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I. On the Necessity and best mode of striking off part of the Na-
tional Debt. [Original.]

II. The Rev. W. L. Bowles's Answer to Lord Byron's Letter on the
controversy about Pope. 2nd. Ed. Enlarged. .

III. On the Criminal Jurisprudence of the Country, with Draft of
a New Penal Code. By J. T. B. Beaumont, Esq.

IV. Capt. Broughton's Letter to the Board of Agriculture. [Original.]
V. Letter to the Board of Trade. [Original.] **

VI. Cornaro's Rules for attaining Long Life, and correcting a bad


VII. Observations on the Copy-Right Bill. .

VIII. On the Corn Question. Original.]. . . . . .

IX. On Marriage and Divorce. [Original.)

X. A Protest against Lord Byron's immolation of Gray, Cowper

and Campbell at the shrine of Pope.
XI: An Account of the Public Funded Debt, 5th January, 1820.
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Ditto. 1821.
Ditto.. ! Consolidated Fund,

Ditto. 1820.

Ditto. 1821.

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I. The Coronation Sermon. By Edward, Ld. Archbp. of York.

II. The Piedmontese Revolution. By Count Santa-Rosa, Ex-Minister.
[Exclusively translated for the Pamphleteer.]

III. Letters of the Emperor Joseph II. to several of the most distinguished
Characters of his time.' [Now first translated from tắe German, exclusively
for the Pamphleteer.]

IV. On the Criminal Jurisprudence of the Country, with Draft of a New
Penal Code. By J T. B. Beaumont, Esq.

V. Cornaro's Rules for attaining a Long Life, and correcting a bad Con-

VI. A Vindication of the People from the charge of Blasphemy, and a
Defence of the Freedom of the Press. [New Edition, with Alterations.].
VII. On Agriculture, Currency, &c. [Original.)

VIII. On the tendency of the Education Bill to Degrade Grammar
Schools ; and the importance of preserving the Classical Discipline of their
Founders, By Vicesimus Knox, D. D. [New Edition, with Alterations.]

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