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So long then as it is acknowledged to be a characteristic of TRUTH, to announce the Divinity of the Great Redeemer; to assert the Divine Inspiration of the Sacred Scriptures, and to shew in what that Inspiration consists; to teach the necessity of repentance for the remission of sins; to combine in everlasting unity the three evangelical graces of Charity, Faith, and Good Works, by insisting that no one of them can exist in a single state, or separated from the other two; to detect at the same time the prevailing evils and errors of the times, and with a view to their correction to make manifest the great realities of another world, together with man's close connection with those realities, even during his abode in this world; so long as these are the acknowledged characteristics of TRUTH, so long, the Editor insists, the honourable title of a TEACHER OP Truth, or of a “SCRIBE INSTRUCTED UNTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN," is due to the Swedish Theologian, who has a claim at the same time to the best thanks of the Christian world, for the boldness with which he has defended, as well as for the clearness with which he has expounded, the sublime doctrines delivered to mankind in the instructive pages of Divine Revelation.

Impelled, therefore, with an ardent desire that all mankind should know the truth, to the intent that the truth may make them free, by emancipating them from the bondage of their natural passions and corrupt affections, the Editor feels it to be a paramount duty which he owes to God and his fellowcreatures, to bring into public notice, as far as he is able, the Theological sentiments of the Swedish Author, from a full conviction that they are calculated to promote the best interests of all the families of the earth, by opening their eyes to see, and their ears to hear, the things which belong to their peace. He leaves all apologies therefore to those whose works stand in need of them, whilst he himself is content and even thankful to think, that howsoever he may expose himself to the censure of the thoughtless, the prejudiced, and the profane, he cannot fail to secure the good will and ap· probation of every considerate, candid, and well-disposed Christian.

Trusting then that the extracts, above adverted to, will carry along with them their own justification, the Editor has only to observe, respecting the translation of the Gospel, that he has endeavoured to make it as correct as possible, by consulting the best and most approved commentators, and that whensoever he has felt himself under the obligation of differing from what is expressed in the common version, it has always

been with regret, in consequence of the commendation so justly due to that version for its general accuracy and faithfulness. He has accordingly thought it right to give his reasons for his occasional deviations from the common version, which reasons may be found in the “Notes and Observations" annexed to each chapter.

In regard to the internal sense which accompanies each chapter of the following Gospel, the Editor has only to ob. serve, that it is collected, for the most part, from the Extracts, in all cases where it was discoverable from the Extracts, otherwise it is composed in agreement with the general mode of interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures, adopted by the Author of the Extracts; and it is annexed, not so much with a view of limiting the reader's ideas to any particular definite meaning of the passages to which it refers, as for the purpose of convincing him, that every part of the letter of the Holy Word is replete with an internal spiritual sense, and that in such internal spiritual sense is to be found the real Sanctity, Truth, Edification, and Divinity of the Sacred Volume.

That the reader, in the perusal of the following pages, may be made sensible in his own mind of such Sanctity, Truth, Edification, and Divinity, is the devout prayer of the

EDITOR. Manchester, 1823.


The Editors, in presenting this new Edition to the Public, have merely to state, that they have carefully revised the text, collating it with the original Greek; they have also pruned the Exposition of various repetitions, and by a thorough research in the voluminous writings of Swedenborg, have been enabled to enrich it with so many additional extracts and references, as to render the exposition of the Spiritual Sense of this Divine Gospel far more complete than in the previous edition, and, consequently, more useful and acceptable to the devout reader who desires to be edified by the “spirit and life” of the Holy WORD.

They have likewise prepared and added, an Index of the various terms, subjects, and correspondences, which are more or less explained in the Exposition; this, they trust, will prove useful as a ready means of general as well as special reference.

Manchester, 1852.

Explanation of the Abbreviated Titles of the Works referred to in

the following pages.

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, b. for epherds read shepherds

, 6. transpose on and in

5, 6. for 32-36 read 11, 26, and dele 12.

1, b. for verse I read verses I, 20; and line 6, for works read work

2, 1. for 13 read 2; also at page 168, line 31, and page 306, line 4.

9, b. dele il. 9; also at page 131, line 4 from top.

23, for 2 read 11

" 106, “ 12, 1. dele 10; and line 36, for ix. read xl. ; also at page 117, last line.

* 107. " 5, t. for i. 28 read i. 64, 68; and line 6, for 44 read 43

"113, * 20. for falih, read faith

** 129, 9, b. dele 26.

" 154, last line, for 4-7 read 4, 5, and line 2, dele ii. 9,

“ 169, line 19, b. for i. 28 read ii, 34

+ 170, " 1, t. dele 10.

"170, " 8, 1. dele v. 24; also page 220, last line, page 241, line 11, and p. 253, line 4, b.

"171, " 8, t. dele 14 ; and line 16, for 33 read 32, also page 188, line 29.
“ 188, " 28, 1. for v. 31 read v. 20, 31.

212, 4 4, 4. for 42 read 1, 3.

" 268, last line, for 1, 5-9 read I, 5; also at page 291, Ine 6, t.

" 269, line 16, b. dele 14.

2911 2, 1. for ix. read xi.

“298, " 21, 6. for thing read things






1. FORASMUCH as many have That revelation of the taken in hand to set forth in ETERNAL Word made flesh is order, a declaration respecting imparted to all who are in the those things which have been love of truth for its own sake. fulfilled among us ;

(Verses 1--5.) 2. Even as they, who from the beginning were eye-witnesses and ministers of the Word have delivered them unto us;

3. It seemed good to me also, having traced all things exactly from the very first, to describe them to thee in order, most excellent Theophilus,

4. That thou mightest know the certainty of the words in which thou hast been instructed.

5. THERE was in the Which revelation teaches days of Herod the king of that, previous to the Lord's Judea, a certain priest nam- appearing, His representative ed Zacharias, of the daily mi- as to the Word must teach nistry of Abia, and his wife the doctrine of repentance and was of the daughters of Aa- faith in Him, the origin of ron, and her name was Eliza- which doctrine is described. beth,

(Verses 5--26.)

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