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need of Jesus as our Saviour, and trust in him alone for pardon and salvation, realizing, that we have nothing of our own to commend ourselves to thy favor. May the Lord Jesus appear precious to us, as he does to those who believe. Grant that we may be found in him, not walking after the flesh, but after the Spirit. May we, like the blessed Jesus, be meek, humble, and lowly in heart, walking as he also walked. Wilt thou dispose us to live in a careful observance of all the duties of religion, both towards God and man. We pray that we may have a tender regard for thine honor and glory-may seek the advancement of reJigion above our own private selfish interests, and make it our great concern to do thy.will, and lay up treasures in heaven. May we have a benevolent regard for our fellow creatures, and do good to all, as we have oppor'tunity, not rendering evil for evil, but overcoming evil with good.

Wilt thou impress our hearts with sentiments of gratitude for the innumerable instances of thy kindness. Thou art kind and gracious unto us, although we are evil and unthankful. It is of thy mercy that we are not consumed, and are prisoners of hope in the land of the living. We thank thee that thou hast preserved us through another night

that we have lain down, and arisen, because thou hast sustained us, and that our sleep has not been the sleep of death. We have great reason to be thankful for food and raiment for a comfortable measures of health, and the

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many necessaries and comforts of life, with which we are surrounded. But more especially would we thank thee, Father of mercies, for the unspeakable gift of a Saviour-for the offer of eternal life, and for the sacred scriptures, which were given by the inspiration of God, and are able through faith in Christ to make us wise unto salvation. We thank thee also for the gift of thine Holy Spirit to awaken, renew, and sanctify us, and so to prepare us for thine heavenly kingdom. May thy goodness lead us to repentance, and thy long-suf. fering to our salvation. Fill our hearts with gratitude to thee, and dispose us to live to thy praise and glory. Wilt thou, gracious God, take a kind care of us through this day. Preserve us from all the evils and temptations, to which we may be exposed, and spread our paths with peace and safety. Assist us in all the duties and lawful business of the day. May we be in thy fear all the day long, and aim at thy glory in all our conduct. We en. treat thee to be merciful to this family, and bless all who reside under this roof. May they all belong to thy family, and be mem ! bers of thine heavenly kingdom. Grant, that the parents may be faithful to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and may they live together as the heirs of the grace of life. May the children be preserved from the paths of vice and error remember their Creator in the days of their youth, and choose that better part, which will bever be taken from them. And God grant

that not one of this family may be left to go on in sin, and lie down in eternal sorrow. Wilt thou, heavenly Father, in thine infinite mercy, visit this people with the effusion of thy Spirit, and revive thy work among them. May Christians here be quickened and enlivened, and be engaged in seeking and praying for the prosperity of Zion and the salvation of souls. We pray thee to lead enqui. ring souls to the blessed Jesus. May they feel the plague of their own hearts, and their need of the renewing influences of the Spirit

cordially receive the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, and find joy and peace in believing. And Oh! that thou wouldst pity careless sinpers, who have no pity on themselves. Suffer them not to go carelessly down the broad road to destruction. Shew them their awful danger, and pluck them as brands from everlasting burnings. Bless the pastor of thy church in this place. May he be an able and faithful minister of the gospel be skillful in winning souls to Christ, and have many souls as seals of his ministry and his crown of re. joicing in the day of the Lord. Be gracious to all the ministers of the gospel every where. May they obtain grace to be faithful, and mer

cy to be successful. Build up the churches · of our Lord Jesus through the world. Make additions unto them of such as shall be saved.

May all who name the name of Christ, be careful to depart from all iniquity, and te adorn the doctrine of God their Saviour by a holy life and conversation. Revive thy work

through our land and among all Christian nations, and send the gospel to the heathen. And may the time soon come, when the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth, as the waters do the seas. Wilt thou be merciful to all in affiction and distress, and grant them relief. Heal the sick, we entreat thee ;-com. fort mourners with the consolations of thine Holy Spirit, and may the dying be prepared to meet their judge in peace. May we all remember, that our life is a vapor, which appears for a little time, and will soon vanish away, and that our days will soon be numbered and finished; when we must bid an everJasting adieu to all our earthly friends and enjoyments, and be fixed in unspeakable and eternal happiness or misery. . May we so prepare for this solemn event, that our death may be our everlasting gain a happy dismission from this world of trouble and sor. row to realms of endless joy and peace. And now to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, be ascribed eternal praises. Amen.

A Morning Prayer.

HOLY and eternal God, Thou art great and greatly to be feared, and to be had in reverence of all them that draw nigh to thee.

Impress our minds with a sense of thy omnipresence and enable us to realize that we are now in the full view of the heart search

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ing Jehovah. May we come before thee with reverence believing that thou art and that thou art the rewarder of all who diligentJy seek thee. We presume not to come in our own name, or on account of any merit in ourselves to ask any favor, but in the allprevailing name of Jesus our great Mediator and Intercessor : for his sake regard us upworthy and guilty creatures and let our cry come up before thee as incense and the lifting of our hands as the morning sacrifice, holy and acceptable in thy sight; and may we offer through him the sacrifice of broken and contrite hearts which will be acceptable in thy sight.

And now, O Lord, we desire to confess before thee, with the deepest humility and selfabasement, our transgressions; and we rejoice that we may do it in hope of thy pardoning mercy through Jesus Christ the great sacrifice for sin ; and thou hast said, if we confess our sins, thou art faithful to forgive.

We confess we were shapen in iniquity and conceived in sin, and that to our original guilt we have added innumerable actual transgressions. We have lived without God and without Christ in the world and have restrained prayer before thee-yea, we have openly violated thy laws and trampled upon thine au. thority. We have rejected thy Son, grieved thy Spirit, misimproved our time and opportunities for doing or getting good. We have no excuse to make for our sins ; sell

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