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ger, 15;


Nelson, 19,99; Lydian so. 9,44; Ran-
dolph, 10,25, 0. C. Dickinson, 10; Ra-
venna, Coll. 22,25; mon. con. 2,08;
Stow, 6,75; Streetsboro', 9, Rev. L.
Shaw, 5; Tallmadge, Fem. benev, so.
12,50; C. Backert and fam. 10; G.
Wolcott, 20; R. Fenn, 20; indiv.
59,32; Windham, 52; la: 8,19; A. R.
1; W.R.C. 1; Seneca co. Scipio, 6,50;
Stark co. ('anton, 51,16; Truinbull co.
Farmington, 5,81; Gustavus, 2,65;
Hartford, Mon. con. 17,56; Johnson, 9;
Kinsman, Mon, con. 15,97; Mesopota-
mia, 8; Vernon, Moo. con. 5,79, War-
ren, 2. Fitch, 10; A. Adams, 5,79;
indiv. 15,40; mon. con. 26;

1,161 08 Windham co. Vt. Aux. So. N. B. Williston, 'I'r. Bangor, N. Y. Jet cong. chh. 10,338, sab. sch. 78c.

11 16 Brattleboro', E. vill. Mon. con.

95,50; la. 56,53; gent. 130,25;. 282 34 E. Westminster, Gent. 15,55; la. 17,71; mon. con. 5,13;

38 39 Fayetteville, Contrib.

6 15 Grafton, Mon. con.

12 00 Guilford, Miss S. Boyden, Putney, Rebecca Swain,

1 00 Rockingham, Mon. con.

3 00 Saxton's River, Mon. con.

22 75 Townsend, La.

10 59-387 88 Windham co. North, Ct. Aux. So. J. Williams, Tr. Brooklyn, Gent. 55,17; con. 50;

105 17 Pomfret, Gent. 142,25; la. 78,00; mon. con. 67,91; la. cir. of ind. 12: F. Averill, 10; sab, sch. chil. 2,41;

311 17 South Woodstock, Gent. 30; la.

42,40; fem. benev. sew. so.
37, 0;

110 00
Westford, Asso. 23,63; mon. con.

30 88--557 2.2 Windham co. South, Ct. Aus. So. Z. Storrs, Tr. As Gent. 22,62; la. 16,90; mon. con. 10,83;

50 35 Canterbury, Gent. 37,25; la. 43,22; mon. con. 10,14;

90 61 Hampton, Gent. 25,08; la. 36,12; 61 20 Mansfield South, Gent. 62,54; la. 50,83; mon. con. 39,17; Rev. A. S. A. 10;

162 54 Plainfield, Gent. 54,86; la. 75,64;

mon. con. 26,08; young la.

knitting so. 10; juv. asso. 2,42; 169 00 Scotland, Gent. 31,27; la. 17,12;

mon. con. 7; fem. benev. 80.5; 60 39 Voluntown and Sterling, La. 12; Rov. J. A. 2;

14 00 Westminster, Gent. 35,53; la. 40,50; mon. con. 12;

88 03 Willimantie, Gent. 4,50; la. 18; 22 50_-718 62 Windsor co. Vi. Aux. So. B. Swan, Jr. Tr.

Barnard, Gent. 22,24; mon. con. 12; 34 24
Pomfret, La.

3 46 Windsor, J. H.

91 Woodstock, Contrih. at ann. meet.

43,52, mon. con. in cong. chh.
6,68; C. Dana, 2;

52 20-90 81

3d for Jane S. Purviance, 2d for Susannah
Budd Shober, 1st for Julianna Johns, 1st for
Mary Lloyd Nevins, 1st for Rebecca R.
Brundige, ea. 20; 8th for Mary L. San-

265 00 Beld and Mt. Zion, E. Ten, Chhs.

25 00 Billerica, Ms. Mon. con. 6,25; Rev. J. Haven, 10;

16 25 Boscawen, N. H. Mrs. E. Wood, which con

stitutes Rev. HENRY S. G. FRENCH an Hon. Mem.

50 00 Boston, Ms. Mass. miss, 20. as inc. fr. Mrs.

Osborne's legacy, for pro. of the gospel om. the Indians of the U.S.

180 00 Brighton, Ms. Mon. con. and indiv. to con

stitute Rev. Samuel Lamson, Jr. an Hon. Mem.

