the advantage, probably

, for the purpose of stealing cattle are of the absence of many of them at Beauabandoned; scarcely any are now put to fort Fair. A good parcel of small black death, because they now know more of the and white beads would enable the lutervalue of human life. Pumpkins, melons, preter to purchase some cattle justead beans,' &c. have been introduced, be- of those be has lost. Beads are the only causé among themselves they have some

sort of money that passes here, and only thing resembling them ; but, though fond black and white ones (about one-eighth of potatoes, they cannot be prevailed of an inch in diameter) are valuable upon to plant any, because they fear it except large dark blue ones. I have would occasion some alteration in their many necklaces, given by my friends at old system, of which they are as tena- 'Kingsland, but they are not acceptable

. cious as the Hindoos themselves.

If Messrs.

were to send a large As yet they cannot comprehend read- quantity of such as I have described to ing and writing. Only about six persons Beaufort 12 months, it would be attend the school, and these can only

a good speculation,' &c. &c. join two letters together. Could one ouly be taught to read, it would lead friends need be under no apprehension

Mr. Philip says — Mr. Campbell's others to conceive of its meaning. I for his safety, Travelling iu the interior expect little improvement until some of South Africa is now, through the inperson, well instructed in the Lancas- fluence of our missionaries, nearly as terian plan, shall come to teach them. safe as in England. If Africa be explored The want of their language is a great it must be by the progresss of puissions obstacle ; as yet the missionaries are The mission to Lattakoo has already obliged to speak to them by interpreters, opened the way some hundreds of miles and it is a thousand to one if they have beyond that place; and if that mission ability to place the truth before the be strengthened, apil another mission be natives in a proper manner. But I think established among the Marootzees, we Mr. Moffat will be able to acquire the lan- shall have a field laid open to us from guage in a few months.

the Cape to De Lagoa Bay.' They think themselves safe from the attacks of the neighbouring tribes, in consequence of white men living among

INDIA them. In a public conversation with the king, I perceived that he took considerable merit to himself for having, at the

SURAT. request of the missionaries, relinquished Not having received any intelligence the practice of cattle-stealing. He ex- from this station for a considerable time, pressed his hope that, as he bad taken we feel much pleasure in now being our advice, I would take his, and not visit enabled to present our readers with the Makkabba, king of the Wanketzens, a- following account of the successful prigainst whom he seems to entertain a morceedings of our missionaries, the Rev. tal antipathy. “I advised Dr. Cowan and Messrs. Fyvie and Skinner.

Extract of a Letter from Mr. William perusal of them very useful; and trust Fyvie, to the Rev. Dr. Bogue, dated they will be extensively so, in the proSurat, March 20th, 1820.

motion of personal religion, and in rousAFTER mentioning the difficulties sur

ing all who may read them to more ac. mounted in obtaining a printing-press, tive exertions to hasten forward the deMr. F. says, "Before our beginning to

lightful period. print the New Testament, (in the Guze

I now feel at home in speaking to rat language) and for the purpose of this people ; and, notwithstanding their bringing our press and types into proper

wretched condition, am happy in the order, we judged it proper to print several employment, and would not exchange small tracts, of eight pages each. Mr.

my situation for that of the greatest Skinner has prepared four of this kind monarch. We have much cause to bless selections from the Scriptures. I have

God for the gracious countenance he prepared a small catechism, prayers, &c.

has given us in preaching the Gospel to and a tract entitled “The way of Salva

our countrymen. The change of couduct tion. These were greatly needed. 0

and views in several persons who atthat the reading of them may be accom

tend, are sufficient encouragement. Our panied with the Divine blessing !

friends who attend the English worship, • We have received, from the Calcutta in addition to defraying the rent of the Bible Society, sufficient paper for print- place, &c. have been able to render us ing one thousand copies of the New Tes

some little assistance in other things, tament. We hope also to receive some

and we are anxious for this, that the exassistance from the Bombay Bible So- penses of the mission may be lessened to ciety, towards the printing of it. We the Society.

