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SECT. I. Little light to be got from the systems of Chris.

tian writers,—or the objections of Deists,—or from the
Rabbins, or from the Cabalists, concerning the true
nature of the Jewish Republic.- The Hebrew People
separated from the rest of mankind not as favourites, but
to preserve the knowledge of the true God amidst an
idolatrous world,–Vindicated from the calumnious false-
hoods of the Poet Voltaire - - - - pp. 1–19

SECT. II. Proves the Jewish Government to be a Theo-

cracy.—This form shewn to be necessary : There being
no other, by which opinions could be justly punished by
civil Laws; And without such Laws against idolatry, the

SECT. III. Contains an examination of the rest of the

Texts urged from the Old Testament - pp. 384---415

SECT. IV. Contains an examination of the Texts pro

duced from the New Testament, in which the nature of the Apostolic Reasonings against the Errors of Jewish Converts is explained and illustrated - Pp. 415—444

Notes to the first four Sections

- pp. 445-483

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