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shadow of death : for heal- | wants are, and thence teach ing them by His word when us what we are to pray for : afflicted with sickness : for and when we have respect delivering them from the unto them, and the Author perils of the sea, and mak- of them, we mix an act of ing the storm a calm, so faith with our petitions, that the waves thereof are which will never fail to still. All this scenery is render them more acceptwell drawn out, and finely able: for we read, that the applied, by a devout and power of Christ took effect elegant commentator of our on those only who had faith own Church“, who has made to be healed. There is not the book of Psalms more a want of man, nor any useful to pious Christians, occasion in life, on which than it ever was made since the miracles of Christ will the Reformation ; and I may not supply us with the add, before it. From that finest matter of devotion, Psalm, as from the miracles and in some such form as of Christ, we learn the weak- the following with which ness and wretchedness of I shall conclude. man, and the goodness of “O Son of David, Thou God, with the power of His great Physician of souls, grace. We see the neces- Who didst once exercise sity of prayer for the help Thy power in the land of of God; after the example Judæa, and wentest about of those, who “cried unto doing good ; Thou art still the Lord in their trouble, with us; and hast proand were delivered out of mised so to be unto the their distress.”

end of the world. Have No forms of prayer can be mercy upon us under all more significant than those the weaknesses of our nawhich are built upon the ture, and succour us under miraculous works of Christ. all oppression from evil men These shew us what our or evil spirits : deliver us

* Bishop Horne.

and so highly commissioned, ) whom they refused, saying, was understood and received | who made thee a ruler and by the poople to whom he a judge, the same did God was sent ? For if the fore- send to be a ruler and a fathers of the Jews had deliverer, by the hands of rejected their lawgiver thus the angel which appeared commissioned, and attested to him in the bush. He by all the evidences of supposed that his brethren Divine power; then was it would have understood, how so far from being any ob- that God by his hand would jection against Jesus Christ, deliver them; but they that they had misunder- understood not.—This is stood Him, and hated Him, he—to whom our fathers and crucified Him ; that it would not obey, but thrust was requisite to the truth him from them, and in their and divinity of His com- hearts turned back again mission, that his brethren into Egypts.” should sell Him, and cast What the high-priest and Him out as they had done the people of the Jews, to Joseph ; and that they before whom St. Stephen should refuse Him, as they pleaded, must have felt in had refused Moses. With their minds from such a this argument St. Stephen representation as this, when pressed the Jews, till they the fact of rejecting Jesus were unable to bear the Christ was fresh


their force of it: and, I declare, memories and consciences, is I think it so forcible at this more easy to be conceived day, that a man must either than expressed. There is no be Christian upon the occasion on which the mind strength of it, or fall into of man feels more miserable, a rage, like the Jews, if he than when it is convicted has an interest against it. without being converted. Hear how the case is re- Such was the case with presented - “This Moses | St. Stephen's hearers; so

8 Acts vii. 35, 25, 39.



the waves

from the bonds of our sins, the bread of life, and let and give light to us when us hunger and thirst, that we sit in darkness : open Thou mayst satisfy us. Be our eyes, that we may see mindful of us, O Lord, in the things which belong to our distresses, when we are our peace : give us an ear tossed about

upon to hear and understand Thy of this troublesome world : word ; and a tongue to and in all our dangers of praise and confess Thee be- soul and body, stretch out, fore men : give strength to save and defend us, that to our feeble hands, that Right Hand Which raised they may be lifted up to up Thy disciple sinking in Thy name, and let our the mighty waters. In all knees be flexible and ready things let our faith be toat their devotions : cleanse ward Thee, and then shall us from our secret faults, Thy power and mercy be as well as our outward of- toward us for deliverance fences : feed our souls with and salvation.” AMEN.

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Now it hath been shewn, “the wisdom of God in a what the figurative lan- mystery b;" in a word, that guage of the Holy Scrip- the whole dispensation of ture is, by an induction of God towards man, is by particulars; we may pro- signs, shadows and figures ceed to speak with more of visible things. The law confidence concerning the of Moses, the Psalms, the uses and good effects of it. Prophets, the Gospels and We now stand as it were Epistles, and most of all upon an hill, up to which the Revelation of St. John, our enquiry hath conducted use and teach this figuraus, thence to survey the tive language : and therefruitfulness of the holy fore, in the use and interland. We have seen that pretation of it must consist the law, in its sacrifices and the wisdom of those who services, had a “shadow of are taught of God. good things to come * ;' is the mind that hath wisthat its history is an alle- dom,” saith St. John," the gory ; that God used simili

heads tudes by His prophets ; that mountains, on which the Christ spake in parables ; woman sittethc:" Where that the Apostles preached the word wisdom is applied

“ Here





a Heb. x. 1.

b 1 Cor. ii. 7.

c Rev. xvii. 9.

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