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murdering Christ, the Son of God, that came to save them; the consequence of which was so dismal and deplorable, that one would think it should have been sufficient warning to deter any from following their steps, in persecuting his followers; but as it was then, he that was born after the flesh, persecuted him that is born after the Spirit; even so it is now. And all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution; for unto you it is given, in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake. Nevertheless, it is a righteous thing with God, to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you; and to them who are troubled, rest. These things I do not write, I can truly say, that I rejoice in them, or to vaunt over them; for I am heartily sorry for the occasion, and them that give it; nor should I have brought them up, or mentioned it against them, did they not still appear in the same spirit; and had not the said Cotton Mather still endeavoured to set himself as an adversary against God's Truth and people, by abusing of us as he hath done; so that it is justly improved against them, as a check to their envy. And I hope none that are of a better mind, will be offended at my plain dealing with them; for to use his own terms,” “The gatholic spirit of communion wherewith it is written, and the liberty which I have taken to tax the schismatical imposition and persecutions of a party, who have always been as real enemies to the English nation as to the Christian and Protestant interest.” So that it is only against such that it is intended; and to lay it before them whom it doth concern, that they may come to a sight of their sin and repent, that the Lord may show them mercy, and remove His judgments from them, which I truly desire, if it be the will of the Lord; and that others also may behold, and take notice of the judgments that have come upon them, for their persecution and cruelty to the Lord's people, and may glorify God and say, “Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of Saints. Who shall not fear Thee, O Lord l and glorify

* Introduction, chap. ii., page 3. .

Thy name, for Thy judgments are made manifest?” And that they and all others may take warning, and hear, and fear, and do no more so wickedly; which I truly desire for their sakes: for though I am an utter enemy to all persecution, yet a friend to all

JOHN whiting.”
London, the 10th of the
Ninth month, 1702.

* Postscript.—Since the writing of the passage in page 152, about Thomas Maule, I have seen a letter of his in print, to Cotton Mather, showing his abuse, as to the words he alleges against him, Book VII., page 96, That they were not, “That the devil, sin,” &c., “are nothing; ” but, “That they had no being by creation;” which differs greatly. And by another hook, intitled, New England Persecutors Mauled, that “they seized and burned Sixteen pound worth of the said books;” and not only so, but tried him for it in 1606, but was acquitted by jury; and that he had suffered by imprisonment, whipping, and spoiling his goods, ten times, whereby the deceit and falsehood of the said Cotton Mather is further manifested, in pretending, “That they have renounced all laws against liberty of conscience,” and yet act such things still.


ADDERton, Major-General, reproved
by W. Christison for his pride,
208; f
his sudden death, 305.
A Few Words to the King and both
Houses of Parliament, etc., 176.
Alden, Ralph, fined and imprisoned,
Alexander, Nicholas, banished, 327.
Allen, George, fined for non-swear-
ing, 147.
Allen, Joseph, fined for non-swear-
ing, 142.
Allen, Matthew, fined for non-swear-
ing, 147.
Allen, Ralph, fined for not removing
the hat, 127;
fined for non-swearing, 142.
released from Boston prison, 211.
Allen, Ralph, the younger, fined,
Allen, William, fined for not remov-
ing the hat, 127;
heavily fined on many charges,
released from Boston prison, 211.
Ambrose, Alice, arrives from Eng-
land, 227;
visits convinced persons about
Dover, 229;
sentenced to be tied to cart, and
whipped through eleven towns,

Ambrose, Alice, returning to Dover,
is dragged through the snow
and over rough fields face
downward, 235;
thrown into the water and nearly
drowned, 236;
put in the stocks at Hampton,
disputes with Priest Millet, 252;
is roughly handled at Boston,
goes to Flushing, Long Island,
is imprisoned and banished, 276;
whipped in Virginia with knotted
nine-corded whip, 287;
returning to Boston, is ordered
to be whipped through three
towns, 288, 301;
same sentence repeated, 303.
Ames, William, in the Palatinate, 18.
Apology of the Government of Massa-
chusetts as to the persecutions, 7.
Appendix to the book entitled New
England Judged, being certain writ-
ings of those persons who were there
executed, 336.
Archer, Samuel, Marshal of Salem,
suddenly cut off, 323.
Austin, Ann, see Mary Fisher.

BArtists, Persecuted, pleaded for by
Independents in England, 505.

Barlow, George, Marshal of Sandwich,
cruelty toward Friends, 142, 249.
Bellingham, Richard, Deputy-Gover-
nor, his treatment of Mary
Fisher and Ann Austin, 10;
of Ann Borden, 44;
of William Shattock, 50;
of John Small and others, 51;
favours hanging Quakers, 172;
banishes E. Wharton from Bos-
ton, 190; -
tempts the wife of J. Chamberlain
to disown him while in prison,
225; -
causes Ann Coleman to be whip-
ped, so that she nearly dies,
280; -
contends against W. Christison,
banishes and imprisons several
Friends, 327;
dies distracted, 328. -
Birkhead, Christopher, imprisoned in
Holland and in France, 20, 21.
Boston, Visitation of, by fire, 550.
Bower, Benanuel, cast into prison and
fined for giving food to E. Hooton,
Bowne, John, of Flushing, imprison-
ed, is banished to Holland, and re-
turns via Barbadoes to Long Island,
274. -
Bradstreet, Simon, Magistrate, 60;
his treatment of N. Phelps, 66;
threatening words to Wm. Led-
dra, 192;
sent to England to defend the
Provincial authorities, 216;
brings back a Declaration of Lib-
erty of Conscience, 217.
Brend, William, arrives at Boston, 9;
imprisoned and shipped away,
comes to Salem, 54, 407;
is sent to Boston, 55;

Brend, William, put in irons and sav-
agely whipped, 56;
befriended by Magistrate Cud-
worth, of Plymouth, 135;
whipped at Plymouth, 136;
is sent away from New Haven,
157, 173.
Brewster, Margaret, her testimony as
to the appearance of the small-pox,
329, 473.
Brokesup, Joan, accompanies Eliza-
beth Hooton from England to
Virginia, thence to Boston, 260;
is sent to jail by Governor En-
dicott, 261;
is driven into the Wilderness,
visits Rhode Island and Barba-
does, 264;
returns to Boston, and is sent
away, 205;
goes to Virginia and to England,
Buffum, Joshua, sent to Boston, 55;
appeal to Court from jail, G3;
fined and whipped, 69;
banished to Rhode Island for re-
fusing hat-honour, 73, 86.
Burden, Ann, visits Boston to collect
debts owing her, 45;
is sick and in prison, 45;
is sent back to England, 46.
Burrough, Edward, his prophecy con-
cerning the persecutors, 542.
Burton, John, taken to Boston, 51.
Butter, Edward, Treasurer of Salem,
foiled in selling Quakers, 92; "
continues to persecute them, 249;
cruelty toward Elizabeth Kitch-
in, 250.

CALvinists IN EUROPE, they tolerate
Friends, 17. -

Cambridge scholars abuse Friends,

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