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of it, of each individual whose name has a place in the sacred pages. All the human characters made known in them, who feared and served the Lord, have passed from earth, and are now in their heavenly home. One alone, whose words and actions are more minutely described than any—the delineation of whom commences at the beginning, and is not completed till the end of the Holy Book—takes the same interest in earth as he did when he walked upon it. A biography of him is of one who is ever near us, and ever beholding us, intercepted only from our view—not taken away—by the heavens into which he has ascended. The Jewish nation were often favoured with signs from heaven—sensible appearances—from the eternal and invisible throne; besides the period when Immanuel associated with them, their land was often as a presence-chamber of the Great King, from whence his will issued to rule the remotest, ends of the earth.

Knowledge about the works of creation is much desired; to ascertain the materials of which the earth is formed— the manner in which they are arranged—the structure of the innumerable creatures that inhabit it—the order and dimensions of the heavenly bodies, &c. But the human intellect is left to its own industry and wisdom to make discoveries of these; no supernatural aid is given; and it is rewarded by success after patient toil.

All the communications from heaven are regarding the way of acceptance of the human race with their Creator, and the regulation of their conduct.

In this work, large use has been made of Scott and Doddridge, as will be immediately perceived by all who are conversant with these noble commentators.

Many of the prophecies of Messiah, equally instructive, have not been touched on; the subject is so vast, it was impossible to include all, or to do justice to any.

An unbroken line of quotation from the Scriptures is given, so that the life of Messiah, by the inspired penmen, can be read in that way—the uninspired part by itself, or the latter compared with the former.





Messiah's address to the nations—To save the whole of the Jews too small an
object for Messiah—The Father ready to hear his_ prayer—Messiah's power

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