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Q. But how shall I escape and flee

Th' avenging wrath of God?
A. In Christ, who bore upon the tree

That whole amazing load.
Q. Alas! I'm daily apt to stray,

How shall I heav'nward make?
A. Through Christ the consecrated way,

Design'd for thee to take. Q. Ah! where's my title, right, or claim,

To that eternal bliss ?
Å. In Chrift alone, that glorious name,

The Lord our righteousness.
Q. But who unfit can enter there,

Or with fuch nafty feet ?
A. Chrift by his blood presents thee fair,
• His Spirit makes thee meet.
Q. But may’nt my spirit, weak as grass,

Fail e'er it reach the length ?
A. Jefus the Lord thy righteousness
Will be the Lord thy strength.

May'nt hellish hofts, and wicked foes,
Sore by the way molest?
A. Christ is a friend to bridle those,

And give the weary reft.
Q. May'nt guilty conscience loudly brand,

And all my comfort chace?
A. Christ with a pardon in his hand

Can fhew his smiling face.
Q. But how can divine mercy vent,

Where fins are great and throng?
A. Chrift is the channel with descent

That mercy runs along.
Q. But may not justice interpose,

And ftand in mercy's way?

A. Jesus did all the debt thou owes

To divine justice pay.
Q. Where thall mine eyes the pardon spy,

Unto my saving good?
A. In Christ's free promise see it lie,

In his atoning blood.,!
Q. What ground have I to trust and say,

The promise is not vain ?
A. In Christ the promises are rea,

In him they are Amen.
Q. But'where is Christ himself, O where

With promises fo fweet?
A. Christ's in the promises, and there

Thy faith and he may neet,
Q. Is Christ in them, and they in Christ?

How shall I this descry?
A. His blood and Spirit therein lift
To heal and to apply.

'Gainst legal fiery threats of wrath, i

Pray, what defence is best ?
A. Christ's full obedience ey'd by faith;

There should the guilty, rest.
Q. But how shall faith be had? Alas!

I find I can't believe.
A. Christ is the author of that grace,

And faith is his to give.
Q. Ah! when may faithless I expect

He'll such a bliss bequeath?
A. He will of unbelief convict,

And pave the way for faith.
Q Repentance must attend, but whence

Shall I this grace receive ?
A. Christ is exalted as a prince

All needful grace to give.

Q: How can fo vile a lump of dust

Heart-holiness expect?
A. Christ by his holy Spirit must

This gradual change effect.
Q. How shall I do the works aright,

I'm daily bound unto ?
A. Christ in thee, by his Spirit's night,

Works both to will and do.
Q. How shall my maladies be heal'd,

So fore molesting me?
Ai Christ is the great Physician seald,
The Lord that bealeth thee,

By prayer 1 ought to seek his face,
This courfe how shall I drive?
A. 'Tis Christ alone that has the grace
And sp’rit of pray’r to give.

Salvation-work is great and high,
Alas! what shall I do?
A. Christ as the Alpha thereof eye,

And the Omega too.
Q. What pillar then is most secure
To build my hope upon

A. Christ only the foundation-fure.
The living corner-stone.

When I'm with black pollution stain'd, How shall I cleansed be! A. Christ is a fountain for that end

Set open wide for thee.
Q. What shall I do, when plagues abound,

With forrows, griefs, and fears ?
A. Christ has a baljam for thy wounds,

A bottle for thy tears.
Q. But is there any help for one

That utterly is lost?

A. Christ faves from fin, and he alone,

Ev'n to the uttermost.
Q. But where shall I be safe at last

From hell and endless death?
A. Christ is a refuge from the blast

Of everlasting wrath.
Q. But inayn't ev'n nat’ral death to me

Become a dreadful thing?
A. Christ by his death in love to thee
Did ev'ry death unfting.

Why, Sir, is Christ the whole you say?
No answer elfe I find.
A. Because, were Christ our all away,

There's nothing left behind.
Q. How can he answer ev'ry case,

and help in ev'ry thrall ?
A. Because he is the Lord of grace,

JEHOVAH all in all.
Q. How is he present to supply,

And to relieve us thus?
A Because his glorious name is nigla,

IMMANUEL, God with us.
Q: Has he alone all pow'r to save,

It nothing left to man?
A. Yea, without Chrift we nothing have,

Without him nothing can. Q. May’nt some from hence take latitude

And room their lusts to please ; If Christ do all, than, very good,

Let us take carnal ease.
A. Christ will in flaming vengeance come,

With fury in his face,
To damn his foes that dare perfume,

And thus abuse his grace.



Faith and Works both excluded from the matter of

justification before God, that redemption may appear to be only in Chrift.

HO dare an holy God address,

With an unholy righteonsness ?
Who can endure his awful probe,
Without perfection for their robe ?
None could his great tribunal face,
Were faith itself their faireft dress :
Faith takes the robe, but never brags
Itself has ought but filthy rags.
Faith claims no share, and works far less,
In justice.pleasing righteousness ;
The servant were to be abhorr'd,
Would claim the glory of his lord.
Blasphemous unbelief may claim

The praises of the worthy Lamb:
But faith disclaimning all its best,
Not on itself, but Chrift, will reft,
I'm say'd and justifi'd by faith,
Which yet no saving value hath;
Nor e'er pretends to save from thrall
But in it's object has its all,
'Tis Chrift alone faves guilty nie,
And makes my right to life so free,
That in himself it stands alone :
Faith takes the right, but gives me none.
I dare not act with this intent,
For acts of mine to draw the rent;
Nor do good works with this design,
To win the crown by works of mine.

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