50 00 Buffalo, N. Y. 1st presb. chh. mon. con. 259 00 Byron, N. Y. Singing so. for ed. of an orphan child in Ceylon,

12 00 Caledonia, N.Y., J. A. McVean,

10 00 Cumbridgeport, Ms. Of $ 166,50 ackn. in Oct.

$100 constitute William Fisk an Hon.

le. Canandaigua, N. Y. Juv. asso. in sab. sch.

of Ist cong. cbh. for Walter Hulbell and Eliza M. Hubbell, Ceylon,

40 00 Canonsburgh, Pa. Sab. sch.

4 50 Castine, Me. Mon. con.

28 00 Champlain, N. Y. Benev. so.

10 00 Chichester, N. H. Rev. R. A. Putnam, 7; cong. 12,73;

19 73 Choctaw Notion, Miss. so. for printing bible in Choctaw language,

22 75 Clinton, N. Y. Young la. domes, sem.

35 00 Concord, N. H., Rev. Mr. Tenney's cong. 34 17 Craftsbury, Vt. Fem. mirs, so.

23 08 Delham, Ns. A fem. in Ist par.

10 00 Delhi, N. Y., H. D. Gould,

15 00 Durham, N. Y. Fem. cent so. 27,30; Mrs. L. Chapman, 5;

32 30 Fort Covington, N. Y. Mater. asso. for Constantinople,

6 00 $150 ack. in Nov. constitute REUBEN

Martin and Rev. James E. Quaw Hon.

Framingham, Ms. La. miss. so.

35 25 Frederick City, Md. Fem. miss. asso.

60 00 Fredonia, N. Y. Presb. cong.

54 29 Friendship, N. Y. Presb. chh. 10; ded. c. pete, 5;

5 00 Fulton and Granby, N. Y. Presb. chh. fem. miss. so.

20 00 Georgia, Vt. Miss P. Blatchley,

5 00 Grrenland, N. H. Fem. miss. so.

33 34 Griggerille, mi. Mon. con.

13 00 Hallurcell, Me. Mrs. S. E. Bond, to consti

tute Rev. E. THURSTON an Hon. Mem. 50 00 Hamlton, Ms. Mon. con. and coll. in cong. so. 52 75 Honorer, Ms. Mon. con.

8 00 Hanorer Village, N. H. Cong. chh. special coll.

140 00 Harrisburgh, Pa. W. Graydon,

5 00 In!lsbury', N. H. Fem. benev, so.

37 42 Hollis, N, H. Fem. read, and char. so. 3d pay. for a child in Bombay,

18 00 Hudson, N. Y. let presh. chh. male aeso. 40;

sab. sch, in do. for Waterbury sch. Cey. lon, 25;

65 00 Indian Rirer, Pa. ('ong.

2 37 Kennebunk, Me. Mrs.P. Lord, 15; Mrs. L. A. Lord, 5;

20 00 Livonia, N. Y. Evang. so.

75 00 Lowell, Ms. La. for Scriptures at Sandw. Iel.

17,12; a la. of 2d cong. chh. 2; A. 8. 1; 20 12 Lumberland, N. Y., J. Kyte,

50 Lac, N. H. Cong. $0. contrib. 100; fem. benev. so. 24;

124 00 Lamdon, Vt. P. Spaulding,

5 00 Madison, Ct, West. dis, special coll.

43 00 Maryville, E. Ten. Phil. asso. in S. and W.

Theol. Sem. 6,40; miss. so. and New
Providence cong. 78.77;

85 17 Mc Kean, Pa. Mon. con. for bibles in hea. lands,

5 00 Meredith Upper Vill. N. H. Fem. char. so. 4 00 Middle Granrılle, N. Y. Prxh, chh.

20 00 Mississippi River, Mr. Il trion,

5 00

[blocks in formation]

14 87 50 00

100 00 10 00

Arworth, N. H. Mon. con.
Albany, N. Y. 4th presb. chh.
Amsterdam Village, N. Y. Presb. chh (of

which to constitute Rev. M. S. GOODELL

an Hon. Mem. 50;) Artelica, N. Y., S. Prentice, Baltimore, Md. 5th presb. chh. mon. con.

10,25; coll. 29,90; sab, sch. for James G. Hamner, Ceylon, 7,75; sch. of Misses DeB. 2,10; fom, mite so. 4th pay, for Mac ty Sanger, Ceylon, 3d for Jave N. Eger. lon, 24 for Jane Williams, 2d for Robert Brockenridge, 3d for Harriet L. Winslor,

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Mobile, Ala. Rev. W. S. Bainilton's cong. 160 00 Wooster, O. Mrs. E. A. 5; Mrs. W. McC. 5; 10 00 Montgomery, N. Y. Presb. chh.

