Chemical Calculations

D. Van Nostrand Company, 1923 - 276 páginas

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Página 95 - Avogadro's law states that equal volumes of all gases at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of molecules...
Página 268 - Baume Hydrometers for use with this table must be graduated by the above formula, which formula should always be printed on the scale. Atomic weights from FW Clarke's table of 1901. О - 16. Allowance for Temperature At 10° -20° Be.— 1/30° Be.
Página 9 - The logarithm of the quotient of two positive numbers is found by subtracting the logarithm of the divisor from the logarithm of the dividend. (6) The logarithm of a power of a positive number is found by multiplying the logarithm of the number by the exponent of the power. For, N" = (oT)
Página 106 - (a) Units of Capacity. — The liter, defined as the volume occupied by a quantity of pure water at 4° C. having a mass of 1...
Página 269 - Soc., vol. 57, p. 363. AUTHORITIES — WC FERGUSON; HP TALBOT. This table has been approved and adopted as a standard by the Manufacturing Chemists' Association of the United States.
Página 88 - Marriott, so named after its discoverers, is that the volume of a gas varies inversely as the pressure to which it is subjected.
Página 140 - The atomic weight (also known as the combining weight) of an element is the ratio of the weight of an atom of that element to the weight of an atom of hydrogen. Hydrogen...
Página 58 - Thus, the reduction of the value of the modulus between the melting point of ice and the boiling point of water is...

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