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thanksgiving to our Covenant-God, and cessation of war-for the prevalence of to plead with Him for blessings both peace, and for the holy observance of for the church and for the world.

the Sabbath. It is encouraging to know that their Saturday, 9th.-Generally for the prayers have been graciously answered. large outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and The Lord has been in the midst of His the revival and extension of pure Chrispeople gathered together in His name. tianity throughout the world. They who have watched the progress of Sunday, 10th.--Sermons : SubjectGod's providence, and who have faith The Christian church ; its unity, and the to discern His good hand in passing duty and desirableness of manifesting events, cannot fail to acknowledge thatit.-British Organization of the Eran. Dotwithstanding the audacity of infi- gelical Alliance. delity, the past four years have been remarkable for the very blessings sought in A STRANGE “DEDICATION FESTIVAL." earnest and united prayer. Among these – The “Church Times” describes the may be named-the power of the Holy proceedings at the “Dedication" of St. Spirit manifest in religious awakening Michael's Schools, Bognor. We are told and revival; the progress of the Gospel that the service commenced“

on the in Heathen and nominally Christian eve, at eight P.M., at which hour the lands; the emancipation of slaves in choir, consisting of twenty of the pupils many countries; the shaking of Papal dressed in white --- fitting emblem of the

and Pagan powers; the Christian ac. purity of their hearts and minds -•tivity that has carried the Gospel to the and the chaplain, preacher, and other

neglected masses of our great cities; and clergy, entered the chapel chanting the the triumphs of truth in many places 148th Psalm. The sermon was delivered over various forms of error.

after the second lesson, the preacher Therefore let Christians again plead being the Rev. E. Field. At the end before God, agreeing on earth as touch of the service there was an offertory, ing the things they should ask, and during the collection of which the Alleretnembering the promise, “It shall be luiatic Sequence was sung. The procesdone for them of My Father which is in sion left the chapel, chanting again beaven."

the 148th Psalm. At eight o'clock The following topics are suggested as the following morning there was a suitable for a prominent place in the celebration, with full choral service, at exhortations and intercessions of the which fifty-eight of the household comsuccessive days :

municated. . . :

We need hardly say Sunday, Jan. 3d.-Sermons: Subject that the chapel was beautifully deco---The work of the Holy Spirit, and our rated ; and at night, when brilliantly Lord's words on agreement in prayer. lighted, the effect was most striking. Monday, 4th.

Penitential confession At ten o'clock a large party breakfasted of sin, and the acknowledgment of per with the Lady Warden, after which the tonal, social, and national blessings, gardens and grounds were visited and with supplication for Divine mercy enjoyed until the bell summoned all to throagh the atonement of our Saviour matins.' Then comes an account of Jesus Christ.

what is called “one of the great events Tuesday, 5th. For the contersion of of the day--dinner," whereat fourteen the ungodly: for the success of Missions geese were consumed. “ Evensong was unong Jews and Gentiles; and for a at four o'clock. The religious services Divine blessing to accompany the efforts of the day having been brought to a made to evangelize the unconverted of satisfactory conclusion, a few moments all ranks and classes around us.

of breathing time were allowed to give Wednesday, 6th.- For the Christian the last touches to the arrangements church and ministry: for Sunday-schools which had been prepared for the thea. and all other Christian agencies, and for trical representations, which comprise no the increase of spiritual life, activity, less than four separate pieces.” The and holiness in all believers.

rest of the long narrative deals with the Thursday, 7th.- Por the afflicted and details of the representations, for which oppressed that slavery may be abo we have neither space nor patience. “A lished—that persecution may cease, and ball was naturally the best mode of conthat Christian love may expand to the cluding the evening. Dancing was kept comfort and relief of the destitute in all up with great spirit and animation until lande.

the clock struck twelve." Cheers for the Friday, 8th.- Por nations : for kings, “Lady Warden” concluded the extraand all who are in authority-for the ordinary mélange, called a “Dedication !"