17 63 Unknorn, A friend, by Rev. R. C. 20; E. T. Ilontrose, Pa. Presb. chh. mon. con. 5 00 10; a friend, 5;

35 0 Morristown, N. J. Presb. chh. 45+,93; J. W'. Poinier, 25; 479 93

$!9,823 10 Ne ourh, N. J. Youth's miss. so. 3d presb. chh. 5); 1st presb. chh. sub.sch. for Ansel

Amount of donations acknorrleifged in the preceding D. Edly, Ceylon, 20;

70 00 lists, $19,889 10. Total of dumations and legacies Nero Hampshire, A friend,

100 00 Jrum August Ist, to October 31st, $62, 482 57. Nour Lebanon, N. Y. Mon. con'in Rey. Nr. Churchill’s cong. 20; có

9; Mrs. M.B. 1;

30 00

DONATIONS IN CLOTHING, &c. New Orleans, La. Mr. Burgess,

30 00 Nern Sweden, N. Y. Mon. con. Niagara, N. Y. Chh.

10 00

Acrorth, N. II., A box, fr. fem. misk, so. 43 97 North Bridgeton, Mie. Fem. miss, so.

5 50

Albany, N. Y. (via) A box, for Dr. Auams, Nurthern Liberties, l'a. Ist presb. chh.

42 50

Port Natal. Northford, Ct. Juv. miss. so. 11,54; nion.

Amherst, Ms. A box, fr. la. sew. 60. of 2d con. 15. fem. union benev. so. 7,25; a

par. tor Lahaina,

40 00 friend, 10;

43 75

Brieucrturen, Ms. A box, for Mr. Parker, Northumberland, Pa. Fem. gem. for fem.

Sandw Isl. sch, in India,

30 00

Boonville, N. Y., A box, for Mr. Williams, Nurton, Ms. Whenton fem, sem.

75 50

Bethabara. Orrell, Vt. Juv. benev. so. for Philip Henry

Concurd, N. U., A box, fr. la. for Mr. ChamMorris, Ceylon,

pion, Port Natal,

34 17 Philadelphia, Pa. Ist presb. chh. viz. Mon.

East Bethany, N. Y., A box, fr. fem. bener. con. 5:10; J. M. Atwool, 100; J. Corning,

80 ree'd at Seneca. 100; Rev. A. Barnes, 75); C. Melotyre,

llanorer Plain, V. II., A box, fr. fem. benev. 100; J. A. Brown, 30); D. Lapsley, 50, j.

$0. for Port Natal. B. Lapsley, 31); A. Fullerton, 501; G, I.

Herrutta, N. Y., A box, for Port Natal. l'obes, 50; B. W. Richards, 50; I. Eckel,

Litchfield, Ct. Scott's fam. bible, 5 vol. ft. E. 40; 11. Wurts, 40; 11. Purvis, 30; J. FUN

llerton. fet, 30; WV. Davidson and son, 30; C. Bird,

Marlborough, Ms. Clothing, fr. fem. benev. 25; G. Handy, 25; C. Tingsler, 2'); M.

50, 1st par. for Nirs. Thurston, Sandw. Isl. Wilson, 20; J. Bayard, 20, R. Creighton,

37,50, do. fr.jur, so.4,33; 2.); E. Chauncey, 20; J. Dunton, 9); C. D.

Mend's Crek, N. Y., A box, fr. fem. beCleveland, 10; H. Neill, 20; Mr. Harris, 10; indiv. 10; W. Raguel, 10; Il'. Icker,

Mircdith Upper Village, N. U., A box, fr. 10; Bill and Raymond, 10; B. IV. Tings.

fem. chur. fo. for Pokeguma, ler, 10; G. W. Tow land, 10; Mr. Eckert,

buletoru', Vt. A box, for Mr. Munger, 5; J. Lapsley, 10; Mrs. E. 3; indiv. 3; cen:

Bombav. tral presb. chh. 10; 5th do. 10; L. Har

Iliud qield Ceatre, N. Y., A box, fr. la. WOOD, which constitutes him an Hon.

miss. and benev, so. of lat presb. chb. for Mem. 100; Mrs. E. B. Falconer, 15; Mrs.

Stockbridge. IIildeburn, 10; Miss M. av. of jew. 5;

Velsen, 0). Clothing and rarious articles. Mrs. B. l;

1,787 00

Norbury, M. A box, fr. fem. renul. so. of Phipp-burgh, Me. Mon. con. 42 77 Parker River Village, for wes. miss.

