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“merciful raging waves of the sea, which none is able to resist; "even so shall the day of your calamity come, which is hasting " as the lightning, whose breaking forth all your fleshly wisdom “shall never be able to hinder.” Page 208, “ Behold, I have “ heard a voice of terror from the Lord against your unrighteous “ proceedings, and the day of God's vengeance is in His heart, "and who should stand to plead with Him? And a cup of aston

ishment from the righteous God of Truth will be poured forth

unto you; and as sure as you have thirsted after and drunk “deep of the blood of God's chosen, so certain shall you have “ blood to drink, and trembling, horror, and amazement will most "absolutely come in that day, which approacheth as a thief in the co'night; and the sound of God's terrible voice shall be heard in “the midst of you, and from the dreadful voice of this war "shall you never be able to cover yourselves with all your writ“ings, printings, nor declarations." Page 209, “For great is " the woe that is coming upon you; and that which I have heard concerning you is none other than a voice of terror. Oh, the " trouble, distress, and calamity that soundeth in my heart con“ cerning you, and from the Lord God, will be poured forth, and “exceeding deep shall you drink thereof."

Joseph Nicholson.-“ When they that caused them to be put to “ death * shall howl and lament; for their day of sorrow is coming " on, for the innocent blood cries aloud for vengeance upon them,

who put them to death.”: Page 18, “Your enchantments and “ laws, which you have hatched out of hell, shall be broken. “And the people in scorn by you called 'cursed Quakers' shall "inhabit amongst you, and you shall be broken to pieces; the “Lord hath said it, and He will shortly bring it to pass.” Page 20, “Whose innocent blood cries aloud for vengeance against "you, who have shed innocent blood; God's judgments draw “ near; all you who had a hand in shedding innocent blood, the " blood of the innocent is upon you; Woe will be to you for ever“ more except you repent. Sorrow shall accompany you wher“ever you go; vengeance from the Lord, and punishment as

Standard of the Lord Lifted up in New England, 1660, page 6.

“came upon Cain, shall come upon you. In sorrow shall you lie “ down, and so shall you rise up; and in torment shall you be " wherever you go; aud you shall have blood to drink, who have “shed innocent blood.”

Isaac Pennington.-" There is a time of righteous judgment, * “ wherein the most inward covers shall be ripped off, and the “sinner appear what he is ; and then the persecutor shall bear “that shame, that burden, that misery, which is the portion of “that spirit.” Page 71, 72, “But the same Lord God of Truth “and righteousness, who hath unmasked the Papists and un“ masked the Bishops, will unmask these also, and their nakedness “shall more appear than the others, who would hide themselves “ and their own cruelty with that covering which they themselves “judged in others.” Page 74, “ The Lord also will judge between “cattle and cattle; and in that day ye will see that, as His choice “ have been your outcasts, so your choice is rejected by Him; and " that as His spirit is the abomination of your eyes, so your formal “ way of worship is the loathing of His soul. Oh that ye had eyes " to see it !-that your hearts might not be utterly hardened “ against the Lord, His Truth and people, even to your utter and “ eternal destruction ! Little do ye see, poor deceived hearts, “ what a narrow step there is between you and the pit.”

William Robinson and Marmaduke Stevenson.-" You who are “ seeking the life of the righteous,t and that nothing but blood will " satisfy, the Lord will give you blood to drink; you that thirst “for it, you shall have enough of it." Page 239, to New England :-"How dost thou think to expect anything from the Lord “ but a sore destruction, a famine and plague, which is hastening “ upon thee if thou continue still in rebellion, in persecuting His “ servants? This hath the Lord said, and this will the Almighty " perform upon thee in the day of His righteous judgments." Page 243, “ Well, a little further you shall proceed to fill up the “ measure of your iniquities, and then shall you have your reward " with the rest of the uncircumcised.” Page 249, “ This know, if

* Examination of the Grounds, &c., page 49.
Appendix, page 237.

“you put us to death when we rețurn, that you will bring inno“cent blood upon you by so doing, which will not depart from your houses, nor from that seed that is guilty thereof. So these “things we speak, that you may no more be guilty of innocent “ blood. For assuredly know, that nothing shall fail of what the “ Lord hath spoken by us, and through us concerning you, * if " you go on still in rebellion and stiff-neckedness, and refuse to

hearken to the voice and counsel of the Lord God. And this “know, that you have been warned from the Lord of these things “ before they come to pass.” Page 250, “For the Lord of hosts “ is coming up against you, and your power must be subdued and “ taken from you by the Prince of Peace;" page 251, “who is “come and coming, to make void all your ungodly, inhuman, and “ bloody laws, and to reward you according to your works. The “ Lord God hath spoken it, and by Him it shall be accomplished “ upon you; for the decree of the Most High is gone out against "you; ye unmerciful men, whose wickedness and unrighteousness " doth exceed the nations about you, for barbarous cruelty and “ unmanlike actions."

