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Independent Whig:



Primitive Christianity,

And of our

Ecclesiastical Establishment*


Tlje Exorbitant Claims and
En CRoACHMENTsofFanatical
and Disaffected Clergymen.

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Printed for J. PeelE, at Locke's H$ad iri
Amen-Corner, Fater-noster-rov) -, and_ Sold
by J. Os Born, at Dock-Head, near Rother-
kith. M.dccxxxii." ix

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; O U, Gentlemen, who are the Representatives of the Clergy of England, are proper Patrons of aWork, which treats of Religion and the Clergy. It is written to promote Liberty,Virtue and Piety j the Interests of which, I hope, you will always espouse, and esteem as your own; and will consequently approve my Design, and give me your Thanks, whatever may have been the Success of my Endeavours.

Vol. I. A 2 The

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