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17. Of Muscovy, Sigismundus.
18. Of Sweden, Olaus Magnus (but fabulous).
19. Of Scotland, J. Major, Hector Boethius, Dempster.

20. Of antiquities : Rosinus Rom. Antiquit., Godwin, Selden de diis Syris, &c., Ferrarii Lexicon. ,

XV. Of church-history : Josephus, Eusebius, Rufinus Tripartite, above all Socrates and Sozomen, Orosius, Sulpitius Severus, Theodoret, Victor Uticensis, Beda, Jacobus a Vitriaco, Nicephorus Callist., Platina and Massonius de vitis Pontif., Abbas Urspergensis, Sleidan, Micrælius, Gentii Hist. Jud., Molani Martyrolog., Clarke's Martyrolog., Hottinger, Illyrici Catalogus Testium Veritatis, or Morney's Mystery of Iniquity, Perin and Morland's History of Piedmont, and the Waldenses, Histor. Persecut. Bohem., Sculteti Annales, et Curriculum Vitæ suæ, Knox's and Spotswood's Hist. Scot., Regenvolscius Hist. Eccl. Sclavon., Usher's Primordia Eccles. Brit., Parker's Antiquitates Brit., Melchior Adami Vitæ Theolog. Medicorum, Juris-consult. et Philosoph. German., Fuller's Church History, Clark's Lives, many particular lives, as Jewell's by Dr. Humphry, Mr. Joseph Allein's, &c., Bolton's, &c. Also read the epistles of Melancthon, Calvin, Beza, Saravia.

XVI. Of medicine, study no more than such as Horstius de Sanitate Studiosorum Tuenda, or Follinus, or Graterolus, or an Herbal, except you can go quite through with it; lest by a half skill you kill yourself or others: but take 1. Sufficient exercise 'ad sudorem, (aliquando largiorem, in habitu seroso vel pituitoso). 2. Temperance. 3. A pleased and contented mind. 4. Warmth, and avoiding inward and outward cold : 5. And experience for.your best physic; and meddle with no more without necessity, and the advice of a very able, experienced man.

XVII. Of politics, and civil law, and ethics, read Besoldus, Willius, Danæus, Fragoso de Reg. Rep., Mr. Lawson's Theological Works, Angelius, Dr. Zouch, Grotius de Jure Belli, Mynsynger's Institut., Wesembecius, Calvin's Lexi, con, Eustachius's Ethics and Pemble's.

XVIII. For methods of divinity, read Paræus's edition of Ursine, Trelcatius, Amesii Medulla, Musculi Loci Communes, Dr. Tully, Georg. Sohnius, Tzegedine's Tables, Cal

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vin's Institutions, or Colonius's abbreviation of him, Lawson's Theopolitica, Wollebius, Cluto's Idea Theolog.

XIX. Theological disputations and treatises which I take to be extraordinary clear and sound, escaping the extremes which many err in, and opening the reconciling truth : Strangius, Le Blanc's Theses, Mr. Truman's three books, Grotius de Satisfactione, Bradshaw of Justification, Gibbon's Sermon of Justification, Hotchkis of Forgiveness of Sin, all Davenant's Works, Camero's Works, Testardus de Natura et Gratia, all Josua Placæus's Works, Theses Salmurienses, Amyraldus, Johan. Bergius, Conrad. Bergius, Ludovic. Crocii Syntag. Theolog. Synod. Dort, especially the British and Breme Divines in suffrag., Jansenii Augustinus, all Augustine, Prosper and Fulgentius, Musculi Loci Communes, Dalleus de Redemp., Wotton de Reconcil., Gataker, Woodbridge of Justification, Stillingfieet, Usher's Answer to the Jesuit's Challenge, and his Notes de Redempt. Univers., W. Fenner, Rob. Baronius de Peccato Mort. et Ven., Mr. Preston, Whateley, Vossii Theses, Bullinger's Decades, Robert Abbot.

XX. Commentators (besides the forenamed Annotations), Beza, and Piscator, Junii et Tremellii Annot., Dr. Hammond, Grotius in Evang., Calvin, especially in Nov. Test., or Marlorate's Collection on Gen. Psal. Isa. and N. Test., which containeth Calvin, with others, Mr. Pool's Critics, Ainsworth, Mollerus, Willet, Paræus, Musculus, Lyra, Estius, Jansenius, Chemnitius Harm., Mr. Cradock's Harm., Maldonate, Lorinus, Dixon, Hutchinson, Drusius, Picherelli Opuscula.