Page 290, Mary Dyer.-—The Lord will overthrow both your “ laws and you, and by His righteous judgments and plagues, " poured justly upon you; who now, whilst you are warned thereof, and tenderly sought unto, may avoid the one, by removing " the other."

Elizabeth Hooton.—“Still do you thirst for more blood ?t And “ you shall have blood to drink, except you speedily repent. You " are still striking and fighting with the innocent, till the stroke “ return again from the Lord heavily upon you; and the hand of the Lord is stretched out against you to destroy you. A day “ of howling and sad lamentation I is coming upon you all from “ the Lord; and as He hath cried unto you to return, by His

* Is it not fulfilled, Cotton ?

Lament over Boston and Cambridge, and Threatening to the Rulers.Manuscript.

* This is fulilled by Cotton Mather's Confession, Book VII., chap. i., page 112, as cited in the book aforesaid, page 139.

“servants whom He sent, and you would not regard; so shall you “cry, and He will not hear you nor regard your cry.* And so you “may go to your gods whom you have served, and see if they “ will deliver you. And now, who shall plead for you? For your “ misery is coming upon you like an army of men, and your devices shall defend you no longer. For look, what you have done " to others shall be filled upon your own heads; for you shall “ drink deeply of the cup of God's wrath."

George Bishop.-"And the time is at hand, yea, near to be “ revealed, wherein the righteous God will render unto you according to your deeds," page 45, “when He shall have thrown ye down from your seats, and exalted the humble and meek. “ And for this, expect that ye shall have your reward from Him, " who is the father of the fatherless, and the husband to the " widow."

Page 61, Thomas Harris's warning.-" The dreadful, terrible “ day of the Lord God of heaven and earth is coming upon the « inhabitants of this town and country.”

Page 78, George Bishop.—“And when the judgment of the “Lord shall be made manifest upon you, this shall remain as “a witness for the Lord, and that He hath not without cause “ brought these things on you, who will be glorified on you when “His judgments are made manifest. The mouth of the Lord of “ hosts hath spoken it, who will do it, and the time is near."

Page 115.—Nicholas Upshall declared unto you, “that the “prosecution of that law (viz., of banishment) would be a fore“runner of a judgment of the country," as it proved; but ye would not hear him, but banished him also.

Pages 178, 179, George Bishop.—Having told them how they should bear the indignation of the Lord, he says :-"Which will " on you certainly fall, and divide you your portion with the “ hypocrites and sinners, and avenge the blood and sufferings of “ His servants, and plead their cause, and execute judgment for “them upon you, and that in the sight of the heathen.” Page 227, having spoken of "the cup He hath filled to you," (in

* So Increase Mather confesses, as aforesaid.

recounting the sufferings,) “which ye have filled unto them, and have doubled it upon you,” says he, “ in the Word of “the Lord, who will fulfill it upon you, that you shall not go “haughtily, for this time is evil.”

Page 337, Wenlock Christison.—“Be not proud, neither let your spirits be lifted up; God doth but wait till the measure of “your iniquity be filled up, and that you have run your ungodly “ race; then will the wrath of God come upon you to the utter"most." · Page 350, George Wilson's warning :-" that the Lord was coming with fire and sword to plead with Boston."*

Page 370, George Bishop.-—“The day of evil is coming upon “you, and you shall receive according to your works, and the “ time is near." Page 412, “ But you will be met with, and the “cup you have filled to others will be filled to you; and you “shall know that God is the Lord, and that Him in His people “it is you have so opposed and persecuted."

Page 429, William Hathorn, before he was a magistrate and persecutor,-" That if an act,” as they were then about to restrain preaching, † “ should take place in New England, he looked upon “it as one of the most horrid acts that ever was done in New “ England, and would be as great a token of God's forsaking " New England as any.".

Page 438, Edward Wharton.--"Surely the Lord will visit you “ for the blood of the innocent; and your day is coming, as it is “come upon many, who but as yesterday were higher in power “ than ever you were, or are like to be, but now are made the "lowest of many; and truly my soul laments for you."

"God will give you a cup of trembling, that you shall be a by“ word and a hissing to all your neighbours." I

Many more I could mention to the same purpose, as foretelling the judgments and miseries that were coming upon them for their injustice and cruelties; all which Cotton Mather must needs con

* See this fulfilled, page 195. + “Is Saul also among the prophets ?”—1 Sam. x. 11. | Postscript to the First edition, page 147.

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