14 69 Pittsburgh, Pa. 3d presb. chh. a la. in sab.

Nerburupurt, Ms. A box, tr. Sandw. Isl. so. sch. for Sandw. Isl. miss.

10 00

for Saniw. Isl, miss. Pittsfield, N. 11. Forwarded by J. L.

17 76 Nurth dd, Ct. A bundle, fr. ladies, Pompey, N. Y. Ist presb. chh. mon. con. 23;

Orturd, N. Y. Two hats, fr. 1!'. Gile, ex. effort, 30,09; la. miss. so. 4;

63 09 Phillip ton, Ms. Three boxes and a tirkin, fr. Pottsville, Pa. Presb. sub, sch. €2c. girls m.

friends, for Yr. Powers, Broosa. box, 23c.

85 Phip bury, Me. A bundle, fr. sew. so. Princeton, Ms. Evang. so. 40,68; mon.

Rindve, N. H, A box, fr. juv. so. for fem. con, 2,50;

43 18

sch. Constantinople, Princetui, N. J., J. R. Voorhees, 3); miss.

Sandrich, N. A., A box, fr. fem. sew. circle. so. in Theolog. sem. 10,37; D. G. 3,95; 43 62

Souli Reading, Ms. A box, fr. miss. sew. Providence, R. I., J. Chapin, to constitute

cir. for Mr. Parker, Sandw. Isi.

22 00 WILLIAM C. CHAPIN an Hon. Mem. 100;

Springfield, Me. A box, fr. la. miss. so, for fem. miss. so. of High-st. chh. special

Sandw. I:I.; paper, 13 reams,

40 00 effort, 40); Richmond-st. sab, sch, for sch.

Stackliridse, N. Y., & box,

47 18 in Ceylon, 30;

170 00 Wendell, Ms. Two buudles, fr. la. asso. Pultnryville, N. Y. let presk. chh. mun. con.

14 35

West Sirin sfipid, Vis. Ireland par. A bor, fr. Ramapo Works, N. Y. Mon.con.

10 00 la. for Mr. Perkins, Ooroomniah: do, for do. 15 00 Reading, Ma. La. in S. par. 18,06; J. Da

Whatelai, Ms A box, fr. la. work. so.

40 32 mon, 5;

23 06 Winchendon, Ms. A box, fr. so. of rew, and Rorbury, Ms. Eliot chh. and so. mon. con.

indus. for Sandw. Isl. miss. 32; do. fr juv. Sulem, Pa. lst presb. chh. 15, sab. sch. 4; 19 00 so. 23;

57 00 Saluhriu, N. Y Presb. chh. 5 00 Windham, 0. Clothing, etc. fr. la. asso.

49 33 Scotchisa, N. Y. Presh, chh.

25 25 South Middletoun, N. Y. Presb. chh.

13 50 Sprinçcille, N. Y. Mon. con.

15 00 Starkey, N.Y. Ist presb. chh. to constitute

The following articles are respectfully solicited from Rev. R. FOSTER PRATT an Ilon. Mem. 50 00 Strurberry Ridge, II. First fruits,

1 2.5

Alanufacturers and others. Truenansburgh, N. Y. Presb, clih.

101 31

Printing paper, to be used in publishing portions of

15 00 Wolton, N. Y. Ist presb. chh.

the Scriptures, school-books, tracts, otc. at Bombay, Washington, V. Y., 2 Bisbee.

96 Wotrreille, N. Y. Presb. chh. mon.

and at the Sandwich Islands, 29,07; ex.effort, 140;

169 07 Writing paper, writing books, blank books, quills, Wenhan, Ms. Mon. con. and coll. in cong. so. 39 37 slates, etc. for all the missions and mission schools, West Meadon, N. Y. La. of Ist presb. chh. 15 75 especially for the Sandwich Islands, Wo bride, Vt. Fem mins. so.