FIRST SCANDINAVIAN MISSIONARY the Christians of Scandinavia on this CONFERENCE. Principally resulting Mission-field, and that the Scandinavian from the reports of Dr. Kalkar on a Missionary Societies should concentrate joint Missionary action of Scandinavian their operations on the Missionary semiChristians, at the second General Danish nary, which has of late been erected by Missionary Conference at Aarhuus (1861), Mr. Blomstrand at Tranquebar. and at the third Scandinavian Church Dr. Kalkar afterwards spoke on the Congress at Christiana (1861), a great great signs of the times,--how it was interest in Danish Missions has of late evident that God opened the countries arisen amongst the Missionary friends far off and hitherto closed to the Misof South Sweden, which has been sionaries, and how He in so many ways evident both from considerable contri- showed His favour to Missions. He butions to the Danish Missionary Society was firmly convinced that all that oc. and its Mission-school, and from an curred in politics, science, discovery, and invitation from the Missionary Society invention would, in the end, tend to the of Lund to the Danish Missionary furtherance of the Gospel. At the Society, three months ago, to meet with second day's Conference he spoke spethem and consult on the realization of cially on the joint action of Scandina. Dr. Kalkar's plan. As the result of vians on the Mission-field. He showed these consultations, a Scandinavian Mis that the Scandinavian National churches sionary Conference was convened at have more in common than any others; Malmoe, August 26th and 27th. There their liturgy and doctrine are the same; were present from Norway two pastors they speak the same language ; and, as · and the inspector of the Missionary in many other respects the three peoples school at Stavanger, and from Denmark have much in common, a joint action of about eighty pastors and laymen, several the churches in Missions might be of the former from the remotest parts expected to bear rich fruit. He knew of the country.

Belonging to Sweden that much hesitation would now arise as there were about 1,000 persons, many of to the plan, but hoped that it would one whom were pastors and many peasants, day be realized. He proposed that a who had travelled, several of them, yearly Scandinavian Missionary meeting sixty miles to be present. The Con- should be held, but desired to go further, ference was opened by Divine service in and proposed that the three churches St. Peter's Church, at which the Bishop should have a common Mission-field, that of Lund, the Rev. Dr. Thomander, there should be a Missionary journal, in preached. The conferences were held which articles on the deeper questions in the great hall of the Senate House of relating to Missions should appear, in the city. The first report was delivered Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, and by Rev. Dr. Skarstedt, Theological Pro that a common Mission-seminary should fessor in the University of Lund. He be established. The subject thus prespoke on the Scandinavian Missions, sented by Dr. Kalkar was discussed till how Finland had been converted by late in the evening and on the next day. Sweden, which itself had then but The proposals of Dr. Kalkar were, on recently been brought under the in the whole, agreed to by the Danes, and fluence of Christianity,--first by the by the speakers from Southern Sweden, sword, but afterwards by the efforts of (Dr. Bergman, Rev.

Lundbergson, many evangelically-minded and zealous and others, ) --whereas the Norwegians, bishops. He mentioned the crusades of and the speakers from Northern Sweden Denmark to Esthonia and Livonia, and did not seem much inclined to yield to the Mission of Sweden to Lapland, the proposal ; the latter, perhaps, mostly commenced singularly enough, from because they did not know exactly the Malmoe, about the year 1340, and Missionary work of Denmark and remarkable for the zeal of a Christian Norway, the case being so new; the Lapland woman, Margrete (1389). After former, because they have a flourishing the Reformation, both Swedes and Nor. Mission (at Natal), and do not wish to wegians laboured for the conversion cede the direction of their Missions to a of the Laplanders, who are now all joint committee. But at last the reso. Christianized. After referring in detail lution that a second Scandinavian Con. to the labours of Danish and Swedish ference on Missions should be held at Missionaries, the speaker remarked that Copenhagen, when reports upon the we should beware, while praising the subject should be presented by delegates Missionary efforts of former days, of from all the Scandinavian Missionary standing aloof from the Missions of our Societies, was carried unanimously. own time. He wished a joint action of Evangelical Christendom.

EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF Lyons.--I months been issued from the Claudian must not quit the important city of press. It is a Sunday-school magazine, Lyons without saying a few words and was commenced through the exer. respecting the “Evangelical Church " tions of Mr. Woodruff, an American which exists there. The Committee gentleman, who travelled last summer have recently sent to their friends their over Italy, as he had previously done half-yearly Report, which, like those that in Switzerland, organizing and imhave preceded it, contains some cheering proving the native and foreign Sunday. facts. In spite of the efforts and calum- schools. Under the accomplished edinies of the Jesuit party, many copies of torship of Signor Bolognini, a circulation the Bible have been circulated, and have of 4,000 copies has now been attained ; produced good fruit. The soldiers come and the deficit in the accounts will be in great numbers to ask for New Testa. met by contributions from the originator, ments, which are sold at the low price the Religious Tract Society, and private of ten centimes (ld.), or offered gratui- friends. The Bible now being stereotously. They call the sacred volume typed here for the American Bible significantly the Little Book of the Good Society, under the supervision of Dr. God, and they read it in their leisure Revel, is making progress, while a new hours with interest.

edition of 10,000 copies of the Italian This Report relates several remarkable Testament for the London Bible Society condersions, especially among the work is about finished. It will be an immense ing classes. In our days, as in the time advantage in Italy to have Florence of our Lord and of St. Paul, the poor, instead of London on the title-page of the humble, are more willing to receive these Scriptures, which will thus remove the good news of salvation than the the prejudice which always arises against rich and great.

a foreign book, especially when it has In the midst of these encouragements, been printed in a land like Great Britain, bowever, the “Evangelical Society of so renowned for her Protestant opinions Lyons” has also matter for regret. It and propagandist efforts. _Nor ought I refers to a spiritual languor, à sort of to omit the “ Letture di Famiglia,” the mmal derline, which has done much Italian “ Leisure Hour," so admirably harm. The pious laity take a less active edited by the Rev. Mr. Piggott, of part in efforts of evangelization, and Milan. The ability of the literary leave to the pastors, almost exclusivelymatter, and the beauty of the illustrathe care of propagating the knowledge tions, are giving this journal a wide and practice of sacred things.-Corre. fame, and have necessitated a fortnightly spondent of Erangelical Christen. instead of a monthly issue.-Ibid. dom."

PROGRESS OF EVANGELIZATION--A REPROTESTANT PERIODICALS IN ITALY. MARKABLE CONVERSION.-ITALY.--Very I am happy to announce the appearance interesting reports reach us from the of the first two numbers of a weekly various Waldensian Mission-stations of Evangelical newspaper, which has been the progress of evangelization. The caso so long in request, at the Claudian press of a poor man in Brescia Hospital --who here. The " Eco della Verita " promises was badgered in his dying hours by the to be a valuable medium of communica- priests, but refused their services, and ting among the scattered Protestants, died rejoicing in an all-sufficient Saviour and a powerful defender of our principles -has been noised abroad. Fifty young against the frequent attacks of the tradesmen of Como have established an priestly and secular press. The super. Evangelical Church, as the result of an intendence of Dr. Revel is sufficient exposition at the interment of a Proguarantee for sound doctrine, while the testant Hungarian ladly and the zeal of staff of writers among Italian littérateurs a colporteur in the district. The innand evangelists throughout the kingdom keeper at Lamma, on Lake ('omo, has will ensure freshness, vigour, and variety. large audiences collected to hear the Liberal politics and educational and Gospel from the lips of the evangelist, scientific matters will be treated from despite the excommunications of the a Christian point of view, while instruc. priests, for whose good or bad word some tion in Gospel truth, controversy with sixty workmen and other inhabitants Remish error, the progress of Christ's seem to care very little. At Chiavenna, kingdom in Italy and abroad, and the the village inn is also the place of meetstirring affairs of actual life, will occupying for a number of people

earnest about the greatest space in the journal. spiritual things, and who have experi

