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desert, and the loving-kindness of God. In this covenant of redemption is there provided, not only a head to whom we are to be united, but a Holy Spirit sent to carry the humanity of Christ to the highest perfection; and then to bring all the members of Christ to him.

III. Thirdly, to proceed to the EXECUTION OF THE PLAN. “We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus ;” interesting statement, “ created in Christ Jesus ;” created in himself, and preserved in himself for ever ;—“ by him all things consist.” We could not have been created anew in Christ Jesus, had he been only a finite being—who ever heard of being created in Abraham, in Isaac, or in Jacob; all things are created by God, but the believer is in a peculiar manner, created in Christ Jesus ; in one whose person and whose work are of infinite dignity and worth—his mediatorial glory is infinite, because he who died to reconcile us to God is an infinite person. Man thus created anew in Christ Jesus, is united to infinite power, essential life, and infinite worth. When God creates the soul anew, he creates it in union and communion with his Son. He was made perfect by suffering, and the eye of God's holy Spirit is fixed upon that perfection as the model to which he is resolved to conform all believers. The history of the creation is very interesting; everything placed in its proper situation till man was called into existence. The energy of the living God created him in his own intellectual and spiritual image; this image is the crown of glory here and for ever. Hereafter the bodies and souls of believers will be perfect -sin removed-all things friendly to the redeemed in Christ. The glory of heaven is the spiritual image of God, and this image was called into existence at the expense of infinite power and infinite worth. Man was redeemed from hell to be created anew for heaven, and this can only be done in Christ Jesus. God does this by infusing his own image, his own life into the soul; essential life triumphed on the cross over all its enemies, and still triumphs in the believer's bosom over all his enemies. How consoling then is it to him, who feels his own weakness, to know that God has purposed he shall overcome all his enemies :--the believer triumphs in all the promises of God. Sin is so subtle a foe that nothing short of essential life can meet it-no one else can successfully oppose the least workings of corruption. Some things powerfully affect the human framemercury and some other medicines insinuate themselves throughout the minutest part of the human system; so the grace of God in its

influence pervades the whole character, discovering every sin, every evil thought, and destroys them. The enemy of mankind is suffered to live to convince the believer of his own weakness, and to teach him to triumph in the strength of God. “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Phil. ii. 12, 13. A powerful principle within continually influencing the life. No one ever has triumphed nor will triumph over sin but God, and were this principle more active in our bosoms, we should not repine at the election of grace.

We learn a lesson from this subject; the striking difference between the purpose of God and that of finite being: it is an artifice of Satan to confound Turkish fatalism with predestination. The second lesson we learn is, that the purpose of God is the parent of all our blessings. Thanks be to God for his covenant-for a Saviour—for a Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit begins his work here and continues it for ever. Again, another lesson ; take encouragement from the purpose of God, it comprises all we stand in need of; God will under

take the cause of his injured child. See the benign aspect of the purpose of God to those even who perish; a gospel is preached to them, all its blessings are offered freely, if not, how could they be responsible for rejecting it. Adore the grace that makes the difference-God calls into life a new principle, and hence the source of man's good works.

Lastly-It is the duty of every believer to make known to others the work of God's Holy Spirit within him.

Here Mr. H. addressed the obstinate sinner, but that address was not taken down.




As poor, yet making many rich ; as having nothing,

and yet possessing all things.-2 Cor. vi. 10.

The history of the infancy of Christianity is peculiarly interesting. Parents, direct your own and the attention of your children to the acts of the apostles: that narrative invites the attention of the reader to transactions of the last importance in time and eternity. See a small company of poor fishermen going forth into the world and carrying every thing before them, despising alike the smiles and the frowns of the world, and dependent upon God for the supply of all their necessities, and “as poor yet making many rich, as having nothing, and yet possessing all things.” Infidelity in the present age seems to be making its last effort: who, but a fool, could believe that the Bible could come from any one but God ? The Devil and all his

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