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Extract from the Mercantile Marine Magazine,

“This book is intended as a Guide to the Officers of all grades of the Merchant Service, in the Examinations they are required to undergo, before the Local Marine Board. It does not profess to include Seamanship, which is a subject to which seamen generally devote more attention than to Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, forgetful that the latter branch of their profession is as essential as the former, if they desire to advance in life. So far as we have looked through the book, it seems judiciously arrangeil, and the different subjects carefully drawn up, and to the purpose ; in fact, without any pretensions, it is the best book of the kind that has yet been published. A good method has been adopted in regard to the answers, (given at the end of the work,) whereby the student at sea can at once fix on that part of the solution, in which he may have committed an error, by which means he will be encouraged to progress, and to improve himself,"

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