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The Holy Spirit is the great teacher of the church of God, and none teacheth like him. His great subject is Christ, and to know Christ is life everlasting. It matters but little what we know, except we know Christ -nor what knowledge we bave of Christ, except it be spiritual and experimental. No one can learn to know Christ of himself, a teacher therefore is necessary; as it is the heart, rather than the head that needs to be taught, and as man cannot get at the heart, a Divine teacher is necessary. This being the case, the Holy Spirit is provided and promised, and Jesus promising the Spirit to his disciples, said, He shall teach you." John xiv. 26. And the Apostle John, speaking of the Holy Spirit, as the anointing, says, The same anointing teacheth

As a teacher, the Holy Spirit enlightens the darkened mind, shines on the truth to be taught, and so informs and corrects the judgment. By degrees he teaches us to know ourselves, and then to know the Savi


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