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map. III. The fruits of the believer's marriage with Christ,

particularly gospel-holiness, and obedience to the law as a rule,

S5 Sect. 1. The sweet folemnity of the marriage now over, and the fad effects of the remains of a legal spirit, ib.

Sect. 2. Faith's victories over fin and Salan, through new and farther discoveries of Christ, making believers more fruitful in holiness, than all other pretenders to works, 57 Sect.


True saving faith magnifying the law, both as a covenant and rule. False faith unfruitful and ruining.

Sect. 4. The believer only, being married to Christ is justified and fanctified; and the niore gospel freedom from the law as a covenant, the more holy conformity to it as a rule,

62 Sect. 5. Gospel.grace giving no liberty to sin, but to ho. ly service and pure obedience,

65 Chap. IV. A caution to all against a legal spirit, especially

to those that have a profeffion without power, and learn

ing without grace, Chap. V. Arguments and encouragements to gospel mini

sters to avoid a legal strain of doctrine, and endeavour the finner's match with Christ by gospel means, 71 Se&. 1. A legal spirit the root of damnable errors, ib.

Sect. 2. A legal strain of doctrine discovered and discard. ed,

72 Sect. 3. The hurtfulness of not preaching Chrift, and distinguishing duly between law and gospel,

74 Sect. 4. Damoable pride and self righteousness, fo nalu. ral to all men, has little need to be encouraged by legal preaching

76 Seet. 5. The gospel of divine grace the only means of converting finners; and therefore should be preached most clearly, fully, and freely,

79 Chap. VI. An exhortation to all that are out of Christ, in

order to their closing the match with bim i containing also motives and directions,

84 Sect. 1. Convi&tion offered to finners, especially such as are wedded strictly to the law, or self-righteous ; that they

ib may see their need of Christ's righteousness.

Sect. 2. Direction given with reference to the right use of the means, that we relt not on these instead of Chiilt the glorious Husband, in whom alone our help lies,

88 Sect. 3. A call to believe in Jesus Christ, with some hints at the act and object of faith,

92 Sect.

4. An advice to finners to apply to the fovereiga mercy of God, as it is discovered through Christ, to the highest honour of justice and other divine attributes, in or. der to further their faith in him unto salvation,

95 Sect. 5. The terrible doom of unbelievers that reject the gospel-match, the offered Saviour and falvation,



The Believer's Jointure.

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Chap. I. Containing the privileges of the believer that is e

spoused to Chrift by faith of divine operation, 106 Sect. s. The believer's perfect beauty, free

' acceptance, and full security, through the imputation of Christ's perfect righteousness, though imparted grace be imperfect, ib.

Sect. 2. Christ the believer's friend, prophet, priest, king, defence, guide, guard, belp, and healer,

108 Sect. 3. Chrift the believer's wonderful physician, and wealthy friend,

Sec. 4. The believer's safety under the covert of Christ's attoning blood, and powerful intercession,

Sect. 5. The believer's faith and hope encouraged even in the darkest nights of desertion and distress,

Sect 6. Benefits accruing to believers, from the offices, names, natures, and sufferings of Christ,

118 Sect. 7. Christ's sufferings further improved, and believers called to live by faith, both when they have and want sensi. ble influences,

Sect. 8. Christ the believer's enriching treasure,
Sect. 9.

Christ the believer's adorning garment,
Sect. 1o. Christ the believer's sweet nourishment, 125
Chap. II. Containing marks and characters of believers in

Christ; together with some farther privileges and grounds of comfort to saints,




122 124

Sect. 1. Doubting believers called to examine themselves by marks drawn from their love to him and his presence, their view of his glory, and their being emptied of self-righteousness, &c.

