The Civil Engineer's Pocket-book of Mensuration, Trigonometry, Surveying, Hydraulics ...

J. Wiley & Sons, 1891 - 866 páginas

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Página 323 - One of these is the proposition that any two sides of a triangle are greater than the third side.
Página 310 - We thus arrive at the principle that, in any case, the rate of acceleration is directly proportional to the force and Inversely proportional to the mass.
Página 385 - British. 20 grains 1 scruple. 3 scruples 1 dram = 60 grains. 8 drams 1 ounce = 24 scruples = 480 grains. 12 ounces 1 pound = 96 drams — 288 scruples =» 5760 grains. In troy and apothecaries' weights, the grain, ounce and pound are the same.
Página 383 - States is, in theory, that of a pendulum vibrating seconds at the level of the sea, in the latitude of London, in a vacuum, with Fahrenheit's thermometer at 62°. The length of such a pendulum is supposed to be divided into 39.1393 equal parts called inches, and 36 of these inches were adopted as the standard yard of both countries.
Página 650 - Machine rock-drills bore much more rapidly than handdrills, and also more economically, provided the work is of sufficient magnitude to justify the preliminary outlay. They drill in any direction, and can often be used in boring holes so located that they could not be bored by hand. They are worked either by steam directly, or by air compressed by steam or water-power and stored in a tank called a receiver and thence led to the drills through iron pipes.
Página 312 - Relation between force and mass. The mass of a body is the quantity of matter which it contains.
Página viii - ... are equal. The boys may then go in to dinner, and probably puzzle their big lout of a brother who has just passed through college with high honors. They will not forget what they have learned ; for they learned it as play, without any ear-pulling, spanking, or keeping in. Let their bats and balls, their marbles, their swings...
Página 162 - Every point iu the surface of a sphere is equidistant from a certain point called the center. Any line passing entirely through a sphere, and through its center, is called its axis, or diameter.
Página ii - ... and their adjustments. Strength of Materials, Masonry, Principles of Wooden and Iron Roof and Bridge Trusses, Stone Bridges and Culverts, Trestles, Pillars, Suspension Bridges, Dams, Railroads, Turnouts, Turning Platforms, Water Stations, Cost of Earthwork, Foundations, Retaining Walls, etc. In addition to which the elucidation of certain important Principles of Construction is made in a more simple manner than heretofore. By JC Trautwine, CE 12mo, morocco flaps, gilt edges. 32nd thousand, revised...
Página 273 - ... canals and rivers in earth of tolerably uniform cross-section, slope, and direction, in moderately good order and regimen, and free from stones and weeds.

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