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be found to be the most efficacious, as it is undoubtedly the most pure and sublime principle of a holy life.

Try the sincerity of your faith, then, by this test. What humility, what repentance, what contrition for sin, what fervent devotion, what love, ardent and supreme to him who comprehends all perfection in his own existence, what profound gratitude to him who became incarnate, and died for our salvation; and in the intercourse of society what integrity and uprightness, what purity of life and manners, what simplicity of heart, what candour, what benevolenee, what meekness of temper, what readiness to forgive offences against ourselves as we hope to be forgiven of God, will distinguish the genuine power of faith in the heart of a true believer; from all those false and defective principles of piety, that dishonor religion in the preiended disciples of Christ ! Christians! if your faith bear these decisive tests of sincerity, adore the grace by which it hath been wrought in your hearts. Open your souls more and more to its divine illuminations, till it give place, at length, to immediate vision, and be lost in the blessed light of heaven, and till hope, the child of faith, enter with you into that within the peil. AMEN.




Psalm lxvi. 16.
Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done

for my soul.

Pastor of the Presbyterian Congregation of Elizabeth-Town.

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Psalm Ixvi. 16. Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare

what he hath done for my soul.


any subject, proper to be made known, be deeply impressed upon the miod, and supremely and delightfully engage the thoughts and affections, the tongue will declare it; and it will be the chief and most delightful topic of conversation. Of the truth of this remark, there can be no doubt. It is proved by the declaration of our Sav. iour, « out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh,” Matt. xii. 34; and it is proved by daily observation and experience. If therefore we be christians, we shall delight to meet with our fellow christians, and engage with them in conversation on experimental piety. And true religion must either be very low, or be entirely wanting in the heart of that person who seldom speaks on the subject, or extends not his conversation beyond the doctrines and forms of religion, or speaks in an uninterested and heartless manner. The scripture saints, as appears from their history, engaged much in religious conversation. This was especially the case with the pious king of Israel, who penned the greater part of the Psalms ; in the Psalm which contains our text, he was so filled with a sense of the divine goodness towards him, that he invited the people of God to come and hear what the Lord had done for him, that they might be encouraged and strengthened from his experience, and might

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