Your's most respectfully, expect to begin one of the Gospels in a few days. I trust we feel that, in con

WILLIAM FYVIE. ductiog a work so important to the in- have been enabled to begin the printing

P. S. Since I began this Letter, we terests of Christianity in this land, much wisdom, and a constant supply of of the Gospel of Mark; the second

sheet is now in the press.' the grace of the Holy Spirit, are necessary, and I doubt not, that the numerous friends of missions in Britain will


persevere in earnest prayer, that the blessing Extract of a Letter from Mr. Pearson, of God may succeed our labours.

to the Directors ; dated Chinsurah, 31st ' In translating, my attention has been of December, 1819. directed principally to the Old Testa- HONOURED FATHERS,

I have gone over the Books of The date of my former Letter, (last Moses twice, and the Historical Books April) reminds me that I must not longer

These, with the Acts of the delay to send you tidings of what I am Apostles, which I have translated, and about; you will, I am persuaded, pardon am now going over the fourth time, in the infrequency of my communications, order to its being printed, will be, I as you receive 'statedly those of my think, nearly half of the Sacred Scrip- brettiren in Calcutta. Weighing present tures. Mr. Skinner takes the other circumstances, it will not, I conceive, be. half.


accounted matter of surprise or disap• I have prepared a selection of the pointment, not to receive details of the pårables of the New Testament, with an conversion of the Heathen. The partiexplanation attached to each, which I find cular sphere to which I was destined useful to read when I am out among the seems hitherto almost to have excluded patives-am also preparing a course of me from any direct attempt for this short sermons ou the principal doctrines grand end of Missionary labour. I feel and precepts of Christianity, for the in-happy in having, to the best of my struction of the Heathen; these may be ability, fully obeyed the letter of my prioted at some future time. In giv- instructions have bent my time, my ing them instruction, the greatest plain- strength, and ingenuity, to the advanceness of speech is absolutely neces- ment of the Schools. To save time, i sary, in order to their understanding the re-copy a short Report, made to the truths delivered ; for they are brethren in Calcutta, by which you will children in the knowledge of every thing perceive the outline of wbat has been of real importance; it may really be done during the past year. said of them, that they know nothing but No. of Schools, 25.- Children, 2400. wickedness—but great is the truth, and It may perbaps appear a matter of * it must prevail,' The Directors have regret, that the statement I now send, is lately sent us a copy of your "Sermons below that of the former year; we conon the Millennium.” We have found the ceive, however, that this deficiency is



to say.


fully compensated by a superior state of of going out daily, and, in the marketdiscipline, and of progress in learning. place, or beneath the shade of a tree, of It is pleasing to think that our labours reading and speaking to the people, who for this end have appeared satisfactory at least were willing to hear, and geneto Government, by whose liberality the rally with much attention, what we had schools are supported. Our efforts, in the first instance, were directed to the I enclose specimens of tables, schoolintroduction of an appropriate system, books, &c. &c. Our schools have been together with the simplification and visited and approved by several ; they arrangement of elementary matter. Of are also regarded as models; neverthethe necessity of the former, little need less, we admit the absence of the chief be urged; its existence will ever give to beauty-direct Christian instruction. Let a school of children the like advantage be thankful for advances already in the handling of letters, that it does to made; who knows but that in a few a regiment of soldiers over a confused years, each may become a Christian rabble in the use of arms.

seminary? Of the importance of schools Purposing to take, for our model, that as a branch of missionary labour, my of the National Society in England, I views are not in the least altered: howmade an abridged translation of Dr. ever, it seems I am not to spend all Bell's 'Instructions, of which an edition my time in them, (which indeed is no has been printed by the Calcutta School- longer necessary,) but rather to, busy book Society; and the system itself, as ac- myself in making known Cbrist unto the commodated to Bengal, is now in use in Heathen. the schools. We have at least demonstra- It is really delightful to dive into the ted that it is capable of being acted upon language, and to have it in one's poker here, in a manner nearly, if not fully, even in a feeble way, to diffuse the light approaching to that in which we see at of the glorious Gospel amidst such.dehome. I have heard it spoken of by the plorable darkness. The eyes of people natives as wonderful, to see a boy in at home seem now to be opened, asto tears at losing his place in his class. As the moral degradation of the Hindoos. practised in the Ghaut Schools, it has been Their ingratitude, cruel hard-heartedadopted by gentlemen engaged in the vess, and deep duplicity, afford many a work of native education, and also by trial to the bosom that beats only to do the Calcutta School Society.

them good. , Sometimes, however, a Sinilar to those of the National So.

smile will forcibly efface the whole.--ciety, have been composed in Bengalee Whilst Capt. J.was here, one of his native a set of Elementary Tables; a first and servants was seized with the Cholera Mor- second edition of which have been printed bus. We administered medicine, and by the School-bouk Society, to which having set to work by applying hot we are indebted for the gratuitous sup- bandages, and rubbing well bis

hands ply of various school books, both of Cal- and feet, through the blessing of Gol, cutta and of Serampore.