XXI. Such as open some hard texts only, and reconcile seeming contradictions, Thaddæus, Spanhemii Dubia Evangelica, Magrii Conciliat., Sharpii Symphonia, Bertram, Brugensis, Alba, Walther, Lydius, Gatakeri Cinnus et alia, Richardson, Camero's Myrothec., with Lud. Capellus, Croyus, Broughton, Heinsius, Nic. Fuller's Miscellan., Gregory, Doughty's Analecta, Dieterici Antiq. Biblicæ, Caninii Disq., Suicerus, Boies, Mede's Works, Weemse, Bootii, Sculteti Exercitationes. ..

XXII. Helps to understand the Scriptures: Broughton's Consent of Scripture, Usher of the Septuagint, &c. Illirici Clavis Scripturæ, the foresaid Treatises of Customs, all Bochartus (Geograph. et de Animalibus), Brierwood's Enquiries, Buxtorf de Synag. Jud., Cunæus, Sigonius and Steph. Menochius de Repub.Hebr., Sixt. Amama, Euseb. Nirembergius de Antiq. Scripturæ, the Polyglott Bibles various versions, Ravanellus. - XXIII. For defence of the Christian faith against atheists and infidels: Hier. Savonarola, Vander Meulin, Stillingfleet's Orig. Sacræ., Grotius de Verit. Relig. Christ., Morney, Camero de Verbo Dei, Micrelii Ethnophron. Lod. Vives, Ficinus cum notis Lud. Crocii, Dr. Jackson's Truth of Scripture, Campanella's Atheismus Triumphatus, Lessius, Waddesworth of the Immortality of the Soul, Sir Charles Wolseley against Atheism, Aut Deus aut Nihil, besides abundance of the Fathers, John Goodwin of Scriptures.

XXIV. Cases of conscience, besides Amesius, Perkins, Dixon, Greg. Sayrus's Clavis Regia, Azarius, Dr. Jer. Taylor's Ductor Dubitantium.

XXV. Councils : Lydius Caranza, Crab, Binnius, Spelman, Justellus, Synod. Dordr.

XXVI. Canonists and helps to understand councils : The Decretals, or Corpus Juris Canon., Zabarell, Panormitane, Navarrus, Albaspinæus, Justellus, Blondel de Decret., Balsamon, Zonaras and Photius, Miræi Notitia Episcopatuum (but not trusty), Chenu de Episcopatibus Gallicis, Filesacus. Histor. Concil. Trident.

XXVII. Fathers : Clem. Rom., Usher's and Iz. Vossii Ignatius, Justin Martyr, Irenæus, Clem. Alexand., Tertullian, Cyprian, Origen, Athenagoras, Tatianus, Arnobius cum Minutio Fælice, Lactantius, Athanasius. . These are not very voluminous: Optatus, Eusebii . Preparatio et Demonstratio Evangelica, as much of Hierom, Augustine, and Chrysostom as you can; Hilarius Pictaviensis, Prosper, Fulgentius, Vincent. Lirinensis, (and before them) Basil. Greg. Nazianzen, and Greg Nyssen., Epiphanius, Ambrose, Paulinus Nolanus, Cassianus, Salvianus, Gennadius Massil., Gildas, Claudius Turonensis, Rabanus Maurus, Bernard.

XXVIII. Helps to know and understand the Fathers : Sculteti Medulla Patrum, Cocu's Censura Patrum, Rivets,

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s a Kempriminiensi danes Eticons., Po

God a Dola, Riparnast. Orthod. et 13. Rob. Baroni.anhys.

Critica Sacra, Dr. James, all Bishop Usher's Works; (but above all, a manuscript of his now in the hands of the archbishop of Canterbury ;) Sixti Senensis Bibliotheca, Possevinus, many of Erasmus's Prefaces and Notes, Dallæus de usu Patrum, et de Pseudepigraphis Apostol. et de Cultu Latinorum, et in Dionys. et in Ignatium, et pleraque illius, et D. Blondelli Opera, Bellarminus de Scriptoribus Ecclesiast., Casaubonis Exercit., Vedelius de Sapient. Veterum, Polydore Virgil de Invent. Rer. Albaspine, Vossii Histor. Pelag. et de Symbolis, Pauli Erinachi Trias Patrum, Photii Biblioth., Rouse's Mella Patrum, De la Cerda, and many other's Notes.. ---- XXIX. Later writers and schoolmen: Damasus, Anselmus Cantuar., Guilielmus Parisiensis, Guil. de Sancto Amore, Gerhardus Zutphaniensis (in Bibl. Patr.) Thaulerus, Thomas a Kempis, Lombard, Aquinas, Durandus, Scotus, Ockham, Greg. Ariminiensis, Rada, Alvarez, Ruiz, Suarez, Lud. a Dola, Ripalda, Buridanes Ethics, Meurisse Metaphys., Ferrii Scholast. Orthod. et Defens., Posewitz Theolog. Scholast., Dr. Twisse, Strangius, Rob. Baronii Metaphys., Calovii Metaphys. Divin., Dr. Barlow's Metaphys. Exercitat., Dr. More's Metaphysics.

