History and Description of the Ancient City of York: The strangers' guide

W. Alexander, 1818

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Página 43 - I find a great want of several things, particularly of those excellent books in all arts and sciences which I enjoyed in my native country, through the expence and care of my great master Egbert. May it therefore please your Majesty, animated with the most ardent love of learning, to permit me to send some of our young gentlemen into England, to procure for us those books which we want, and transplant the flowers of Britain into France, that their fragrance may no longer be confined to York, but...
Página 87 - Why all this toil for triumphs of an hour ? What though we wade in wealth, or soar in fame ? Earth's highest station ends in, " Here he lies," And " Dust to dust
Página 76 - Henry I, Stephen, Henry II, Richard I, John, Henry III, Ed-ward I, Edward II, Edward III, Richard II, Henry IV...
Página 230 - Ionic order, one hundred and fifty feet in length, and fortyfive in breadth. The entrance into it, is by a portico of six columns, thirty feet in height; over . which are placed the king's arms, an elegant statue of justice, and other emblematic figures.
Página 43 - ... the mysteries of divine wisdom, which are contained in the holy scriptures: suiting my instructions to the views and capacities of my scholars, that I may train ,up many to be ornaments to the church of God, and to the court of your imperial majesty.
Página 85 - Candlemas, the choir is illuminated at every service by seven large branches, besides a wax candle fixed at every other stall These, with two large tapers for the altar, are all the lights commonly made use of. But on the vigils of particular holy days the four grand dignitaries of the church have each a branch of seven candles placed before them at their stalls.
Página 96 - Tell of the void his social spirit left ; Of comforts long enjoy'd, for ever reft— Of wit that gilded many a sprightlier hour— Of kindness, when the scene of joy was o'er.— Of Truth's...
Página 42 - ... exciting the emperor to the love and encouragement of learning, and in the collection of MSS. for its dissemination. His efforts spread it through France, and his reputation contributed much to establish it in Europe. After the enjoyment of imperial affection and confidence to a degree which literature has never experienced in any other instance, he retired to the abbey of Saint Martin, at Tours, where he died in 804.
Página 55 - Wulstan 930 This prelate espoused the cause of Anlaff, the Danish king of Northumbria, against Edred, the king of England — He was committed to prison by the latter, but was soon released and restored to office. 17. Oskitell 955 18. Athelwold 971 Resigned his prelacy the first year, and lived and died in retirement. 19.
Página 102 - And., after his death, his Memory Will continue to be beneficial to mankind, By holding forth an example of Pure and unaffected Virtue, Most worthy of Imitation, To the latest Posterity. He departed this life January the 9th, 1784, In the 58th year of his age, Beloved and lamented. In private life he was Benevolent and Sincere; His Charities were extensive and secret; His whole heart was formed on principles Of Generosity, Mildness, Justice, and universal Candour. In public, the patron of every national...

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