his life was saved. For doing which, the In addition has been printed, after the next day, lest he should be in danger of model of the National Society's school losing caste, he .demanded so mawy TU. book No. 1, the History of Joseph ; also pees. On the other hand, though lying a book of Arithmetic, by Mr. Harle, con- under so benign a Government, ebey taining 120 pages. We have lately com- doubtless frequently experience much pleted, for the use of schools, a book evil, and but too frequently have precontaining correspondence, commercial sented to their view that great stumbling and familiar, various forms of bonds, block-the inconsistent lives of Chrisdeeds, &c. which I have reason to think tians. One who came to me the other will be useful and attractive. Whilst day, and could speak tolerable English, these preliminary ineans for the enlight. was continually adding an oath; I asked ening of our fellow-subjects have happily him why he did so, pointing out the been afforded, it need not be said that guilt. His answer was, he kuew 310 the eye of benevolence has been opened harm, having heard the

words constantly only to behold the waste that every where used by gentlemen, but promised neret surrounds us. Using, therefore, our best to make use of them again. exertions for the prosperity of this Jasti- I have lately completed, in the native tution, we are at the same time inces- language, an English grammar. It is santly employed in acquiring, through weli spoken of by those who have seen conversation and study, a thorough and it, and is likely to be in great demand idiomatic knowledge of the native lan- by the natives, for whose use it is inguage. In the beginning of the year, tended. It will be followed by a copious Mr. Harle and myself, with our Testa- Vocabulary on ments under our arms, were in the habit

the plau of Duhet's • Nature displayed.'

The Preface to

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this work, ought, I conceive, to be fear, hurried first into the water, and read by every one engaged in learning then into the fire, tied down and burnt or in teaching languages. By these to ashes on the fuperal pile of their means, the English language might ac- husbands. Eight hundred within the company the extension of the English province of Fort-William in 12 months ! Government, and be rendered universal I' turned to the Brahmin sitting by me, in the same short time, throughout the and asked him, When will this be at an millions that people the banks of the end ? He answered, When the Company Ganges, the Candians, Hottentots, Ne- order it. groes, &c. &c. As an humble attempt to To this day, with little exception, I put in execution a part of this suggestion, enjoy the best health, although experithe above works have been undertaken. encing sone diminution of strength from The School-book Society have ordered to the effect of the climate. At present, it be printed 1000 copies of the Grammar. is so cold, that, when at home, I am

I will not swell my letters by mention- glad to creep to the warmest corner of ing the interesting particulars of the the house, and could fetch ice from the missionary conference held at Calcutta ice-field on the north side of the town. the beginning of this month, which, I continue to receive every kindness doubtless, you will receive from thence, from the Governor and people of the along with the account of the Anniver- place. We have service twice, in sary of the Bengal Auxiliary Missionary English, in the Settlement Church, on Society:

Suvday; monthly missionary prayerOur brethren are indefatigable in de- nieeting, and weekly prayer-meeting, at vising and pursuing every possible means my own house. of fulfilling their errand : all of us, I trust, are striving who shall be the

MADRAS. greatest scholar, greatest in the eyes of Extract of a Letter from Mr. Traveller ; his Master, and least in his own esteem.

dated 25th May, 1820. The wide distance that subsists be

QUR new chapel is completely finished, tween us and the people to whom we

and was opened December 26th, 1819. are sent, while it forms a barrier to our usefulness in itself, if not steadily watch and eligibly situated ; it is also respect

The builling is handsome, conimodious, ed against, will produce a pernicious effect ably attended, especially in the evenupon the frame of our spirits. Pride and

ings. anger are our enemies--not stripes and

On the occasion of its opening, a more imprisonments, but soft speeches, and than ordinary interest was excited among fattery in all its forms. The fable of different classes, which was evinced by the Sun, the Wind, and the Traveller, the attendance of a crowded audience may instruct us which of these is easiest long before the commencement of the to be borne. Were I to give advice, I service, which was divided between the would say, If possible, send none but

brethren, Loveless, Hands, Rhenius, such as, knowing their own hearts, know Lynch, Nicholson, and myself

. Mr. the world, and know well how to con

Nicholson preached on 1 Kings ix, 2.duct themselves in society. It seems

* And the Lord said unto him, I have alike nécessary, whether on account of heard thy prayer and thy supplication Heathens or Christians. Men of capa- that thou hast made before me: I have city, (for a missionary, whether preacher hallowed this house which thou hast for teacher, be he what he may, if not a master of the language, had much better and mine eyes and my heart shall be

built to put my name there for ever; have staid at home;) men of generous there perpetually!

