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Above One Hundred and Fifty SERMONS,

besides his POETICAL PIECES.


To which is prefixed,
An Account of the Author's Life and WRITINGS,

with an ELEGIAC POEM, and large CONTENTS.

I am set for the defence of the gospel, Philip. i. 17.



For the Revl. John STEWART, HUGH MITCHELL,Bookseller,
and PETER MOIRHEAD,Merchant, the Publishers.


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SERMON CXXXIX, CXL. The Believer's internal Witness; or, the certain Evi. dence of true Faith,

Page 9 I John V. 10. He that believeth on tbe Son of God, bath

the witness in bimself. After a copious introduction, in which the connection is traced, the

words analized and explained, and a doctrinal proposition laid down,

the following general heads of method are prosecuted, viz. 1. Wliat this faith is, enquired into,

14 2. What is that evidence and witness it carries along with it, opened, 16 3. What this witness doth depone and attest,

19 4. What is the property and quality of this witness,

23 5. The reasons why true faith hath this witness along with it, 25

Use (1.) Of information, in fix inferences, (2.) Of examination, in several evidences,

ibid. i. General marks of trial, in five particulars,

30 2. Particular marks, in refpect to the several ways of witnessing, 32 How the Spirit witnefleti, in six respects,

ib. How he witnesseth by blood, in four initances,

40 How he witnefieth by water,

43 He doch it in respect of mortification,

ib. Sundry questions propouuded and solved,

49 He doib it by vindication, in five respects,

. (3.) Of exhortation, both to Sinners and Saints,

52 1. To unbelievers,

ib. 2. To belicvers, in four particulars,



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Tile Repose and Repast of Faith, under the Shady and Fruitful Tree of Life,


Song ii. 3. -I sat down under bis shadow with great

deligbt; and bis fruit was Sweet to my taste. The words being viewed in their connection and scope, and a doctrine

raised from them, the following heads of method are proposed, viz, 1. To consider zie case of the believer, here supposed,

62 2. To speak of the object of faith, viz. Crift as a thadow and shelter, 66 3. To speak of the actof faith, as it is alitting down under this shadow, 75 4. To view the manner of faith's acting, Sitting dowa with great delight, 6

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