Another weekly journal has for some enced the kind protection of the delegate


of police against priestly interference. attend to this matter without delay, and In Pavia, a room, holding one hundred to avoid all unseemly behaviour at the and fifty persons, has, for some time grave. Leghorn having lately been the back, been once a-week filled with pro scene of some such disgraceful fanatifessors and students of the University, cism, the Society of Artisans in that who listen to, and discuss with Signor town deliberated on the matter, and, Turin, the vital doctrines of the faith. after a long and interesting report in This is one of the first instances in which strongest sympathy with the Waldenses, serious heed has been given to the truth (which has been printed in all the as it is in Jesus by the middle and papers,) by the famous writer Guerrazzi, educated classes, and God seems to be resolved to accompany every funeral blessing the movement. In the island cortége to the place of burial, until inof Elba the good work progresses. In tolerance had passed away. In Como, Perugia, cardinals and priests have been Brescia, Florence, and other towns, fulminating against the so-called “Evan- great crowds have assembled to witness gelical Academy.” Theevangelist Combe the simple ceremony of an Evangelical has had a busy time of it this summer, sepulture, at which the evangelists have publishing short and pithy replies to the had abundant opportunities of preaching attacks printed and circulated there and the Gospel.-Ibid. at Todi. One man, who has since become a colporteur, was saved from the A PROTESTANT PREACHING IN A Mo. error of his ways in a very singular NASTERY.—On arriving at Pescara, a

Some time ago he was most colporteur was waiting for me on the wretched. He did not believe in God. platform, and handed to me a letter from He tried to believe in the devil, and to my correspondent at Atessa, in which love him. He cherished in his heart the

the acting Superior of a monastery near infernal image, and read with avidity S. was recommended to me. I had all that related to Satan or could recall scarcely had time to read that letter, his influence. He went the length of when I was warmly greeted by the man invoking him, asking the evil one to himself, and various other people from reveal himself to him. One day the curé the town of S. who, having heard from the pulpit announced that the town of my coming, had made a journey of of Perugia was infested with Protestants. two hours to see me. "And do you know, my dear brethren," The Superior insisted that I should said he, “what Protestants are? They take up my residence in his monastery, are monsters of iniquity, who have re and for that purpose had brought down nounced Jesus Christ, and who worship donkeys for himself and me, and a monk the devil.” “Excellent news,” said the to carry my carpet-bag. After a two man of whom we are speaking to him- hours' ride, we safely arrived at the self; and that very day he ran to the monastery, and the best room in the meeting of those worshippers of the devil, foresteria was assigned to me. The and it was there that he learned to give Superior seemed to be most happy at himself to Jesus Christ, and to worship having a minister of the Gospel with Him.”-Ibid.

him, and told me how for years he had

been yearning and praying for that priC'EMETERIES IN ITALY.—The que on vilege, so that he himself might get the of cemeteries for the non-Catholic direction and instruction he stood in Italians has been settled. The Govern. need of, and a way might be opened to ment has charged the various municipa- him for throwing aside the hated clerical lities in the kingdom to bear the expense garb. All the monks in the monastery of setting apart a portion of the common are decidedly anti-Papal, but this man burial-ground, by a wall or ditch, for alone has found the Gospel, and loves the service of the Evangelicals. This the Lord Jesus Christ. All the other space of ground is to be well situated, monks wish to get out of the monastery, and in no case to be lower than the level but only that, without restraint, they of the Catholic part, or unwalled, as the may enjoy the liberty, or rather licenbigoted priests so much desired, in order tiousness, of the flesh; this man is anito place the heretics in the same inferior mated by the desire of serving his Lord place with suicides, monstrosities, and and Master. He is a man of eloquence inbaptized persons. The Prefect of and learning, having been for a conTurin has issued a valuable circular, in siderable time Professor of Theology in which he looks on the cemetery in its the seminary at P... The news civil as well as religious aspects, and of my being in the monastery spread in enjoins all the syndics of his province to the neighbourhood, and a number of