The sennon and comprehensive minds, and that in

appropriate and judicious, and calcuevery thing; can bear and forbear. O that I were what I ought to be-lated to produce the most useful


pressions. The collection after the seractive, full of energy, and full of hu- vice amounted to more than £€0. mility ; under a sense of my nothingness,

The schools go on well. We have and of the mercy which hath hitherto lately introduced Dr. Watts's First Catefollowed me. It is a hard matter really chism, and hope, in a short time, to to feel, and sympatbise, and love, and introduce it into all our schools, as likely, be in earnest as we ought; and yet who; by the Divine blessing, to communicate except they be stones, but must feel the best principles, and to make the A few weeks ago, a gentleman informed children wise to salvation, me he saw two females immolated, on “his way from Calcutta. Another who just now left me, says, yesterday evening On Wednesday and Thursday last, he saw two others, at a short distance May 17th and 18th, we celebrated our from the same spot, half dead through Annual Missionary Meeting, having XVIII.




been obliged to defer it for a time, on Warwick, Stafford, and Worcester, was account of an awful visitation by a storm." held in Birmingham on Tuesday, Wed The first service was performed in the nesday, and Thursday, the 12th, 13th, Black-Town chapel, on Wednesday ; aud i4th of September. On Tuesday when Mr. Hands delivered an interesting evening the Rev. R. M'All of Macclesdiscourse on "The knowledge of the field, preached at King-street Chapel. Lord shall cover the earth,' &c. After Ou Wednesday morning, after a meeting sermon, the business of the meeting was for prayer, which was held before breaktransacted. The Report was read, and fast in Ebenezer chapel, the Society met in sume animated speeches were delivered, the same place to receive the report, and by tlre Rev. Messrs. Nicholson, Baren- transact the usual business." Charles brook, Lynch, and others, who took an Forster, Esq., of Walsal, in the Chair

. equal interest in the concerns of the Re- This meeting was to have been held in deemer's kingrlom.

Carr's Lane New Chapel, but the workOn Thursday, we held our Meeting at men having been introduced after the the New Persewankum Chapel, when opening of it, to complete the building, Mr. Nicholson preached an excellent it was not convenient to assemble there. sermon on Ps. Ixxii.--' He shall have Mr. Leifchild of Kensington preached at dominion from sea to sea,' &c. The Ebenezer Chapel in the evening; and ot Report was again read, and the object of Thursday evening, the Rev. H. F. Burder the meeting lucidly stated by several preached at Livery-street Meeting-House. friends who addressed the Chair. The The meeting for business was rendered collections this year have increased, additionally interesting by the presence though not considerably.

of the kev. Richard Watson, one of the We entreat a continued interest in Secretaries of the Wesleyan Missionary your addresses to the Throne of Grace, Society, who delivered a inost admirable that our work may be crowned with suc- speech, replete with Christian piéty, cess, and that we may be faithful labour- true eloquence, and a catholic spirit

. ers in the Lord's vineyard

C. T. The collections at the doors amount

ing to two hundred and fifty pounds, alCHINA.

though not quite so large as they were PERSECUTION still prevails in this last year, will appear far from ivconsi„country. By a letter from a gentleman derable, when the state of the manufac. at Canton, dated April 2, 1820, we have turing districts is remembered. the following information :

The following Resolutions, amongst Last evening brought me the intelli- several others, were carried with great gence ot a French Missionary having

cordiality, been strangled by order of the Chinese Resolved, That this meeting, professing Government, in the Province of Hoo-poh.

its subjection to the authority of Christ

, And L'Auriot, the French Missionary, and knowing it to be one of his comwho had been 27 years at Peking, is ex- mands to his disciples to preach the Gospelled from the country. He arrived at pel to every creature, publicly recomises Canton yesterday.'

its duty to support the cause of Chris,

tian missions as long as one individual MALACCA.

of the human race shall remaiu destitiite A LETTER has been received from Mr.

of the advantages of Divine Revelation. G. H. Huttmann, stating his safe arrival Resolved, That this meeting renews at Batavia, on his way to Malacca, to the Parent Institution its expressions to which station he is going, as super- of veneration and attachinent, togetlier intendant of the press, instead of Mr. with assurances of its prayerful and libeMedhurst, who will devote nimself more ral support. impediately to the duties of a Missionary. Resolved, That this meeting, deeply

sensible of the distinguished' honour of DOMESTIC.

being permitted to contribute in any WARWICK, STAFFORD, AND WORCESTER.

measure to the spread of the Gospel in The Sixth Anniversary of the Auxiliary

the world, and ardently grateful to AlMissionary Society for the Counties of mighty God for the success with which

he has been pleased to crown the efforis Hundreds of houses were levelled of the London Missionary Society, espewith the ground, and the wretched in- cially in the Islands of the Pacific Oceas, habitants involved in ruin. The lives finds in these circumstances fresh obiilost within the precincts of Madras, are gations and incentives to renewed esercomputed at a thousand ; and I have tions. been informed, that where the storm was Resolved, That as the great object of felt up the country, the loss both of the London Missionary Society is the property and of lives is incalculable. diffusion of the knowledge of Christ, and

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