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A GOOD book commends itself. This book is expected to commend itself. But, to do this, it must first secure attention and be used. To this end, as a stranger, it may seek an introduction; and here we give one, hoping that thousands of families, schools, and social religious gatherings will give it another and a better one. It is called “Augsburg Songs," as a good historic name, and as belonging to the Augsburg Series of family and Sunday School helps.

Originally designed for Sunday Schools, it is well adapted to other devotional meetings. Hence there will be found here not only an Order of Service for Sunday Schools, but also a Matin and a Vesper Service, as handed down by the Church of the Augsburg Confession.

This book was compiled and edited by a Committee appointed by the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the United States, with a view to a song-book not alien to the genius and spirit of our church; and the Committee offers it with strong confidence to our own church and to the Christian public.

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Order of Service. (All standing, the Superintendent says,) I (SUPT.) Let the words of my mouth and O Lord, open Thou my lips,

| the meditation of my heart be acceptable in (School responds,) And my mouth shall Thy sight, show forth Thy praise.

(School.) O Lord, my strength and my

| Redeemer. # # (All sing, or say,)

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(SUPT. says,) If we say that we have no, and that we have sinned against Thee by sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is thought, word, and deed. Wherefore we not in us.

flee for refuge to Thine infinite mercy, seek(School responds.) If we confess our sins, ing and imploring Thy grace, for the sake. God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. I of our Lord Jesus Christ. and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. O most merciful God, who hast given

(Supt.) Let us therefore draw near with | Thine Only-begotten Son to die for us, have a true heart, and confess our sins unto God mercy upon us, and for His sake grant us our Father. beseeching Him. in the Name forgiveness of all our sins: and by Thy Holy of our Lord Jesus Christ, to grant us for-/Spirit increase in us true knowledge of Thee, giveness.

and of Thy will, and true obedience to Thy (All say,) Almighty God, our Maker and

word, to the end that by Thy grace we may Redeemer, we poor sinners confess unto Thee,

come to everlasting life through Jesus Christ that we are by nature sinful and unclean, '°

ean'l our Lord.

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