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When the Maker of the of nature, and to look into world becomes an Author, the ways of nature, are very His word must be as per- different things; the latter fect as His work : the glory of which is the result of of His wisdom must be de- much labour and observaclared by the one as evi- tion. If the economy of dently as the glory of His nature is not to be learned power is by the other : and from a transient inspection if nature repays the philoso- of the heavens and the earth; pher for his experiments, and if the ground will not the Scripture-can never dis- yield its strength but to appoint those who are pro- those who diligently turn it perly exercised in the study up and cultivate it ; who of it.

can imagine that the wisdom The world which God hath of God's word can be dismade is open to every eye; covered at sight by every but to look upon the works common reader ? Nature


must be compared with it-ed one to guide him. But self; and the Scripture must the case is so particular, be compared with itself, by that something more than those who would understand the guidance of man is either the one or the other.

necessary: and the royal Every science bath its prophet was sensible of it, own elements ; it hath a when he said, “ Open Thou sort of alphabet peculiar mine eyes, that I may see to itself; which must be the wondrous things of Thy learned in the first place, law.” Even in men of before any judgment can be honest minds, well affected formed, or any pleasure re- to the truth, there was found ceived when that science is a slowness of heart, which treated of: for none but our blessed Saviour found fools are enamoured with it necessary to remove by what they do not under- His own immediate grace, stand : and few things can before His discourse could be understood without being be understood : “then openfirst learned. How can I un- ed He their understandings, derstand, said the Ethiopian that they might understand eunuch, “unless some man the Scriptures d.” should guide mea ?” When These, and many other he looked into the prophet like passages, shew, that Isaiah, he had a book be- there is a certain obscurity fore him, in which it fre- in the language of the Bible, quently happens that the which renders it difficult to thing spoken of is not the be understood : that there is thing intended; and he something which common knew not how to distin- eyes cannot discern : and it guish : “ of whom speaketh may be collected from what the prophet this ?” said he; happens to us in every other “of himself, or of some other kind of learning, that there man b ?!? Therefore he want- I are elements or principles

a Acts viii. 31.
e Ps. cxix. 18.

b Acts viii. 34.
d Luke xxiv. 45.

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