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One of the best of at least ten books that I have read on the subject! Excellent study of the inferiority and unreliability of the Alexandrian and Roman Catholic (Vaticanus) manuscripts which make up less than 5% of the available manuscripts, none of which are in agreement with each other. The vast majority of ancient manuscripts (more than 90%) make up the Textus Receptus (Received Text), are in great agreement with each other, and were used by men in the 15th and 16th centuries to give us the King James Bible. Jesuits, determined to undermine the Reformation, launched the "Oxford Movement" in the latter 1700s, and eventually convinced a number of theologians (who held to "higher criticism") to create a completely revised bible using these very few and disagreeing manuscripts. Not surprisingly, thousands of omissions and key word changes make the modern-day bible versions more suitable for students of Roman Catholicism than that of classic Protestantism. The spurious new text, created in the 1880's by a panel of Anglo-Catholics, Unitarians and other "new thinkers" represents a devious plan by the Papists to bring back the "lost flock" of Protestants to the mother church by subverting the very Word of God. Since the first release of the Revised KJ Bible in 1901, the enemies of God have convinced many that they merely made a bible that would be easier to read. Nothing could be further from the truth! This is a must read for all serious followers of Christ who wish to avoid the eddy of confusion that has been drawing well-meaning Christians into a darkness that will lead to an ecumenism that Rome intends to oversee. 

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