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It is not to be supposed that the Lord shuts heaven against any man during his abode in this world; the fact is, that man shuts heaven against himself, by the rejection of faith, and by evil of life. T. C. R. 720.

Verse 27. Many lepers were in Israel ;none of them was cleansed except Naaman the Syrian.-By Naaman the leper, from Syria, were represented and signified those who falsify the knowledges of truth and good from the Word, for leprosy signifies falsifications, and Syria the knowledges of truth and good. By the waters of Jordan were signified truths introductory to the church, which are the knowledges of truth and good from the Word, for the river Jordan was the first boundary by which the land of Canaan was entered, and by Canaan was signified the church, hence by the waters of Jordan were signified introductory truths; on account of this signification of the waters of Jordan, Naaman was commanded to wash himself therein seven times, by which was signified purification from falsified truths; seven times signify what is plenary, and are predicated of things holy such as are divine truths. A. Ē. 475. See also Exposition, chap. v. 12.

Verse 29. Brow of the mountain.-See Exposition, verse 5.

Verse 31. Taught them on the Sabbaths.-See Exposition, verse 16.

Verse 36. For with authority and power He commandeth the unclean spirits, and they come out.—That power, when predicated of the Lord, principally regards salvation, is mani. fest from this and other passages. The Lord also has power over all things, because He is the only God, but the salvation of the human race is the principal object or end, because for the sake of salvation the heavens and the worlds were created, and salvation is the reception of the Divine proceeding. A. E. 293. See also Exposition, chap. v. 17.

Verse 38. Seized with a great fever.—Burning fever denotes the lust of evil. A. C. 8364.

Verse 40. But when the sun was setting. The sun, in an internal sense, signifies the Lord, and hence the celestial things relating to love and charity, consequently love and charity itself; hence it is evident that the going down of the sun is the last time of the church, which is called the consummation, when there is no longer any charity. The church of the Lord is compared with the times of the day; its first age, with the dawn or sunrise and the morning ; its last age, with the sun. set, or evening, and the shades which then take place. A. C. 1837. See also 3693.

Sick of divers diseases. By diseases are signified spiritual diseases, which are evils destroying the life of the will of good, and falsities destroying the life of the understanding of truth, in a word, destroying the spiritual life which is of faith and charity; natural diseases also correspond to such, for every disease in the human race is from that source, because from sin; every disease also corresponds to its evil, the reason is, because the all of the life of man is from the spiritual world; wherefore, if his spiritual life sickens, evil is also thence derived into the natural life, and becomes a disease therein. By the diseases which the Lord healed, is sig. nified liberation from the various kinds of evil and the false, which infested the church and the human race, and which would have induced spiritual death. A. C. 8364.

Laying hands on them.-Communication is produced by the touch of the hands, inasmuch as the life of the mind, and thence of the body, exerts itself in the arms, and by them in the hands; hence it is that the Lord touched with His hands, those whom He restored to life and healed. A. R. 55. See also Exposition, chap. vii. 14, 15.

Verse 41. Thou art the Christ.–See Exposition, chap. ii. 32-36; iv. 12–18.

The Son of God.—See Exposition, chap. i. 31, 32–35; xxii. 70.

Verse 43. He said to them, I must preach the kingdom of God. When the Lord makes man new, He first instructs him in the truths of faith, for without the truths of faith he does not know what the Lord is, what heaven is, and what hell, nor even that such things are, still less does he know the innumerable things relating to the Lord, to His kingdom in heaven, and to His kingdom on earth, that is, in the church; also what, and of what quality are the things of hell, which are opposite to these; before he acquires this knowledge he cannot know what good is. By good, is not here meant civil and moral good, for these in the world are learnt by laws and statutes, and by reflections on themanners of men, whence it is that the nations, which are out of the church, know also such things; but by good is meant spiritual good, which good in the world is called charity, and this good, in general, consists in willing and doing good to another, without any view to self, but from the delight of affection. This is spiritual good; to this good it is impossible for any man to attain except by the truths of faith which are taught of the Lord by the Word, and by preachings of the Word. A. C. 4538. See also Exposition, chap. xvii. 20, 21. Verse 44. Synagogues.-See Exposition, verse 15.



VERSE 36. For with authority and power He commandeth the unclean spirits, &c.—The intelligent reader will not fail to note in this passage an instance of the heavenly marriage of good and truth, in reference to which the holy Word is written throughout, for the term authority relates to the principle of the Divine Good, as the term power relates to that of the DIVINE TRUTH.





1. And it came to pass, as THAT by and from the the people pressed upon Him knowledges of truth and to hear the Word of God, He good, the LORD, as to His was standing near the lake of Human principle, enters into Genasereth.

the doctrine of faith, and 2. And He saw two ships gives instruction from that standing near the lake; but doctrine. (Verses 1-4.) the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets.

3. But having gone up into one of the ships, which was Simon's, He requested him to thrust out a little from the land; and sitting down He taught the multitude from the ship.

4. And when He had left off Teaching that by those speaking, He said to Simon, knowledges the church was Launch out into the deep, and to be reformed, provided those let down your nets for a knowledges were seen in condraught.

nection with the Holy WORD, 5. Ănd Simon answering said

and maintained in conjunction unto Him, Master, (see Note

with charity. (Verses 4-8,' above, chap. i. 29,) having laboured through the whole night, we have taken nothing, nevertheless at Thy saying I will let down the net.

6. And when they had done this, they enclosed much mul

titude of fishes ; and their net brake.

7. And they beckoned to their partners in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink. 8. But Simon Peter, seeing

Which effect of knowledges this, fell down at the knees of

excites humiliation and selfJesus, saying, Depart from abasement in all those who me, for I am a sinful man, o are principled in faith and Lord!

charity. (Verses 8—11.) 9. For dread seized upon him, and all that were with him, at the draught of the fishes which they had taken;

10. And in like manner upon James and John, the sons of Zebedee, who were partners with Simon. And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men alive.

ll. And they brought their ships to land, and forsook all, and followed Him.

12. And it came to pass so that they renounce all when He was in one of the the evils of selfish and worldly cities, behold a man full of lep- love, under the influence of rosy; and seeing Jesus, he fell heavenly love and faith in the on his face, and entreated LORD. (Verse 12.) Him, saying, Lord, if Thou They also, who had been wilt, Thou canst make me defiled through the falsificaclean.

tion of truth, are cleansed 13. And having stretched from such defilement through forth His hand, He touched faith in the LORD's Divine him, saying, I will, be thou Human principle. (Verses cleansed; and immediately 12, 13.) the leprosy departed from

14. And He charged him On which occasion they are to tell no one; But go, shew instructed, that truth rescued thyself to the priest, and offer from falsification ought to for thy cleansing according open itself to the reception


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