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verily guilty concerning take no effect, till his former our brother, in that we saw evil ways are given up. the anguish of his soul when With an attachment to his he besought us, and we old sins and errors, he can would not hear; therefore neither understand nor apis this distress come upon prove any thing the gospel us ?.” God who found out offers to him; but will either the iniquity of Joseph's hate or despise it, and tempt brethren, and at last opened others to do the same : as their eyes to see and con- the scribes did, who would fess it, can turn the hearts not accept of John's bapof the Jews, how hard so- tism. Why do not all men ever they may be at present, receive the gospel, but beand prepare them for that cause some have taken part second meeting when their with the world, the flesh, Saviour shall be known to and the devil ; and deterthem.

mine never to renounce Some things which have them ? To all such the gospassed before us in the pre- pel is a thing of no value. sent lecture would suggest From the case of Joseph, many profitable reflections, and our blessed Saviour, if I had time to insist upon hated and persecuted as them.

they were ; we should learn From the office of John to suspect all those whom the Baptist, which was pre- the world magnifies, and paratory to the doctrines of not trust to reports and apJesus Christ, we

are to pearances, where self-love learn, that no man can re- and temporal interest are ceive the truth of the gos- concerned to disguise things. pel, unless he is prepared This is a world in which by a baptism of repent- truth is neglected, goodness ances, and is ready to for- evil spoken of, and innosake his sins. The counsel cence run down and perseof God for his salvation can cuted. It is the constant f Gen. xlii. 21.

8 Mark i. 4; Luke iii. 3.

practice of mankind to mis- | enemy. Every mortal man represent and defame those will suffer under the like whom they have injured, miserable dilemma, who canthat their own injustice may not find his happiness in not appear. When virtue the world, and dare not is oppressed, it is generally seek it where only it is to silent; while its oppressors be found. All this happens never fail to be clamorous because he does not know in their own vindication : Jesus Christ; does not know and in most cases, men may that He is the Brother and distinguish where the fault the Friend of sinners, ready lies, by the noise that is to take them under His made to conceal it. When protection and supply all Christ was defamed He“an- their wants ; but supposes swered not again " ;" and religion to be his enemy, His disciples also suffered and expects to be roughly in patience ; while the Jews handled. The brethren of were running here and there Joseph did not know him; all over the world tell and were distressed with their story, and turn the fear and anxiety; the Jews hearts of men against the did not know Christ, and gospel, that they might be are to this day wandering prepared to disbelieve and restless and hopeless about reject it, as soon as it should the world ; and every man come to their ears.

I will find himself in the like In the history of Joseph's condition, till he discovers brethren, you see them in dis- that the religion he is atress under their wants ; not fraid of is his best friend, able to stay at home, with- and that God has sent a out starving, nor daring to Saviour before us to prego into Egypt, taking the serve life, not to destroy lord of the country for their it'.

b Matt. xxvii. 12 and 14 ; Mark xiv. 61 ; xv. 3 and 5; Luke xxiii. 9.

i Luke ix. 56.





Of all the personal figures, this by Moses himself; so of the Old Testament, none that they ought not to have are so proper to answer the been ignorant. “A Propurpose of these Lectures, phet,” said he, “shall the as the two characters which Lord your God raise up St. Stephen proposed to the unto you of your brethren Jews, as figures and fore- like unto mea : which runners of Jesus Christ; words cited by St. Whom they would not have Stephen and marked out crucified if they had known for special observation : Him, and they could not “ This is that Moses, who have failed to know Him, said unto the children of if they had looked to those Israel, A prophet shall the saints of old who had fore- Lord your God raise up shewed Him in their lives unto you, like unto me :" and actions, more plainly and from the use he has than words could have de- made of the history of scribed Him.

Moses, in the 7th chapter Notice had been given of of the Acts, it

appears that

a Deut. xviii. 15.



this likeness extends to his history of Moses, as here to whole character, from his be applied, comprehends birth to his death : as we 1. The circumstances of his shall see when we come to birth. 2. His qualifications examine the particulars. and endowments as the miWe are likewise taught nister of God. 3. His office by St. Paul, that Moses, as the deliverer of his as a minister and mediator, people. 4. The reception was faithful in his office, he met with from the “ for a testimony of those people he came to deliver. things which were to be Our blessed Saviour's spoken after b:" when the birth in Judæa was renSon Himself, the great and dered very remarkable by final Mediator, should take the circumstances that atthe direction of the house tended it, and the chaof God, and accomplish the racter of the time in which ministry, which is now it happened. witnessed by the ministry When the promises of of Moses.

God were about to be fulThe circumstances fittest filled by the redemption of for our purpose in the his- mankind, and the time tory of Moses, and most foretold by the prophets remarkable in themselves, was drawing near; the are already selected by St. nation of the Jews was Stephen : to these, there- fallen under bondage to fore, I shall confine my- the Roman power, and were determined to cut Him off ; ! land. To prevent which, and with this view cruelly he proceeded with subslaughtered all the infants tilty, (as Herod did afterin the neighbourhood of wards,) and resolved upon Bethlehem. With all this a massacre of all the male the birth of Moses agrees infants of the Hebrews. in every circumstance. He first commanded the

and treat of them in subject to Herod, a strange the order in which he has king, jealous of the people laid them down. But that he was set over, and apwe may first have a distinct prehensive of a deliverer view of the particulars, to be born among themwhich will come under selves. When the report of consideration, it may be Christ's birth was brought proper to observe, that the by the wise men, Herod


b Heb. iii. 5.

For 1. “The time of the midwives to kill them ; but promise drew nigh which failing in this, “ Pharaoh God had sworn to Abra- charged all his people, sayham.” It had been fore- ing, Every son that is born told, that the seed of ye shall cast into the rivere." Abraham should continue At this time Moses was four hundred years in born : and a remarkable Egypt, and after that come time it was : a strange new out with great substance. king kept the people of When this time of redemp- God in subjection, and murtion was approaching, the dered their infants, to preHebrews were fallen into vent their deliverance. But great affliction under a new Moses and Christ, under king

knew not these wonderful circumJoseph" ;" who being pro- stances, were both miracubably an alien, had no lously preserved, to acrespect to the merits or complish the redemption memory of him who had for which they were raised been a Saviour to the land up: and they were both of Egypt ; looking with a preserved in the land of jealous eye upon all his Egypt. Moses was taken people, as enemies, and up by Pharaoh's daughter, treating them as captives and escaped from the wrath and slaves. He had a sus- of a cruel king : and the picion that they would be- Child Jesus was carried come more powerful, and into Egypt by His parents to get them up out of his l escape the wrath of Herod.

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c Acts yii. 17.

d Exod. i. 8.

e Exod. i. 22.

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