1 00 Shoes of a good quality, of all sizes, for persons of Wilmington, Ms. J. Kennev,

1 00

both sexe8; principally for the Indian missions. Windhan, Vt. Mrs. S. S. Harris,

1 00 Woodstock, Vt. Mry. C. Hutchinson, for

Elankets, coverlets, sheets, etc. Marcia Hutchinson, Ceylon,

12 00 Fulled cloth, and domestic cottons of all kinds






Abernaquis, mission to, 27-letter

from Mr. Osunkerhine,
Adams, Newton, communication from,
Adger, John B., communication from,
Africa Southern, mission 10, 5,174

letter from Doct. Wilson 37,337-
letter from Doct. Adams, 39-jour-
nal of Mr. Champion, 115,141,177--
joint letter from the missionaries to
the maritime Zoolabs, 121-letter
from Mr. Grout, 148-joint letter
from the missionaries to the inte-
rior Zoolahs, 187,416-journal of
Mr. Venable, 236—journal of
Messrs. Venable and Wilson, 291-.
removal of the missionaries from

Moselekatsi's to Dingaan's country,
Africa Western, mission to, 4-letler

from Mr. Wilson, 36,293,364,455—
journal of Mr. Wilson, 193,242,385
lelter from Mr. White, 219-mis-

sion to of Church Miss. Society,
Ahmednuggur, 10—see Mahrattas.
Allen, D. O., communications from,

American Anti-Slavery Society,
American Baptist Board of Foreign

Missions, mission of to Burman,
40-meeting of, 313—annual re-

American Bible Society, 312-grants
372 American Board of Commissioners for

39 Foreign Missions, organization and
303 officers of, 1-annual report of, 2,

32-domestic operations, agencies,
candidates, and treasury, 1-4-mis-
sions of, 4--27-outline of the plan
of, 28--32—intelligence from the
missions of, 43,125,173,219,269,317,
347,380, 429, 475, 508—communica.
tions from the missions of, 32--40;
49--78; 97--123; 129--160; 177--212;
225--264; 273--309; 321--342; 353--
371; 385.-428; 433--463; 481--501-
donations to, 44,94,126,174,222,


ment of the present financial condi-
tions and prospects of, 265—meet-
ings in behalf of, 347-annual
meeting of, 468-resolutions adopt-

ed by, 473-officers of,
503 | American Education Society,

American Home Missionary Society,

American Peace Society,
363 | American Seamen's Friend Society,
110 American Sunday School Union,

American Temperance Union,
American Tract Society,

American Tract Society, (Boston,)
507 Andrews, Seth L., embarkation of,


port of,


Argos, 5,70—see Greece.

Brainerd, 19-see Cherokees.
Arkansas Cherokees, mission to, 20,125,221 | British Religious and Benevolent So.
Armenians, converted, 155,198—char-

cieties, anniversaries and proceed-
acter of, 412-see Constantinople

ings of,

and Smyrna.

British and Foreign Aborigines-Pro-
Arms, William, communications from,

tection Society,


282 | Broosa, 8,151,253,396—see Asia Minor,
Armstrong, Richard, communication




Asia Minor, mission to, 7,174-letter

Canton, 15—see China.
from Mr. Temple at Smyrna, 150--

Cape Palmas, 4,242—see Africa
journal of Mr. Schneider at Broosa,

151,396-journal of Mr. Johnston


at Trebizond, 202,394—journal of

Castle, S. N., embarkation of,
Messrs. Schneider and Powers, 253

Cattaraugus, 26—see New York In-
-letters from missionaries at Smyrna, 303

Athens, 5,410—see Greece.


Aulen, P., departure of to the Choctaws, 43

Ceylon, mission to, 13,475,508–jour.
Ayer, F., communications from, 75,428

nal of Mr. Hoisington, 97,458–
Bailey, E., embarkation of,

41 letter from Mr. Winslow, 100-let-
Baptist General Tract Society, an-

ter from Mr. Ward at Batticotta,
nual meeting of,

125 220-general letter from the mis-
Bankok, 14,131-see Siam.

sion, 231-letter from Mr. Hall,
Barnes, Mrs., departure of to the

288-general letter on the history

43 and state of the mission, 321-tri-

263 ennial report of the mission semi-
Batticotta, 13,97,327,481-see Ceylon.

nary at Batticotta, 327-journal of
Belus river,

410 Mr. H., Chavagacherry, 362-ad-
Bethabara, 21-see Choctaws.

dress delivered in the Seminary at
Bethelsdorp, 115-see Africa Southern. Balticolia, by W. Volk, 481-re-
Beyroot, 8,304,433—see Syria and

port of the station at Oodooville,
the Holy Land.

by Mr. Spaulding,

Bible Societies, British and Foreign Champion, George, communications
and Continental, circulation of


Scriptures by,

82 | Chavagacherry, H., communication
Bird, Isaac, remarks of respecting


missionary experience and charac Chavagacherry, 13–see Ceylon.
ter, addressed to the reinforcement

Cherokees, mission to,

for the Sandwich Islands, 169-re-

Cherry, Henry, embarkation of,

marks of respecting the mode of China, mission to, 15,509-letter from
conducting missions to Mohamme-

Mr. Williams, 212-general letter
dans and nominal Christians, ad-

from the mission,

dressed to the reinforcement for

Chinese, appeal in behalf of mis-
the Mediterranean,

sions to,

Bliss, Isaac, embarkation of,

43 Choctaws, missions to, 21,317,470-
Boggs, George W., communication

letter from Mr. Wood, 307-letter
269 from Mr. Kingsbury,

Bombay, 10—see Mahrallas.

