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ON arriving at the close of the Tenth Year of our labours, we desire to renew our sincere acknowledgments to all who have continued to honour this work with their patronage; and particularly to those whose contributions have enabled us to prolong its existence hitherto, without manifesting, as we are disposed to flatter ourselves, any remarkable indications of decay. - - In the review of the past, to which we are naturally led on this occasion, the circumstance with which we are most forcibly struck, is the different aspect which the Christian world exhibits at the present moment, from that which it bore at the commencement of Surcourse. Nor is its aspect altered only; it is improved beyond the fondest dreams of the visionary. If we could suppose some calm, calculating, intelligent Christian Observer to open his eyes, after a toll years' sleep, on the passing scene, would he not find himself most in a new creation ? Let us not be thought to arrogate to *rselves any other merit than that of having faithfully recorded the improvement, if we take this opportunity of cordially felicitat* readers upon it. - • * * , For many an age has the Church of Christ been earnestly pray"g and longing for the coming of His Kingdom; while there have often been no cheering appearances to strengthen the faith or suphort the hope of the pious worshippers. And had not the harp of Prophecy soothed the suffering world with the prospect of a brighter day; a day in which the prayers of the faithful should be fully answerol, and, all the dark and bloody superstitions which have deformed the earth being swept away, the light of the Lord should arise on Zion, and his glory be seen in the midst of her; when the Gentiles also should come to this light, and kings to the brightness of this. ising;-they might well have despaired to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. . .

To the dawning, however, of this day—the hope of all the saints.

on earth, the joy of all the angels in heaven, the object of the prophecies and prayers of the Church for more than three thousand years; -a day which transported with rapture those who beheld it, even in distant anticipation :-to the dawn of this blessed day we seem to * now approaching. It is impossible to regard “the signs of the times” without perceiving that the foundation is now laying for a new and better state of things. Contemplate the unexampled pains which are taken to instruct the poor; the glow of holy zeal which is spreading itself around for the distribution of the Sacred Volume; and the harmony with which Christians of every name have united to diffuse its blessed light! See Missionaries going forth with a spirit truly apostolic, to carry the glad tidings of salvation to every corner of the earth; the Scriptures translated into more, languages than distinguished the day of Pentecost, and dispersed into more lands than ever the Apostles visited ; all sects and parties, who bow the knee in the name of Jesus, rising as by one consent, }. without any previous concert, to carry on this labour of love!

ehold our kings, and our princes, and the nobles of the land, brightening their honours by patronising this divine work !—B why should we confine the view of our readers to our own island? Look to the East, and to the West; to the North, and to the South. —The whole moral universe is moved. Like some of the effects which have recently been produced in the material creation, by a power, hitherto unknown; we perceive, in every direction, the “ dry bones” shaken and starting into life, as if struck by some mighty and pervading influence. Can the Christian contemplate all this, and not be compelled to exclaim, “This is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?” -

But let us not indulge an over-sanguine expectation with respect to the future. Many days, nay, many years, may elapse before the kingdom of Christ shall be fully established. Much opposition may yet be encountered; many troubles may yet arise; although of the final result there can be no doubt. The Lord himself seems to be preparing his way in the earth. The seeds appear to be sowing, which must sooner or later produce a glorious harvest. Happy will they be who shall live to witness its maturity Happy they who may be instrumental in promoting its growth ! We would urge all whom our voice can influence, to aspire to a share in this blessedness; to unite their ardent prayers, §. holy endeavours, in carrying on this mighty work; that in their measure they may all contribute to the advancement of that glorious period, when “all the kingdoms of the world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ.”

But may it not be a seasonable caution to many—and with this caution we close the labours of the year—to take care lest, in their zeal for others, they forget themselves? They may give their time and their wealth to diffuse among the nations the saving light of Heaven;–yet, unless their own hearts are renewed in knowledge, righteousness, and true holiness, after the image of Him who created them, they will, in that DAY, be shut out from any participation in those blessings which they have been the meanis of conveying to others.

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Obit.—Miss Bailey • * - - - - - - - - - - - - 204

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