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the perverseness of men true form. Not only the had changed and corrupted substance of what was exthe primitive institutions pected, but all the particufor the base purposes of lars and circumstantials idolatry and the worship ha

had been acted over in of false gods, it became figure for ages together : necessary on account of and so the law was these frequent transgres- schoolmaster unto Christe;"' sions to add a written law, preparing those who were with a stated form of posi- under it for the reception tive services, never to be of the gospel, and as it altered nor departed from ; were forcing them upon it, and all of them descriptive if men could on that prinof the salvation which was ciple be reconciled to truth. to be effected by the pro

When the gospel apmised seed; whence you peared, the Jew should are not to wonder, that in have reasoned thus with Him they all meet and himself. Do they say Jesus find their interpretation. died for our redemption ?

They who were bound to So did the paschal lamb the observation of the law, die to redeem our whole were thereby separated of nation in Egypt. Did He necessity from the world ; ascend afterwards into heaand, St. Paul

very ven ? So did our high-priest strongly expresses it, “shut go yearly into the most holy up unto the faith which place, carrying thither the should afterwards be re- blood of a sacrifice slain in vealedd;” confined to a set the worldly sanctuary. Is of ceremonies and services, there no remission of sin under which it was in a without shedding of blood ? manner impracticable for There certainly was none them to evade the objects under the law. Has Jesus of their faith, when they appointed a baptism with should be revealed in their water ? So had our law its


d Gal. iii. 23.

e Gal. iii. 24.

purifications for the wash- | interpretation is occasioning away of uncleanness. ally dropped in so many Is the partition we have so parts of the Scripture, espediligently kept up between cially in the Psalms, that ourselves and the heathens the prophets and masters to be broken down at last, of Israel appear to have and is the true religion to understood the law in a be carried out amongst all spiritual sense. If the bulk nations ? So was our taber- of the people did not undernacle brought from the stand it so, we must not solitary wilderness under impute this to any unJoshua, whom the Greeks certainty or obscurity in call Jesus, into the “pos- Moses and the prophets, session of the Gentiles." but to that carnal affection Numberless other questions which naturally chooses the might be asked, shocking form of religion without to the prejudices of a Jew, the spirit of it. Their which would bring their pride, their affectation of own answers with them out false wisdom, their avarice, of the law of Moses: and their adultery, blinded such was the use the Jew them, and made them as ought to have made of it. averse to the sense of a

From the various appli- miracle wrought before cations of particular pas- their eyes, as to the sense sages from the law, pre- of the darkest verse in the vious to the revelation of Pentateuch. The world the gospel, it appears, that always has been, and now the law was in itself a spi- is, to those that are shut up ritual as well as a figura- under its laws, a schooltive system, for the forming master to turn men away of the heart, and the purify- from Christ; and a conceiting of the mind ; yet con- ed worldly minded Chris. veying its precepts in para- tian, proud of the powers bles and signs which wanted of reason without grace, is an interpretation : and that at this hour as blind to the


spirit of the gospel as the creases, our faith will grow Jew ever was to that of the stronger. Thus the law law. For ignorance of the serves for evidence both to true spirit of Christianity, the Jew and Gentile ; and and the design of its doc- the

schoolmaster, trines, I would match the which should have brought modern philosophising So- them to Christ, will keep cinian with the blindest us with Him. For, did the Jew: for the one has made Apostle in his preaching the gospel as void as the say nothing but what other made the law. Read Moses had said? And did the writings of some whose the gospel teach nothing books have made a great but what the law had signoise in the present cen- nified long before? Then tury, and you will know must the gospel be that no more of the Christian very salvation, which was Church and the Christian known to God from the sacraments, than the wan- beginning, and in reserve dering Jew, who now travels to be made manifest to the about to cheat Christians world in the latter days. with his wares, knows of This argument, clear and the priesthood and sacri- irresistible as it certainly fices in the books of Moses. is, will one day appear to

The law is of use to us the Jews as it does to us; Christians for the illustra- when the scales of blindtion of the New Testament, ness shall fall from their whose language and mys- eyes : and then it may be teries are so founded upon thought the greatest wonit, that the language of the der of all, that they who Gospels and Epistles is un- had the Old Testament in intelligible without a par- their hands for eighteen ticular attention to the hundred years, should nelaw; and in proportion as ver have seen the use of our knowledge of it in- it before.




THE Scripture is the au- at different periods of time. thentic history of God's Thus it hath been, and thus Providence ever since man it will be : therefore things had a being; and in the past are referred to in the conduct of God's Provi- | Scripture as figures of dence toward man, there things to come, and so the is an uniformity of design, history of the Bible bewhich hath proceeded ac- comes a chain of prophecy, cording to the same laws of and is actually applied as eternal justice and wisdom such by the Scripture itin all ages of the world : self; as we shall see from from which consideration it a variety of examples. follows, that what God did I reckon two sorts of in times past was an earnest, historical figures, the one a pattern, and a sign, of general, the other partiwhat He might be expected cular; the former being to do in times to come. references to the history of The godly were delivered, places, and of such events the wicked punished, the as related to a people at proud abased, the humble large, or even to the whole exalted, under like circum- world; the latter referring stances and after like forms us to the lives, actions,




sufferings and successes of | By which it is to be unindividual persons.

Thus derstood, that the salvathe saints of old were pro- tion of Christians by Jesus phetical in their actions as Christ, and the salvation well as in their words ; of of Noah's family, are two which some striking exam- events of the like form and ples will occur to us as we figure ; the former a sign proceed.

of the latter. And a wonOne of the most early derful sign it was, if we and memorable events of look into the particulars. the Scripture is that of the Here a judgment destruction of the world which extended to a whole by the Flood ; from which world ; a condemnation that Noah and his family were passed upon all, except saved in an ark, supported those who were of the family by those same waters which of Noah: as the wrath of destroyed the world of the God and a future judgungodly. This history of ment upon sin, to be exethe salvation of Noah is cuted by fire, is denounced applied by St. Peter as a against all mankind, except figure of that salvation those who shall belong to which we now obtain as

the family of Jesus Christ. the family of Jesus Christ As an ark was prepared in the ark of the Church by Noah, so hath Christ by the waters of baptism : prepared His Church, to “ The long suffering of God conduct in

safety waited in the days of Noah, through the waves of trouwhile the ark was prepar- ble and the perils of the ing, wherein few, that is world, in which so many eight souls, were saved by are lost. And as the waters water. A like figure where- of the flood carried Noah unto, even baptism doth and his family into a new now save us by the resur- world after the old was rection of Jesus Christ a." drowned ; so do the waters

* 1 Pet. iii. 20, 21.


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