The Works of John Locke, in Ten Volumes - Vol. I

Cosimo, Inc., 2008 M01 1 - 360 páginas
From the American and French revolutions to modern theories of consciousness to contemporary entertainment (the hit TV series Lost features a character named John Locke who espouses Lockeian concepts), the influence of English philosopher JOHN LOCKE (16321704) falls wide and deep over Western culture. Yet his writings are less familiar to even serious readers and students of philosophy than that of other great thinkers of recent centuries. Here, Cosimo proudly presents, in 10 volumes, a replica of the 1801 tenth edition of Lockes collected works. Volume I includes: [ Preface to the Works [ Life of the Author [ Epistle Dedicatory to the Essay of Human Understanding [ Epistle to the Reader [ Contents of the Essay of Human Understanding [ An Analysis of Mr. Lockes Doctrine of Ideas [ An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, to the End of Chap. XXII. Book II.

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