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1 Tlie ftatific&llon of the Book of Com-

mon Prayer.

2 The Preface

3 The Order how Un Puller li appoint-

ed to be read.

4 The (ircier how the re« of the Holy

Scrlpttrrc ii appointed to be read.

5 Table» of Let ют of Ho!; Scripture,
tr> be read at Morning and Evening
Prater throughout the Year.

S The Calrnilar.

7 Tab 1rs and Rule» for the Moveable
and Immoveable Feaiti. together
with the day« of Failing and absti-
nence throughout the Year

в Tall« for finding the Holy-Dayi

9 The Order for Daily Morning Prayer.

• The Order for Daily Evening Prayer.

1 Prayer* and thanksgiving! upon (eve-
rat Occalioni, to be uaed before the
two final Prayer» of Morning and
Evening Service.

3 The Cultati. Epiitle». ar.d Gnipel»,

la be uied throughout the Year.
13 The Order for the Adminiitralion of
the Lord'» Supper, or Holy Com-

[4 The Minittration ol Public Baptism
of Infant«, i., be u»rd in Ihe Church

19 The Miniilration of Private Baptiim
of Children in Hou*e»

IS The Miniitraiioo of В*р'Л;гл to tucli

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« molt invaluable part of that blessed li&erty u-hcrcicUl Christ hatb mode ut , r, \bi\ ¡n hit worship, différent formt and Uh^ci may without offence be •Hawed, provided the substance оГ (he faiih be kept entire, and thai, in every church, what cannot be clearly determiner! lo belong to Doctrine muii be referred to Disci pi ir* i and therefore, bv common contení and authority, may be altered, abridged, enlarged, amended, or nthrrwur disposed uf, ai may seem moat convenient Tot the edification of ibe People. "according to the various ci-igenciet of lime* and occasion*

The CkmreA a/ Kmgiend, 10 which the Protraiant Episcopal Church in these Siiiet it indebted, under fi<)D, for her first foundation and a íong i oniinuonce of nursing care and proleclii-n. Saili. in ил Preface of her Book of Common Prayer, hid it down at a Rule, that The Particular Form» of Divine Worship, and the Rite* and Сегепнпиеа appointed to br uted therein, being thingi in their own n» tare indifferent and alterable, and to acknowledged, it it bill returnable that, upon weighty and important con tide rati uni, according 10 the varinni eiigeni:ici nf liinca and occasions, tuch changes ar.d alteration* thould be made therein, at lo i hum who ar* m placet »I authorit* should, from time to time, teem either necessary or

The tame Church hath not only in her Preface, but likewise in her Articles and Homibct, drclarrd ihe necrssilv and eipcdienc) of iccationil alleraliont and amendment* m her Forma of Public IVorship: and we fend accordingly. thai, seeking to "keep Ihe ha¡>pv mean beluern too much tlilfneM in refuting, and too much casiDett in admitting variât inn t in thing» once arfiitedly established, she haul, m th* reign oí tevrral Pnnces, since the fini compiling of her Liturgy in the lime of Edward the Sixth, upon full and weighty contiderationt her thereunto moving, yielded to maïc such alterations in some oertii ulars, as in their respective times were ■nought convenient , yet to at that the main body and essential parts ol the tamr (at well m the rtnefesl material*, at ¡n the frame and order thereof) have ttill been continued firm and unshaken

Her general aim in these different Reviews and Alterations hath been, ai she further declares in her said Preface. " to do that which, according to her best undemanding, might roust tend to ihe preservation of peace and unity in the Ciitircli; the procuring ofreverence, and the »citing of piety *>-d devotion in the worship uf God; and, finally, the cutting off occasion, from them that seek occasion, of cavil •r quarrel against her Liturgy' An J although, according to her judgment, there be not •• any thing in it contrary to the Word ol (kid, or to sound doctrine, or which ■ rodly man may not wjih в good conscience use and submit unto, or which ss not fairly defensible, if allowed such lust and Favourable construction, a«, in com • mon equity, ought to be allowed ю all human writings;" yrt npon the principles already laid down, it cannot bul br supposed, that further alteration would in time be found rip-dient Accordingly, a commission for a review was issued in the yetr Ififft ■ But this great ana good work miscarried at lhat time; and Üie Civil AuiWiiv hat not since thought proper to revive it by any new Commission

Bui •■МП in the court« of Divine Providence, these American Slates became inde* pendent with respect to Civil Government, their Ecclesiastical Independence was necessarily included; and the different religious ttenonima lions of Christian! in these Stale» were left at full and equal liberty lo model and organist thtir respective Churches, and forms of worship, and discipline, in such manner as they might judge moil convenient for their future prosperity ¡ constatent!* with the Contiiiuiiun aisd Laws <>f their Country The attention of this Church wa«, m the first plan, drawn to those alterations in

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«r ia appointed

New Teitamrni ■■ appointed for the Second Leiten* at Morning and Evening

And to know what Letton» (hall be reao every Day, look for the Day of the Month

h the Calendar following, and there ye »hall find the Chapter! that (hall be read for ■k* bimi, both at Morning and Evening Prayer; except only the Moveable which are not in the Calendar; and the Immoveable, where there tea Blank

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