Church Missionary Society, annual
Borneo, mission to, 114-letter from

report of, 79,506—-mission of
Mr. Arms, 114—mission to of Rhe-

to Abyssinia, 372-mission of in
mish Missionary Society, 165—

West Africa,

communications from Mr. Arms, 289 Circular letter to the missionaries of
Bradley, Dan B., communication from, 131 the Board on curtailing their ex.



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Conde, Daniel T., embarkation of, 44 | Greece, mission to, 5—journal of Mr.
Constantinople, mission 10, 6-jour-

Riggs at Argos, 70-letter from
nal of Mr. Schauffer, 66,404–jour.

Mr. Houston at Tsimoba, 453—
nal of the mission at, 153,197,248,

stalement respecting,

398,447-letter from Mr. Homes,

Greek schools, opposition to by eccle-
305-letter from Mr. Schauffler,


452—state of the mission at, 304– Grout, Alden, communication from, 148
letter from Hohannes, 491-letter
from Mr. Dwight,
496 Hall, C., communication from,

Cooke, A. S., embarkation of,

44 | Hall, Alanson C., communication
Cope, Edward, embarkation of,

from and return of,

Crane, Nathaniel M., embarkation of, 43 Hall, Gordon, grave of,

Creek Path, 19—see Cherokees.

Hall, Sherman, communication from, 76
Creeks, mission to,

22,43 Hawaii, 17—see Sandwich Islands.
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Hitchcock, Hervey R., communica-
General Assembly of,
315 tiou from,

Cyprus, 8,408—see Syria and the Hohannes, letter from,

Holy Land.

Hoisington, Henry R., communica-
tions from,


282 Holladay, Albert L., embarkation of, 93

306 Homes, Henry A., communication
Dibble, Mrs., decease of,
476 froin,

Dimond, H., communications from, 73 Houston, Samuel R., communication
289 from,

Dingaan. See Africa Southern.

Hudson's Bay Company,

Donations to the Board, 44,94,126,

India Southern, mission to, 12,220,
Doty, Elihu, communications from, 263

475-journal of Mr. Poor at Ma.
Druzes, 296-see Syria.

dura, 101,355,413—journal of Mr.
Dumbar, John, return of to Pawnees, 75,125

Lawrence, 160,289—letter from
Dwight, 21-see Arkansas Cherokees.

Mr. Poor at Madura, 225-letter

from Mr. Winslow at Madras, 291,
Dwight, Harrison G. O., communica-
tions from,


486-general letter from the mis.
Dwight, Mrs., decease of,


sion, 353-joint letter from Messrs.
Winslow and Scudder, 358-letter

and journal of Mr. Winslow, 360–
Eagle Town, 21—see Choctaws.

leller from Mr. Todd,

Earthquake in Syria,


Indians in North America, mission to, 19--27
Embarkation of missionaries,


Indians West of the Rocky Moun-
Emerson, John S., communication from, 281

tains, mission to,24,317,348-letter
Ennis, Jacob, communications from, 261

from Mr. Spaulding, 122,421,497—


letter from Mr. Parker, 123-jour-

nal of Mr. Parker,


Instructions of the Prudential Com-
Fairfield, 20-see Arkansas Cherokees.

mittee to Rev. Messrs. Cherry,
Fever in Africa, causes of,


Cope, Crane, Muzzy, Tracy,
Flat Head Indians,


Ward, and Doct. Steele, 83—10
Forty Martyrs,

391 Rev. Messrs. Holladay and Ley-

burn, and Mr. Stocking, 93-to
Gardiner, Capt., mission of in Africa, 119

missionary teachers for the Sand-
German Foreign Missionary Society,

315 wich Islands, 168—to Rev. Dyer


Grant, Asahel, communications from, 57,250 | Isfahan,

Gray, A., deceasc of,

380 || Ives, Mark, embarkation of,

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