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Christian Religion,

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Objections of all Modern Opposers.

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^f'..GEd. ROrSBj R.Rrao in Christo Patri ac Dom.

693! Johanni Archiep. Cantuar.

a Sacris Domest, .


To the Reverend and Learned Dr. Henry Beejton, Warden of New-College in Oxford.

Reverend Sir,

THis Book (the Translation of which I firfi undertook at the perfwafton of some worthy Persons, and, with the permission of the Author J) hiving been some Tears in much Credit and Refute in its own Country , appears now in an English Dress, and desires your Approbation and Countenance to favour its firfi coming Abroad.

The Author is the Reverend Mr. Abbadie, J Person very eminent both for his Learning and Piety; which Qualifications are sufficient to mommend him to the World; and the near resemblance of his Chara&er to yours in both these respects must needs procure him your particular fjieem.

But the Book, Sir, requires your Patrt not so much for the Author's Sake, as its Its Subject is Religion; its chief Business Design to vindicate the Best of Refa Christian, against the greatest Contra, it, Atheisin, Deism, and Judaism. ving beenViBorious in France, is nen to engage the Adversaries of Relig A 2

and I would to God the Impiety and Atheism of the present Age, did not make its appearance n&eflary. 'Tis true indeed, several Treatises have been writ of this Argument, by able and learned Pens in English, as well as in Foreign Languages. But as it can never be throughly enough inforeed, so it will be found , that none have hitherto HluUrated and evinced this truth with that Evidence and Accuracy as our Learns d Author. However it be, his Design being pious and beneficial towards the advancing true Religion, it cannot fail of y our furtherance and incouragement.

As for the Translation it self, its confess1 df 'Sir, you cannot stand in need of any assistance of this kind, having without doubt perused it in the Original; yet all Men have not those <^Advantages, and therefore if may be presumed this work will receive a kind acceptance from you, though for no other reason but the fake of the public k good. I could wish I had bten a, better Master of the English, both for the Author and the Arguments fake: But as it is, I hope there mil be. found very few considerable Errors, having used the greatest Sincerity and Industry in representing the Author's Sense.

And lastly, as for the Transtatour, you made him wholly yours, when you admitted him a Member of that happy Society of which you are the prudtnt and careful Governour. For though he be a Refugee, and has for Religion forsaken Countreyt Friends, and Fjtate, you have in some

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