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ed in all its duties : and, particularly, for the solemnities of public worship. May thy servant, the pastor of this church and people, be this day enabled, and always, to come to his people in the fulness of the gospel of peace, be richly furnished for sanctuary services, and be honored as an instrument of promoting the Redeemer's cause and kingdom. Bless with the teachings and influence of the Holy Ghost, all the worshipping assemblies of thy people, in this, and all Christian lands, that may meet this day, to worship thee. Bless all the churches of our Lord Jesus Christ, in this, and all Christian lands, and all the pastors of the churches. May the churches be built up in the order, faith, peace, and purity of the gospel-in soundness of doctrine, and faithfulness of discipline and ordinances ; and all the pastors be inspired with the love of precious and immortal souls ; be faithful and zealous, able and successful ministers of the New-Testament. Put a stop to the prevalence of vice, immorality, error, heresies, divisions, and sectaries in religion. May all the people in all gospel lands, be more and more united in doctrine and discipline. May Christ Jesus, the great head of the church, go forth this day by his power and grace, and be in the midst of his worshipping people. Revive religion, here and all around us, and every where. Bless the means of grace in our land; the means of education ; a preache

word, and administered ordinances ; and all attempts to carry the gospel where now unenjoyed, or unknown. Smile upon all this nation : Bless our government-our rulers our teachers--and all orders and classes of people. Have mercy upon the sick, the afflicted, and the dying. -Oh! pity a dying world, and send salvation to the ends of the earth. Bless us, now before thee, of this family: sanctify and renew our souls by the power of the Holy Ghost :-forgive our sins

justify us by a Redeemer's all-perfect righteousness. Bless us, personally and relatively ; bless all our friends, forgive our enemies, reward our benefactors. Be our God while we live-our hope when we come to die ; and our portion in eternity-and all the praise and glory shall be given to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

A Prayer for the Lord's-day Evening.

O THOU, who inhabitest eternity, supremely great and infinitely gracious, worthy of all adoration, homage, love, praise, and obedience. May we be assisted, on the evening of this thy day, in the solemn duty of family religion. It is both our privilege and happiness that we may come before thee may spread our requests before, and make

known our wants to thee, by prayer and supplication, together with thanksgiving. Thou art the hearer of prayer and God of all grace. We are the creatures of thy power-thine hand formed us at first-thy goodness has always supported us, ever since we have had a being in the world--and thy bounty has constantly supplied our returning wants. And it is our indispensible duty to acknowledge thee, in all our ways.- Thou hast made us rational creatures moral agents, and accountable to thee for all our conduct, exercis-, es of heart, and actions of life. We are macie capable of knowing, loving, fearing and serving thee. And it is infinitely fit that we should honor and glorify thee, with all the powers and capacities of our souls, and health and strength of our bodies. We are made capable of worshipping and serving thee, in the condition of a family. The blessing of the Lord is on the habitation of the just.. Thou lovest the gates of Zion, but still dost dwell in the tents of Jacob. We ascribe glory and praise to thy name, O thou fountain of being and blessedness! for thy goodness to us, through our whole lives; but, especially, through another holy Sabbath. We have enjoyed the blessings and salvation of another of the days of the Son of man : have been favored with another precious opportunity of public worship. How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts! How delightful to

go to the place of public worship! Sanctify to us the instructions of thine house, and word :-accept the prayers and praises of thy people. We have enjoyed another holy Sabbath-our land enjoys her Sabbaths-we live in a land of gospel light, where the means of grace, thy word, and ordinances are enjoyed. We have great spritual privileges, Glory to thy name that we were not born in countries of Pagan darkness and idolatry— Mahometan imposture, Popish superstition, or Jewish blindness. We hear the glorious gospel-may read thy holy word-may worship thee, according to what our consciences dictate, without fear of molestation, Persecution is unknown in our land. May we feel how necessary it is for us to improve aright all our religious advantages, the day of life, means of grace-seasons and opportunities of salvation—Sabbath and sanctuary enjoyments--and divine ordinances. May we have an increasing sense of the infinite importance of all divine institutions- and be more and more attached to thy word-thy house-thy worship—and thine ordinances, however much they may be opposed or neglected by an ungodly world. May we so improve all our Sabbaths, that we may, at last, spend an eternal Sabbath of rest in glory. May we hate and abhor all the ways of sin repent-believe-and follow the example of Christ :-rest on his merits for pardon, justi.

fication, and happiness. Take the care of us, this night; raise us to see the light of another day, take the care of us, all our days. Bless this family. Pity all the afflicted. Bless our landour rulers—thy churches, and all thy people. Bless all the nations of the world, and fill the earth with thy praise. We commit ourselves, () God, and all for whom we ought to pray, to thine infinite mercy in Christ Jesus, to whom with the Father and Spirit of truth be all praise thro' everlasting ages, Amen.

Morning Prayer for a Family.

INFINITELY great and infinitely gra- . cious God! Thou art the God of the evening and of the morning ; and the hope of all the ends of the earth. Thou givest unto all life and breath, and all things. Unto thee, would we sinful, un worthy creatures, draw nigh, in a way of duty, that we may be found in the way of mercy. For where shall we go for mercy, but to thy throne of grace? Where can we expect to find a preserving and a pardoning God, but at the mercy seat? Thou art in heaven, and we are upon earth. The distance between thee and us sinful and ruined creatures, is infinite. For thou art infinitely glorious in holiness, and we are depraved sin

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