people, among them three clergymen, may incline to controvert this, I can came to hear the Gospel expounded. It imagine no difference of opinion as to seems to me still like a dream that I the vast benefits of the change that the should have enjoyed the privilege of pro- government of Victor Emanuel has claiming the Gospel of a free salvation effected for his new subjects in their through Christ in a monastery, and to civil and religious liberties. Now, an audience consisting of five monks, instead of the noble Guicciardini, or the three priests, and a number of other poor and unfriended Madiai, being inpeople. The effect of my preaching was carcerated for their reading of the Holy very different on the different hearers. Scriptures, “the conscience of man is The Superior wept for joy, the other free in Tuscany, and the Bible is a free monks withdrew from me, and got visibly book.” This proud boast of Ricasoli, cobler, except a very young one, who however, was not immediately made seems well disposed. Of the three good by the recent revolution in Italy. priests, one left abruptly, another stayed The power of the priesthood and the to the close, and very coldly bade me nervousness of statesmen protracted for good-bye, while the third (who is a a time its realization ; and there are canon) came back early on the morning yet, perhaps, some further modifications of my departure, in order, as he said, to to be effected, before the invaluable bare once more the pleasure of shaking benefits of the full change can be said hands with me and kissing me.

As to to be accomplished. Every man may the effect on the laymen present, they now read his Bible unmolested, that is kot up a serenade for me the first even one great fact; and he may, moreover, ing, and to the words which from a do as St. Paul did at Rome,--see his window I addressed to them they an brethren “in his own hired house,” and swered, “ Mira l' Erangelo(Success to preach to them “the kingdom of God, the Gospel). It was at my express and teach those things which concern desire that the serenade was not repeated the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confinext evening : but they resolved that, dence, no man forbidding him.” The until they could get an evangelist, they new privileges of the Florentines exwould meet regularly to read the Bible. tend yet further; and four different -Rer. Theodore Meyer.

Italian Protestant congregations have

been formed, whose varying principles FLORENCE UNDER THE NEW REGIME. in no case diverge from the pure Gospel -Certainly, so far as externals bear truth of their preaching. Of these, the witness, Florence has gained much by Waldenses are by far the most interestber change of rule. The improvements ing. They are largely indebted to the and new buildings which in every liberality of the Free Church of Scotland direction are being rapidly pushed for their very beautiful chapel, which is forward, indicate at length the right of generally full to overflowing. This, the Tuscan capital to the title of La with the adjoining palace (Salvietti) Bella, which had been so long accorded was purchased and fitted up for them to it through the license of the poets. about two years ago, at a cost of £7,000, The transition has not been effected with of which £4,000 were paid by four out suffering to various class interests; noble Christians, in sums of £1,000 each. but it has been attended by so many sub- The palace affords ample accommodastantial benefits to the general com tion for their schools and college, as munity, that those few even who would well as very handsome and commodious revert to the old state of things are residences for their present and exforced to acknowledge the irreversible pastors, Dr. Revel and Professor Paulo nature of the change. Travellers bemoan Geymonat. Few continental names are the greatly enhanced cost of hotel. deservedly known amongst living, and the other incidental expenses Christians in England and Scotland to which they are subjected ; but those than that of Dr. Revel. And Professor who determine on settling here for any Geymonat, though still a young man, considerable time experience little just has, by his great learning, zeal, and cause of complaint. For ourselves, we eloquence, placed himself in the find house-rent pretty much the same as very foremost rank of that noble band it was twenty years ago; and, did your who are throughout the greater part of space admit of it, I could here detail Italy proclaiming the heresies of the many facts of domestic and educational Roman Church, and converting thouexpenditure, to prove that Florence is sands by their powerful exposistill the cheapest city in Europe of its tions of their own pure Christian faith. size and attractions. However some In listening to his magnificent declama.


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