The European Magazine: And London Review, Volumen47

Philological Society of London, 1805

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Página 360 - That cast an awful look below; Whose ragged walls the ivy creeps, And with her arms from falling keeps. So both a safety from the wind On mutual dependence find. 'Tis now the raven's bleak abode; 'Tis now th...
Página 360 - Has seen this broken pile complete, Big with the vanity of state ; But transient is the smile of fate ! A little rule, a little sway, A sunbeam in a winter's day, Is all the proud and mighty have Between the cradle and the grave.
Página 359 - Wide and wider spreads the vale, As circles on a smooth canal : The mountains round, unhappy fate! Sooner or later, of all height, Withdraw their summits from the skies...
Página 151 - ... there never was a more fortunate opportunity, nor a moment more favourable, to silence all the passions, and listen only to the sentiments of humanity and reason. This moment once lost, what end can be assigned to a war which all my efforts will not be able to terminate ? Your majesty has gained more within ten years, both in territory and riches, than the whole extent of Europe.
Página 359 - While ftray'd my eyes o'er Towy's flood, Over mead, and over wood, „ From houfe to houfe, from hill to hill, 'Till Contemplation had her fill. . About his chequer'd fides I wind, And leave his brooks and meads behind, And groves and grottoes where I lay, And viftoes...
Página 471 - A dispatch, of which the following is a copy, has been this day received at Earl Bathurst's office, addressed to his lordship by Major General Cooke, dated Cadiz, August 30, 1812 :— Cadiz, August 3O.
Página 120 - The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, Of the City of London...
Página 161 - Thefe millions of cocoons all clofe to each other, and the formation of which has not taken two hours, form a white robe ¡ in this the cirtada worm appears elegantly clothed.
Página 151 - Sir and Brother,— Called to the throne of France by Providence, and by the suffrages of the senate, the people, and the army, my first sentiment is a wish for peace. France and England abuse their prosperity. They may contend for ages ; but do their Governments well fulfil the most sacred of their duties, and will not so much blood, shed uselessly and without a view to any...
Página 160 - ... all its various (hades, according to the different undulations of the animal, and the different accidents of light.

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