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On a mission from God he will come like a stormżfuriously and fastżGog, of the land of Magog! (Ezek. 38:9) But he will not come alone. He will not be unprepared; nor, will those who come with him. (38:7) His mission was told from long ago, but who was listening? He will receive his instructions from God. (38:17) żYou are he of whom I have spoken of old, by my servants the prophets of Israelżż Behold it is comeżit is done, says Jehovah God; this is the day of which I have spoken. (Ezek. 39:8) Careful attention to detail in Ezekiel 38 reveals that Gogżs target is not where weżve always thought it was. We stand precariously at the threshold of Armageddon! Doomsday looms on the horizon! The wonder woman of Rev. 12:1 with żthe moon under her feetż is not who we thought she was. And neither are the defiling women of 14:4. How sweet it isżthe truth from Godżfor those who are willing to listen! Har Megiddon is not a 70-ft mound of ancient city ruin in Northwest Palestine. Itżs the most prominent nation on earth. The nation of rendezvous is U.S.

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