126 Sect. 2. Believers described from their faith acting by divine aid, and fleeing quite out of themselves to Jesus Christ,

129 Sect. 3. Believers characterized by the objects and purity of their delire, delight, joy, hatred, and love, discovering they have the Spirit of Christ,

131 Sect. 4. Believers in Christ aff:et his counsel, word, ordinances, appearance, full enjoyment in heaven, and sweet presence here,

133 Sect. 5. The true believer's humility, dependence, zeal, growth, admiration of free grace, and knowledge of Christ's voice,

135 Sect. 6. True believers are willing to be tried and exam. ined. Also comforts arising to them from Christ's ready supply, real sympathy, and relieving names fuiting their need, 138

Sect. 7. The believer's experience of Christ's comfortable presence, or of former comforts, to be improved for his en. couragement and support under hidings,

141 Sečt. 8. Comfort to believers from the stability of the promise, notwithftanding heavy chastisements for sin,

144 Sect. 9. Comfort to believers in Christ's relations, his dying love, his glory in heaven, to which he will lead them through death, and supply them with all necessaries by the way,

146 Sect. ro. Comfort to believers from the text, Thy Ma. ker is thy Husband, inverted thus, Thy Husband is thy Maker; and the conclusion of this subject,


The Believer's Riddle; or, The Mystery of Faith. The Preface, fnewing the use and design of the Riddle, and

how all fatal errors proceed from ignorance of such my. fteries.

152 Scet. 1. The mystery of the saints pedigree, and especially of their relation to Christ's wonderful person,

Seet. 2. The mystery of the saints life, state, and frame, 164



Sect. 3. Mysteries about the saints work and warfare, fins, sorrows, and joys,

172 Sect. 4. Mysteries in faith's extractions, way and walk, prayers and answers, heights and depths, fear and love, 179

Sect. s. Mysteries about flesh and fpirit, liberty and bon. dage, life and death,

191 Sect. 6. The mytery of free justification through Christ's, obedience and fatisfaction,

Sect. 7. The mystery of God the justifier; and faith juftifying him, both in his jullying and condemning; or foul. justification and self condemnation,

203 Sect. 8. The mystery of fanctification, imperfect in this life; or, The believer doing all, and doing nothing, 211

Sect. 9. The mystery of various names given to faints'; or, The flesha and spirit described from inamate things, vegetables, and sensitives,

217 Sect. 1o. The mystery of the faine's old and new man further described, and the means of their spiritual life, 224

Sect. 11. The mystery of Christ, his names, natures, and offices,

232 Sect. 1 2. The mystery of the believer's mixed state for ther enlarged, and his getting good out of evil,

239 Sect. 13. The mystery of the saints adversaries and ad. versities,

215 Sect. 14. The mystery of the believer's pardon and fecu. rity from revenging wrath, notwithstanding his fin's desert, 250 Sect. 15. The mystery of faith and fight,

259 Sect. 16. The mystery of faith and works,

262 And of rewards of grace and debt,

267 The conclusion,



The Believer's Lodging.

A paraphrase upon Plalm lxxxiv,
Exercise for the believer in his lodging fourfold,
1. The holy law;,or, The ten commandments,
2. The unholy heart the reverse of God's law,
3. The glorious gospel of Christ the remedy,
4. The prayer of faith exemplified,

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The Believer's Soliloquy ; especially in times of defertion, templation, affliction, 6C.

282 Sect. c. The deserted believer longing for perfect free. dom from fin,

ib. Sect. 2. The deserted believer's prayer under complaints of unbelief, darkness, deadness, and hardness,

285 Sect. 3. The believer wadding through deeps of desertion and corruption,

287 Sect. 4. The believer's complaint of fin, forrow, and want of love,

289 Sect.

so The deserted soul's prayer for the Lord's gra. cious and fin subduing presence,

292 Sect. 6. The song of heaven desired by faints on earth, 293

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Chap. I. Concerning creation and redemption; or, Some of the first principles of the oracles of God,

297 Sect. 1. Of creation. The first chapter of Genesis compendized,

ib. The sum of creation,

299 Sect. 2. Of redemption. The mystery of the Redeemer's incarnation ; or, God manifested in the flesh,

ib. The sum of redemption,

300 Sect 3. The Redeemer's works; or, Christ all in all, and our complete redemption. A gospel catechism for young Christians,

301 Sect. 4. Faith and works both excluded from the matter of justification before God, that redemption may appear to be only in Chrift, Chap. II Concerning the law and the gospelo Sect. 1. The mystery of law and gospel,

ib. Sect 2. The difference between the law and the gospel, 324 Sect. 3. The harmony between the law and the gospel, 327 Sect.


proper place and station of the law and the gospel, in four paragraphs,




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