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Chesbire Auxiliary Miss. Society,

Ashton. Ditto; My, Little .................... 1 16 Mr. Williamson, Treasurer.

Coalbrook.-Ditto; Mrs. Monse Collections at the Annual Meeting.


2 12 4 Chester-Baptist Chapel..... 3 11 7



0 2 11 Welch Calvinistic Methodist

2 153 Chapel

4 10 0

Clotton.-Ditto; Mrs. Done..... Common Hall-street Chapel.. 6 16 0

Tarvin.-Ditto, Miss Martin.. 211 Boughton Chapel

10 15 2

Ditto.-Ditto; Mrs. Edwards 0 130 Octagon... 19 0 0

2 141 Queen-street Chapel

66 16 5

Northwich.-Ditto; Rev. I. Wilson

111 9 2 Chester.- Ditto; Mr. E. Jerrard 1 10 11 Ladies' Penny-a-week Association,

Ditto.—Ditto ; Mr. R. Williams Queen-street Chapel, 2 qrs. 12 7 3

and Wm.Jones,

1 120 Young Men's Ditto, ditto 1 17 9 Sunday School Children, ditto.. 1 7 2}

Picton.—Ditto ; Mrs. Palin

04+ 15 12 23 Boughton Chapel Sunday School

011 Young Men's Association. Welch Chapel,

Handbridge Ditto

1 60 Profits from Sale of an article devoted to Ladies' Penny-a-weck Association.-0c

the Miss. Society; by a Grocer tagon Ditto ditto

3 18 7 Tarvin. Produce of a Cucumber bed Young Ladies at Miss Dodd's School.... 2 16 0

Northop.-Ditto. of two Cherry Trees; Boughton.-Ditto at Miss Jenks' Ditto.... 0 17 6 by Mr. John Williams. Tarvin Sands.Ditto at Mrs. Williams' Do. 1 5 0 A. B. W. a Penny per Week Subscription

180 84 from her birth

0 5 0 Chester.-Missionary Box; hy Mrs.

York.-Sheffield and Attercliffe Mis-
0 6 0

sionary Union, (a part of the West Ditto ; Mrs. Barnes

06 4

Riding Auxiliary Society) Mr. Ditto; Mrs. Mason

0 9 64

Geo. Bennet, Treasurer. Ditto; Mrs. Lewis.....

0 11 9

Collection after a Sermon by
Mr. Price
0 17 3
Rev. Richard Knill..

.,12 00 Ditto ; Mr. W. Mannering.. 0 17 2

Garden-street Female Mission-
3 8 03
ary Society

5 18 10 Farndon.-Ditto; by Mr. Naylor 08 6 Queen-street Ditto.

12 1 2 Sandbach.-Ditto; Rev.W. Silvester. 5 0 0 Delamere.--Ditto; Mr. Prescot 011 10

Dorset.Stalbridge.-Collection 3 12 9 Penny-a-week Association; Ditto 3 0 10

Temple Coombe, Ditto....

2 100 3 12 8 Minshull.-Ditto; by Mr. & Mrs. Jackson 5 3 6 Hamilton Bible and Missionary Society, by Knutsford.—Ditto ; Rev. Jas. Turner 7 10 0 Mr. James Mather; by Rev. Dr. Nicol. 400

Donations in Aid of the Anglo Chinese College at Malacca.
George Wolfe, Esq..

100 00
Mrs. A. M. Neale

10 100


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. Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice .'-PSALM xxxii. 11.' 'Tis a joyful day we live in,

Thcy to whom this grace is granted God is doing wondrous things ;

Should be strong, should valiant prove ; See the fue before Him driven,

lu the face of foes, undaunted,
Hark! the ransom'd eaptive sings, Full of zeal and full of love:
Sings with gladness,

God is with them,
.Glory to the King of kings.'

God, who reigns supreine above.

Favour'd spot! the spot we live in, Though a hostile world orpose it,
Mercies in our lot abound;

God's own cause must yet prevail;
Chiefly that to us 'tis given

True this is, and he who knows it
To convey the joyful sound ;'

May persist when others fail;
To convey it

May be valiant
To the nations all around.

When the rest thro' fear grow pale. . God is with us ;' this may cheer us

In the darkest day that is;
«God is with us,' and will hear us,
For, the cause we plead is his :

"God is with us,
All we need is found in this.

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their proper station in the scale of ON WHAT CHRISTIANITY HAS society, and laying them under the

DONE FOR WOMEN. greatest obligations to use their utAbridged from Vol. 2 of the Rev. F. most influence for its general difA. Cox's Female Scripture Biography.

fusion. For our recommendation of which very valuable Work,' see our Review Depart

1. View the Pagan nations of ment, vol. 26, p. 250.)

antiquity. An original disparity between the The Egyptians held their women sexes either did not perhaps at all in the greatest servitude. Having exist, or was only constitutional. absurdly determined it indecent for "The authority which revelation has women to go abroad without shoes, conceded to the man, seems the re- they added injury to insult by desult of the Fall. Ahelp-meet for priving them of the means of wearhim,' appears rather to refer to suit- ing them, inhumanly threatening ability than subserviency, and to with death any one who should indicate the companion rather than make shoes for a woman. Lest it the servant, and much less the slave should add any attraction to the feof man. The fitness of one being male character, music was also forto promote the happiness of another, bidden their women. depends on its adaptation, not on Among the Celtic nations the its subjection, as in the case of nobles were allowed a plurality of friends. Subjection to her husband wives. The labours of the field, as is part of the sentence pronounced well as domestic toil, devolved on

on the woman for having been first their women. Their great Odin in the transgression.

excluded from his paradise all who But in whatever respects the sexes did not by some violent death follow were originally, equal or unequal, their deceased husbands. In time sin has done much to depress the they sunk so low, that, by an old feebler. Prompted by it, power Saxon law, he that hurt or killed a will assume authority over weak- woman was to pay only half the

Resistance is the natural fine exacted for injuring or killing result. This again generates dis- a man. Sometimes they rushed like, which advances a step farther into the opposite extreme, raising in the career of evil, and, joined to their women to heroines and godpower, ends in oppression. Hence desses. Whereas, Christianity asihe female sex, unbefriended by signs women their proper place in Christianity, have uniformly be- society: neither suffering them to come the victims of power. Ăn in- be tyrannized over by despotic auduction of facts will shew what wo- thority, nor impiously honoured by men are without Christianity, in a ridiculous adulation. very affecting colours; it will also Amidst all the refinement of the exhibit the religion of Christ as Greeks, the female sex were nearly an angel of mercy, lifting them to equally debased. Homer and subseXXVIII.

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