XXX. Controversies, (besides the forementioned against heathens and infidels). .

1. Protestants and Papists : Bellarmine, Stapleton, Costerus, Becanus, Holden, Brierley's Protest. Plea, Richworth's and White's Dialogues.

Against them: Amesii Bellarm. Enervatus, Dr. Challoner's Credo Eccles. Cathol., Chamier, Sadeel, Chillingworth, Usher's Answer to the Jesuit's Challenge, and de Success. Eccles., Illyrici Catalog. Testium Veritatis, Du Plessis (Morney) de Eccles. and Mystery of Iniquity, Dr. Field of the Church, Whitaker, Dr. John White's Way to the True Church, and the Defence, Blondel de Ecclesia (Gallicé); all Dallæus’s Works; Albertinus de Transubst. cum Clodii Defens., Davenant de Justitia et Determinationes, Rivet's Cathol. Orthod., Pet. Molinæi de Novitate Papismi (Englished), Pet. Molinæus Junior's Answer to Phalanax Anglicus, Chemnitii Exam. Concil. Trident., Rainold's Conference with Hart, and de lib. Apocry., Pet.

VOL. v.

Field of the hurch, and the orks; Albertinus

cum Clodii Decallæus's Workwence, Blondel de Way to

Cousins, Bishop of Durham, of the Canon of Scripture, Drelincourt's Manual, Poole’s Nullity and Dial., Bishop Downame de Antichristo, Stillingfleet, Tillotson, Voetius de Desper. Causa Papatus. Especially for the right of kings against them; Will. Barclay, Grotius de Imperio Summar. Potest., Bishop Bilson of Obedience, Bishop Carlton de Jurisdictione, Bishop Robert Abbots, Goldastus de Monarchia, (a multitude of old writers collected,) and Constitut. Imperial., M. Ant. de Dominis Spalatensis de Republ. Eccl.; all Ludovicus Molinæus's Works. .

2. About predestination, grace, freewill, the Jesuits, Lutherans, and Arminians against the Dominicans, Jansenists, and Calvinists. On one side, Molinæus, Fonseca, Pennottus propugnac. Libert. Petr, a Sancto Joseph, Arminius, Episcopius, Corvinus, Grevinchovius, Tilenus, Tilenus, Junior.

On the other side; Alvarez, Zumel, Jansenius, Twisse, Synod. Dord., Molinæi Anatom. Armini., Ameșius, Zanchius, &c. But the Conciliators are soundest.

3. Of Socinianism and Arianism. For them: historians, Philostorgius and Sandius : disputers, Volkelius, Socinus, Lushington on the Hebr.

Against them: Jos. Placæus, Stegman, Botsaccus, Grotius de Satisfact., Zarnovecius, and Joh. Junius de Satisfact., Lawson on the Hebrews, Beckman's Exercitations, Truman's Great Propitiation, Stillingfleet of Satisfaction, Q. V. Crellius Refutatus, Essenius, Hoornbeck.

4. Of justification, enow are named before, xvIII., specially Le Blanc, also Pemble, Bishop Downame, Warren.

5. The Antinomian and Libertine controversies : pro. Dr. Crisp, Maccovius in quibusdam, Saltmarsh, Crandon, Paul Hobson, Den, Town, Eaton.

Contr. Gataker, Ball of the Covenant, Anth. Burgess; all the writers of justification before praised, XVIII. ; Weld's History of Antinomians.

6. About infant baptism: cont. Tombes, Blackwood, Fisher.

Pro. Church, Marshall, Whiston, Blake.

7. Of the Lord's day, or Christian sabbath : cont. Ironside, Heylin, Pocklington, Franc. White, Brierwood, Broad.


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