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Printed for John Donadison, Corner of Arundel

Street, Strand, London.


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THE pleasure Dean SWIFT's

1 Works have already afforded will be a fufficient apology for communicating to the Reader, tho fomewhat out of feason, these additional Volumes; who will be less displeased, that they have been fo long suppressed, than thankful that they are now at last published. We have no occasion to apologize for the Pieces themselves ; far as they have all the internal marks of genuineness, so, by their further opening the Author's private correspondence, they display the goodness of his heart, no less than the neverceasing sallies of his wit. His anfiver to The Rights of the Christian Church is a remarkable instance of

both ; which, though' unfinished, ! and but the flight prolusions of his a 2


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